Back For You

A love story about NIall and Arabella , Two people who was very close friends when they were little but when Niall went to the UK ,He promised Arabella he will come back for her but he never did completely breaking Arabella heart but what happen if they meet again. Will Arabella forgive Niall for forgetting her? will they become friends again? will they end up together? Find out when you read Back for you


15. A Day filled with surprises and heartbreak

Chapter fourteen 

After we left the bowling alley , the girls and i walked straight to my car without saying bye to the lads since they were busy talking to  Veronica and her friends. i rolled my eyes in disgust as i got into my car and husnal got into the passenger seat and the other girls got into the  back.  before i can pull out the parking space , The lads walked over to my car and  niall stand in front of my door while the other lads went to speak with the other girls . i open the door and got out the car and cross my hands on my chest. he smiled and  lean in to kiss me but i place my hand on his chest and lightly push him away " are you okay Bella" he asked disappoint "  ya am fine , am just tired " i said forcing a smile. he nodded " well did you had a great birthday" he said with his adorable grin making me feel weak to my knees. As i looked at him it sometimes make me wonder why someone like niall will be doing with a girl like me. am just average girl. i looked down at my shoes but he put his hand on my chin and look at me with those beautiful blue eyes . " hey are you sure , you are okay" he said concern in his voice. " ya am fine , look i will talk to you later niall am really tired and i just want to get home " i said moving away from him and getting into my car and  look at the other girls " you girls ready " i asked and they all nodded . i turn on my car and pull out the parking space. 
{ Niall pov } 
Did i do something wrong it i  thought  as i watch Arabella get into her car and drive away . i felt my heart tighten in my chest. " niall come on let go"  harry said grabbing my arm and dragging me to the car. Through out the ride home ,i basically stay quiet thinking about Arabella. when we got home , i got out the car and walk in the house and sat on the couch and cover my  face with my hands and when i remove it , i saw the other lads looking at me " hey lad you okay " Liam said sitting in front of me. " do you think arabella want to break up with me " i said  almost on verge of tears " Niall why would you think that , Arabella love you a lot "  Louis said  seriousness in his voice. " you are right , am probably just overreacting am mean she said she was tired that it right " i said hope in my voice " niall it nothing to worry about, you guys are meant for each other now let go get the decoration so we can start decorating for Arabella surprise party" Zayn said getting up and the other lads follow him. i took a deep breath and then got something out my pocket.

{ Arabella pov }

Saturday morning 
I was woken by someone calling my name and open one eye to see Niall looking down at me , i put one hand up and place it on niall face and push him away. I turn around and then face the wall, when  all of a sudden , i felt someone lift me off the bed  bridal style and i  open my eyes to see niall smiling down at me. he carry me to the bathroom and i automatically see the tub fill with hot water and  bubbles, my face light up and niall chuckle and put me down. "  nialler thank so much " i said giving him a hug  " no problem anything for my princess " he said kissing my forehead before turning around to leave. i strip out of my clothes and then got into the tub. 
Thirty minutes later , i walk out the bathroom and dressed into something comfortable and then grab my beats headphones and walk out my room.  when i saw a rose on the floor in front of my door and i pick it up, i looked at the rose in confusion , i walk over to the stairs to see another one and i pick it up . when i walked downstairs , i look around the house for niall but he wasn't no where to be found , but every where i search for niall , i found a rose. i walked into the living room to get my phone to call niall , when i found another rose with a note tape to it . i pick up the note and the rose and my eyes SCAN the note. 
Babe go to the hotel you and Diana  was staying in the first day you came to the UK 
~ xoxo Niall ~
I grab my bag and car keys and when i step outside, i saw more roses leading to my car and i pick it up and got into my car . It took me 20 minutes to get to the HOTEL AND i park my car and enter the hotel. i walked to the front counter and without saying anything the person hand me a note with a rose and a key. i put the roses in my hand on the counter and read the note 
LOVE Niall 

