Back For You

A love story about NIall and Arabella , Two people who was very close friends when they were little but when Niall went to the UK ,He promised Arabella he will come back for her but he never did completely breaking Arabella heart but what happen if they meet again. Will Arabella forgive Niall for forgetting her? will they become friends again? will they end up together? Find out when you read Back for you


4. Tired of fighting

{Chapter Three}


Diana pov 
When i got back to the room Arabella was sitting on her bed crying with her hand press to her face and her hair forming a curtain covering her face. i walk over to her and sat down next to her and rub her back. " Bella don't cry it going to be okay" i said trying to move her hand from her face" what makes you so sure" she said looking at me and i jump from her bloodshot eyes and how her already pale skin looks even more pale which is not a good sight. she automatically notice my shock face and then got up and walk to the bathroom and take a look at her sight. she sigh and then wash her face. i watched as she gathered her long brown hair  and then putting it into a messy bum. she stand there looking at  her reflection before i loudly clear my throat and she looked at me and then turn the bathroom lights off and then walk over to me and then lay down on her back on the queen size bed  with her hand covering her eyes." i know how to cheer you up" i said all of a sudden " really how" she said moving her hand and looking at with her light blue eyes " we could go to a concert" i said with a bright smile for effect " whose concert" she said with a frown " ummm.... mindless behavior" i said in hope she by it " how did you get tickets" she said covering her eyes with her arm again " by a .. contest" i said a little too quickly. she move her hand and then roll her eyes telling me  she didn't by it " am not going to niall and the lads concert and you want to know how i know because you never sign up for a contest because you said there is never a chance you will win" she said in pure anger and i know i should drop it and give up because you never want to see arabella angry but i just can't give up now because i know she and niall are meant to be together i can see it " arabella he really want you to go and can't you forget about the past and stop being so stubborn" " Diana i said i wasn't going so drop it" she said with a often anger to make me jump making her face soften " am sorry i just don't know what to do ...." she said quietly " it fine forget it, i knew how angry you can get sometimes" 
{ The next day} 
Arabella pov 
i woke up to Diana voice and someone else , i keep my eyes close and listen in to what was being says " what happen i thought you was bringing her to the concert" said a voice i knew automatically was niall " i tried but she got really mad and i knew if push it anymore than i did i probably lose my friendship with her " Diana said with her calm voice " can you talk to her" he said so low i barely heard him  . i sigh and then got up and he look at me in shock. i got off my bed and then walk over to him and what i did surprise me more than it surprise him , i hug him , i hug him because i was tired of fighting , i was tired of crying over what happen, i was tired of always dreaming of old memories of us. i just want my friend back no i want my soul mate back. " Why can"t  i let you go " i whisper to him. he gave a sigh of relief and hug me back. 


Ever since i forgave niall , he haven't left me alone and i mean it , he follows me to the store , the museum , restaurants , and he even try to follow me to the bathroom one time . trust me it really sweet and all that he want to catch up with all the time we miss together but people need space. But while Niall have been spending a lot of time with me , Diana have been spending a lot of time with Louis and they are so cute together that i wonder why they are not going out .    I comb through  hair and quickly curl it before putting on my dress for the formal party niall invited Diana and i too.

 ~ Her dress~

. i took  one more look  at myself  in the long length mirror before turn around to see Diana brush her hand through her long blonde hair. she look up at me and then grin " why so blue" she motioning to my outfits " why so white" i said proud with my comeback . she roll her eyes and then look in the mirror with me and she smiled  at me through the mirror making me smiled back " ready to go " she said  taking one last look at the mirror . i nodded and then grab my clutch  and my phone.

Diana Dress

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