Back For You

A love story about NIall and Arabella , Two people who was very close friends when they were little but when Niall went to the UK ,He promised Arabella he will come back for her but he never did completely breaking Arabella heart but what happen if they meet again. Will Arabella forgive Niall for forgetting her? will they become friends again? will they end up together? Find out when you read Back for you


16. The reason for the plane crash and a new start

Chapter fifteen 


Diana pov 
After a while of watching Arabella cry , she finally stopped and  told me she want some time alone. I hesitated for a while not wanting to leave her before i  got up and walk  toward the door of the instrument room , i turn around at the door to see her drop to the floor and  bring her legs to her chest and she place her forehead on top of her legs. i could just feel her grief as i watch her. i hold in my tears and then walk out the room. i walk into my room and then took a quick shower and then got Dressed . i sat on my bed and grab my phone and then call Husnal , Shaza and Sarah and told them what happen and they  said they will here soon. i decided to call the lads too to tell them but i found myself hesitating at Louis number until i  decided not to call him. there is no reason for him to be here after what he did last night. i throw my phone on my bed and then walk out my room and walk into the instrument room to check on Arabella to see her sleeping on the floor, i watch as she lightly breath in and out and tears still falling down her cheek before  i walk over to her, and then place one arm around her back  and then the other under her legs , since Arabella have always been so light , i was able to pick her up so easily. When i walk into her room, i saw glass all over the floor and picture frames in the trash can.  i place her on her bed and place the cover on her. i clean up the glass all over the floor and then pick up the picture frames in the trash and put them back on the table. Before i lefted the room , i made sure to put the picture that  was in the broken picture frame on Arabella pillow next to her. i smiled and then kiss her forehead and leave the room.
I went downstairs about to go to living room to watch some TV to pass time before the girls got here , when i hear the doorbell rang " well they are early " i said to myself and walk over to the door. i open the door  expecting the girls but instead i saw Louis standing there and honestly, he is the definition of a mess , he had bloodshot eyes like he spend the whole night crying and he was wearing a white shirt and baggy sweat and his hair look like he have been moving his hand through it every second . " What are you doing here" i said not really looking at him  " i came to tell you the truth, may i come in"  he said  looking inside the house and then back at me. i sigh and then move a hand through my long blonde hair before stepping aside for him to enter.  he enter the house and close the door behind him " Diana , the only reason i broke up with you for Kayla is because she threaten to hurt you , she said if i don't break up with you , she do everything in her power to take away everything you ever loved and she took away one thing from you" he said concern in his voice " the only thing she took away from me was you so i don,t know what you are talking about " i said crossing my arm on my chest. " no she did take someone from you and it was,t me , she took away Arabella................ Veronica and her friends hired someone to put a bomb on the plane Arabella parents was on , she knew not only would she completely break Arabella but she will also break you too so i  did what she said , i break up with you but i only did it because she said if i did then i could save many people and not only save the love of my life from worst harm but i could also save Arabella from completely breaking down but it was,t until this morning , when i found out she lied to me, if they kill so many people without caring , can you imagine what they will do next, Diana am so sorry and  Arabella where is she "  he said looking around until his eyes stop behind me and i turn around to see Arabella near the stairs and  i knew automatically , she hear everything Louis said. " she set all this up , she was the caused of that plane crash , she took away the two most important people from me and she did all of this because she wanted niall so bad, she was right and she won "  she said her voice cracking as tears fall down her eyes. i ran over to her and wrap my arm around her , she place her forehead on my shoulder and then wrap her arm around my waist. Louis walked over to us and he looked at me with glint in his eyes like he blame himself for this " it not your fault " i whisper to him.
I was finally able to get Arabella to go take a shower hoping , it will at least calm her down a little. when i let her go , i feel her shaken like she wasn't even there , she was like a ghost and i knew just who can make her feel better. i grab my phone and called niall , i told him everything that happen and then hang up the phone , when he said he was coming. A few minutes later , the doorbell rang and Louis said he will get it . a few second later Husnal, Sarah and Shaza walk in and i got up and gave them a hug " how is she " Shaza said pulling away and having a seat on one of the love seat " honestly i don,t know, she can,t stop crying and she just seem so valuable and she didn't even get mad , when she heard what Veronica did , she just look so broken and i hate seeing her like this and the only reason Veronica did what she did was basically  to break Arabella to make her feel like life was  hopeless so it wasn't really about getting niall honestly getting niall was just a bonus to her and  she hated the fact that niall loved Arabella so much and she was crazy about niall, she was in love with him and she wanted to be Arabella , she wanted receive that much love from niall but she is not Arabella so she decided, if she can't be happy then Arabella won't and at that moment , she was desperate and she didn't care what it can do to her , she just wanted to  take away every source of happiness arabella had  "  i said having a seat next to her " well i know one thing , we have to report this to the police, Even through Veronica didn't actually killed anyone by her own hands but she was the one who hired someone to put a bomb on that plane meaning they can put at least Veronica in jail if not her friends but i know they can charge  Veronica for murder" Husnal said pacing the room . " don't worry , i already called the cops, they are looking for Veronica and her friends just as we speak " i said just as the doorbell rang " that probably niall and maybe the other lads , babe do you mind getting the door" i said and Louis nodded and then walk out the living room. Sarah open her mouth to say something but was cut off , when niall enter  the room " where is she " he said out breath like he ran all the way here, the other lads walk in behind him " God niall calm down, he did n,t even let me stop the car before he jump out the car , almost gave me a heart attack" liam said walking over to Shaza giving her a hug.  