I rode the elevator to the fourth floor and i saw more roses leading to the room. when i got to the door , there is another note on the door 
I use the key to open the door to see more roses leading to the bathroom and i walk into the bathroom to see a bunch of roses on the sink counter. i pick it up and add it to the plenty of roses already in my hand and i look at the sink counter to see a small box and another note 
I turn around and look at the door to see a fake flower on the door and i add it to my real roses . i open the box to see a ring , a look of shock cover my face as i walk out the bathroom and i look up to see niall standing there with more roses in his hands " Niall ......... are you proposal cause if you are i don't think am ready to get married and i love you but i can't " i said giving him the box " love am not proposal at least not yet , it a promise ring that we will always be together and even through we meant have our up and downs , we always be there for each other . Arabella i love you and this is for you and i promise you the day all this roses die is the day my love for you die " he said giving me the roses and i felt my hand full of roses " but niall one of the rose is fake, it can't die " i said tilting my head in confusion " i know  just like that rose can't die that the way my love for you is , my love for you will never die even if yours for me die mine won't " he said with a smile . i place the roses on the bed and jump into niall arms and wrap my legs around his waist " niall i love you and i will always will honestly if we ever break up let just say am not the one doing the breaking because i can't bear to lose you" i said looking at me and he grin and then leaning to kiss me , we shared a passionate kiss and i dig my hands into his hair as the kiss grew deeper and rough. we pull away for air and place our forehead together. after a few moment niall put me down and place the ring on my right hand on my fourth finger. we spent most of our afternoon at the hotel just relaxing before going back to Diana and i place. when we got into the house i put the vase with the plenty of roses that niall gave me in front of the kitchen window. " so what do you want to do now " i said turning around to look at niall " well how about we  go to a club" he said while reading a text that pop up on his phone a few second ago " a club , are you serious " i said raising one of my eyebrow " yes we can go dancing come on it will be fun" he said putting his phone on the counter " we could have fun here and i don't have the kind of clothes for a club" i said crossing my arm on my chest " fine fine " he said with pout and then turn his back to me.i walk over to him and wrap my arm around his waist " fine , let go to a club " i said kissing his cheek and he turn around in my arm and wrap his arm around my waist and pick me up and spin me around " ok ok niall , you can put me down now" i said between giggle. " nope " he said popping the P before putting me on his shoulder and walking toward the stairs, when he got to my room, he place me down on the floor and i glare at him and turn my head away. he chuckle and grab my cheeks so i will look at him " you look so adorable when you are mad  love "  he said with a smile that brighten his face. i playfully roll my eyes and then walk away from him and search through my clothes, i got out a  black dress and then walked into the bathroom while niall lay down  on my bed. i decided to freshen up first before getting Dressed and fixing my makeup. 
Niall got into the driver seat, while i got into the passenger seat. we sat in silence but it was a comfortable silence. After a few minutes later  niall stop the car and i look up to see NIall and the lads place " i thought we was going to a club " i said looking at niall " we are but i want to change first " he said getting out the car and walk around the car and opening the door  me " thank " i said getting out the car and walk toward the lads place, niall unlocked the door and he step aside for me to enter . when i fully enter the house , i saw a path of lantern on the floor , i looked at it in confusion and then began following it. The path stopped in front of a door and i look behind me but i didn't see niall , i turn back around and then open the door and my eyes widen at the Sight in front of me. i fully step inside the  ballroom that when people came out nowhere " Happy birthday Arabella " Everyone said together and i felt tears fall down my cheek. The girls step out of the crowd and then came and hug me. " this is  Amazing ......... but how did you know i always wanted a Masquerade ball " i said a smile lighten up my face " you can thank niall and Diana for that" Husnal said  grabbing Diana arm " Thank so much ..... i could't asked for better friends" i said hugging them again " okay come let get you ready and beautiful" Shaza said dragging me out the ballroom.  while the girls was getting me ready , i finally  actually had time to really look at their outfits and they look beautiful " i can't believe i didn't notice before , you girls look gorgeous " i said moving my head as Shaza was doing my hair " Bella hold your head still and thank " Shaza said putting my head back in place. " i hope you know am wearing this dress for you because if it was up to me , i will be in jeans and T-shirt but thank" Husnal said with a pout and i chuckle " aww i love you "  i said to her and she smiled at me " O my god Sarah ​ i love your mask' i said  in excitement " Thank and i think you will really like yours too" she said with with a smile, which i happily return  " i should  have known , why is it that i know you will pick that Mask  Diana, i can still remember the picture of your mom wearing the same mask at her Masquerade ball actually she was the reason i always wanted one  " i said with a knowing look " because you know me so well and she said sorry she could't come tonight " she said from the wall,she was leaning on 

