Back For You

A love story about NIall and Arabella , Two people who was very close friends when they were little but when Niall went to the UK ,He promised Arabella he will come back for her but he never did completely breaking Arabella heart but what happen if they meet again. Will Arabella forgive Niall for forgetting her? will they become friends again? will they end up together? Find out when you read Back for you


11. A surprised Visit

{ Chapter Ten } 


When i made sure the door to the house is lock , i turn around to look at the other girls " okay come on the train station is not far from here " Husnal said before putting her phone in her back pocket. " wait why can we just take my car" i said confused " because the lads fans and the media knows what your car look like so they can easily spot us and use us to get to the lads " Sarah said as we walk toward the train station " ya they even know where we live and sometimes like to hide outside our houses " Shaza said rolling her eyes . " really they hide outside the house " i said to Diana " a few times but you would know , if you didn't stay in the house all week " Diana said looking at me making me automatically look down. " i swear i don't know how the boys deal with this , last Tuesday i was taking out the trash in my pj's and all of sudden a group of girls came out of nowhere and stared asking me a lot of questions about Harry and that was not even the embarrassed part , the embarrassed part was they took some pictures of me and the next day i found the picture in a magazine" Sarah said showing us the picture on her phone. The pj's was a black sweat pants with bunny patterns all over it and T-shirt with the same designs on it but that was not the funny part the pj's had a matching slippers and a bunny ears as well but not only that if you look closer , you will see a small white bunny tail on her butt. we burst out laughing and Sarah turn off her phone and roll her eyes " C,mon it not that funny, my grandmother brought it for me , she thought it was Adorable and i thought so too until the whole world saw it " Sarah said as we laugh our brain out . " well it not that bad and thank to your grandmother , you are now the girl who have zero fashion sense out of the girlfriends of one direction members but it all bullshit , you have an amazing fashion sense " i said as i read the article online with the picture on top . we walk down the stairs to the train station and we all paid with a bus transit card . 

When we step into the train , a group of girls who  look at us and i watch as their eyes widen , when they stare at us . we had a seat closer to the exit and we watch as the girls walk over to us " hello you girls are one direction members girlfriends right " said a long black haired girl " Yes am Diana " Diana said with a smile " right Louis girlfriend " A brown haired girl said as she glare at Diana and i felt as Diana tense beside me a little as she nodded " ..... Am Husnal " she said with a very calm expression " Zayn girlfriend " said the same girl from before " Am Arabella" i said uncomfortable with way they were looking at us. " Oh nialler girlfriend , we haven't seen you at all in the papers or in the magazine , where have you been for past week" said dirty blond haired girl . anyways but here , i wanted to say but i hold it in and forced a fake smile " have been quite busy for the past week " i said as my smile began to fade a little " really busy with what " the dirty blond haired says as she smile deviously at us. " how about none of your business " Shaza said standing up for me and i smile at her which she happily return it " ya people actually have life's  you know " said Sarah as she hugged me " and you are Sarah harry girlfriend and you are of course Shaza liam girlfriend" the brown haired girl said as she look from Sarah to shaza . the dirty blond haired girl put her hand up and she open her mouth to speak " that cute , how you stand for your friend but just  get it to your head , Niall ,Liam , Louis , Harry and Zayn can do so much better than you girls , plus am pretty sure if they met us before they met you hoes then they won't be with you right now but then again we are going to their next concerts and we have backstage passes so they won't be with you girls for so long Sluts and by the way am Veronica and Niall will be mine " she with that evil smile of hers as she look straight at me . i watch as Husnal get up and slap her across her face and saw as her light skin begin turning red " that for calling us a hoe and slut and say something else or else i will freaking bitch slap you that you will be seeing your father in a bikini " Husnal said in her face as she watched Veronica held her cheek but she then silently laughed " something else " veronica said with a smile . Husnal was about to punch her in the stomach , when i stood up and grab her hand but i grab her hand to late and she end up punching me in the arm and i felt a burst of pain in my arm as my pale skin redden from the impact. " o my god Arabella am so sorry " she said as she calm down . " it fine , it fine let just go girls they are not worth it " i said dragging her out the train as it stopped at a station.

As we waited for our orders to arrived , we talked about what happen on the train. " i seriously can't believe you slap her  Husnal" Sarah said  drumming her fingers on the table. " she called us a hoe and slut that was double , she lucky she got only a slap "  Husnal  said  looking at the front table probably wondering where our order is. i sigh and then move my hands through my long brown hair . " Arabella you okay , i really am sorry about punching you in the arm " Husnal said  concern in her voice . "  am fine and it doesn't even hurt anymore , i will go see what taking our order so long " i said getting up and walking to the counter . 
  Husnal pov 
I watched as Arabella got up and walk to the counter and then sigh in frustration and then turn back to the other girls "  i feel so sorry for Bella , the fact that her birthday is the day of the boys concert and Veronica will be there all over Niall"  Diana said in a whisper "  right , her birthday is on Friday "  Shaza said  with a knowing look "  we should throw her a party on Saturday , it could really cheer her up "  Diana said like a light bulb pop up on top of her head . " that great idea , we should do it " Sarah said as her face light up .   
  ~ Later that evening~
 Husnal outfit
Zayn and i was hanging out at my house watching a movie , while we chatted once in a while during the movie. After we got to half of the movie, i look at zayn and tap him on the arm making him look at me " this movie getting boring " i said with a pout " i agree " he said pausing the movie " let find another movie " i said about to get up from between zayn legs but i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and pull me back to where i was . i turn my head to look at zayn " or we could do something even better " he said with a grin as he stared leaning in. 