{ Arabella pov } 
I took a long warm shower and quickly got dressed  before looking at myself in the minor to see my eyes all red making my blue eyes seem more bright then they already are and my pale skin also seem more pale than they already are which is actually kind of scarier  if you ask me. i pinch my cheeks to hopelessly bring some colors in it. Before rolling my eyes and walking out my room, As i was walking downstairs , i could hear voices and hesitate for a second before walk again and entering the living room to see everyone talking. i found my eyes glue to niall and i tore my eyes away " Arabella " he said walking over to me but i place my hand up to stop him from coming any closer "   How dare you come here , when you are the reason my parents are dead , Veronica killed my parents because of you, i love you niall but i can't add more burden to my pain or my broken heart and right now, am stared to think maybe the universe doesn't want us together and i tend to listen to them" i said looking at him while trying so hard to hold my tears. " But i love you " he said his voice cracking " If you really love me , you will leave me alone" i said walking past him and walking out the house to see, it raining pretty hard and without caring i started walking to nowhere in particular. After a few minutes of walking the rain got harder and i step into the street to cross the street so i can go into the cafe, i go to sometimes , As i was almost across , i saw a bright light and a loud beep, i turn my head toward the light and before i know it i felt the whole world go black. 


~ A week LATER ~

I open my eyes to see i was in a hospital room and i felt someone holding my hand very tightly, i took light breath as my eyes travel to the person who was sitting next to me , i was a little shock to see it was niall, his head was lightly resting on my right hand which he was tightly holding like i will slip away any second if he let go . " niall " i said softly and he snap his head up and his blue eyes lighten up as he gently wrap his arm around me" you are okay " he whisper three times before i place my hand on his back and my other hand on his hair " niall " i said again and he look at him and then grab his guitar and than staring singing  I fell in love with my best friend by Jason Chen

Do you remember when I said I'd always be there.
Ever since we were ten, baby.
When we were out on the playground playing pretend.
Didn't know it back then.

Now I realize you were the only one
It's never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
Back when we were so innocent

I pray for all your love
Girl our love is so unreal
I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
This is something like a movie
And I dont know how it ends girl
But I fell in love with my Best Friend

Through all the dudes that came by
And all the nights that you'd cry.
Girl I was there right by your side.
How could I tell you I loved you
When you were so happy
With some other guy?

Now I realize you were the only one
It's never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
When we were so innocent.


I know it sounds crazy
That you'd be my baby.
Girl you mean that much to me.

And nothing compares when
We're lighter than air and
We don't wanna come back down.

And I don't wanna ruin what we have
Love is so unpredictable.

But it's the risk that I'm taking, hoping, praying
You'd fall in love with your best friend

[Chorus x2]

I remember when I said I'd always be there
Ever since we were ten baby.


" it beautiful niall " i said as  i watch as tears slip down his cheek and i bring my hand up and wipe his tears.he place his guitar on the floor and then   place his head on my shoulder  and i calmly place my hand on his head. i will always love niall, he is the reason why my heart is not completely broken but if  i want a new start in life , i can't share it with niall. Am sorry my love but if we are meant to be then fate will bring us together, you will always be my love, my prince , my guardian angel  but for now i have to let you go. 



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