 Arabella pov  

 when Diana and i got home that day , i walk straight to the bathroom to take a long warm shower . when i was done , i  flat iron my hair and then put it in a ponytail and dry off and put this a large blue t-shirt and black sweat pants. i walk out the bathroom and then walk into my room and put my dirty clothes in my dirty clothes basket .  i stayed in my room for about a hour writing a new song and playing my guitar , when i hear some noises coming from downstairs." i didn't know Diana was having some guests tonight" i thought to myself . i close my song book and put my guitar on my bed before jumping off my bed and walking out the door . when i got to the living room , i saw Greg , niall older brother and  his wife Denise sitting on the vintage  love seat  and Theo playing on the carpet. Niall and Diana was talking about something that i could't hear because they were whispering. i clear my throat so they all know i was here . they all look at me and  said their hellos while i gave Grey and Denise  hug and then turn around  to look niall and  theo who was sitting on the floor right behind niall.  i open my arms for a hug and niall walk over to me to give me a hug but i walk past him and hug Theo " Hey Theo  don't you look handsome today "  i said kissing his cheek . all of sudden everyone stared laughing except of niall and i turn around to look at niall  to see him pouting "  I can't believe a baby just stole my girlfriend , oh it is so on Theo "  niall said with  determination . " niall don't you touch my baby , it not my fault Theo have more charm than you "  Denise said mockery in her voice. " hey i got charm right love "  he said looking at me with puppy dog eyes . i nodded  and then walk over to him and gave him a hug  while still carrying theo , he wrap one arm around my small frame and then gave me a peck on the lips before kissing my cheek and just as he kiss my cheek , theo kiss my cheek too making everyone laugh.    we  talked about some many different stuff and i have to admit , this is the most  joy and happiness , i have ever felt in days . Grey , Denise , Theo and Niall end up spending the night and Theo was already in the guest room sleeping while the rest of us talked in the living room and watch a movie . after about a hour later , we stared hearing crying form the guest room. "  oh that Theo , be right back "  Denise said about to get up but i stop her " don't worry ,i got it " i said getting up from my spot next to niall " are you sure"  she said unsure "  ya it fine "  i said walking out the living room and  running upstairs.    i walk over to theo and then pick him up  stared patting his back , i  tried everything i could think of but  one thing pop  up in my head  that i haven't do . i had a sit on the bed and then  stared singing    

Your little hands wrapped around my finger  

And it's so quiet in the world tonight Your little eyelids flutter

'cause you're dreaming So I tuck you in,

turn on your favorite night light   

To you, everything's funny

You got nothing to regret

I'd give all I have, honey If you could stay like that

    Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up,

don't you ever grow up Just stay this little

Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up,

don't you ever grow up It could stay this simple

    I won't let nobody hurt you

Won't let no one break your heart

No, no one will desert you

Just try to never grow up, never grow 

{  If you know this song then you know it by Taylor swift so credit to her and this is not the whole song as you can see}  

 When i stopped singing, Theo already stopped  crying and was asleep. i put him back on the bed and cover him before turning around and leaving the room. I walk into the living room to tell them Theo asleep and that am going to sleep too . " oh i will up there in a mintude " niall said with a smile. i nodded while yawning and then went upstairs and into my room . As i was getting ready to  get into bed , niall came in and then took off his shirt before laying down on the bed." niall you are on the covers " i said tucking on the covers " oh right sorry babe   and how can you use a blanket , when it so hot " he said getting up. " i get cold sometimes doing the night  and i will probably kick it off the bed while am sleeping if it get too hot" i said laying down before putting my covers on me. After a few second niall lay down near me and i put my head on his chest as he wrap his arm around my waist. He kissed my forehead before i felt him nuzzling his face in my hair and taking calm breath" night princess" he said sleepily  as he fall asleep. " night" i whisper as my eyes close and i wrap my arm around him not wanting to let him go. i won't let Veronica steal you from me niall , i can't .......because i just can't but when you meet her and you want her not me ..... then i guess i have to let you go....because i have falling in love with you to the point it hurt and i just want to see you happy so if you leave me for her then i will let you go. blood stained the white dove feathers and  she did not mourn but she grieved. Those was my thoughts before going to a deep sleep.   

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