~ 20 minute later ~

" okay done, now you can look into the minor " Shaza said moving away from me. i jump up in relive and then walk over to the long minor and i look at myself  and i really could't believe it was me  " thank so much Shaza " i said hugging her " it no problem " she said hugging me back .  

When the girls and i got to the ballroom , the other girls went to dance with the lads on the dance floor, while i went and greet guests and thank them for coming . By the time i was done , greeting guest my hands was full of present from peoples , who said they wanted to give it to me in person . i place the gifts in the already full present table . i sigh in frustration because ever since i was little i hated gifts because i hated when people spend money on me even through it my birthday. i walk away from the present table and walk over to the food table and while i was pouring myself some punch , i saw veronica and Niall dancing on the dance floor, i felt my face hot with anger as i walk over to them. i place my hand on niall shoulder and he turn his head around with a smile on his face making my anger go away" oh hey princess , you look beautiful" he said turning fully around and he grab both my hands and look at me. " thank " i whisper as i glance at him before my eyes went to Veronica, who was still standing behind niall  with her arms crossed on her chest. " oh you remember Veronica , i invited her and her friends since she said you two are great friends" niall said looking at me then at veronica " ya we are wonderful friends" i said through gritted teeth. " anyways let dance " niall said pulling me toward him but i lightly push him away " babe , i have to use the restroom okay....... veronica do you mind coming with me" i said looking at Veronica " ya of course " she said connecting arms with me " thank, nialler  we can dance once i get back " i said giving him a kiss on the lips before walking  toward the bathroom with Veronica. once we was out sight from niall , i drop her arm and she gave me a  devilishly smile. " nialler is such a great dancer , too bad you had to interrupt just when he was about to show me is Irish dance " she said leaning on the wall next to her." stay away from him" i said through gritted teeth " you know , i was wondering how you two even met , until i asked niall and he said you two have knew each other since you was little meaning you are Irish , i thought you had a Irish accent that cute, childhood relationship i mean  " she said  completely ignoring what i said. i stand there as she goes on and on about stuff i really wasn't listening to until the point i wanted to completely choke her to death" can you shut up, look am not the person you want to mess with so you will listen to me , leave me and the people i care about alone " i said cutting her off before turning around about to leave " oh niall will be mine , you will see " she said grabbing my arm and whispering it in my ear " that what you think " i said turning my head to look at her " nice ring , niall really have good taste in jewelry just my kind of guy" she said looking at my finger which was press to my side since she was still grabbing my arm and her nail was digging into my arm that am pretty sure, i was bleeding. i pull my arm away from her and gave her a disgusted look before walking away from her.  

Shaza pov 
liam  and i was  talking , when i saw Arabella walking away from veronica with something red dripping down her arm. " liam i will be right back"  i said  walking over to Arabella , just when i got to her, the other girls came out of different direction from the crowd  and gather around arabella " Arabella are you okay "  i said looking at her and then to her arm which was still bleeding " am fine , where did you girls come from and you all look like you just seen a ghost" she said moving her non bloody hand through her hair " Bella, you arm is bleeding" Sarah said  with a worried look " oh i know veronica dig her freaking fingernails in my arm when she grab my arm, i need to use the restroom" she said walking away until she stooped and look back at us " you girls coming " she said looking at us and we all look at each other and then  follow her out the ballroom.
when we got to the bathroom , Husnal gently grab Arabella bleeding arm and place it under running cool water to wash off the blood. i open my purse and got out a white handkerchief and hand it to Husnal , i watch as she wrap the handkerchief around arabella arm. " thank Husnal " Arabella said with a smile 
Diana pov 
Two hours later 
I was talking to the girls next to the dance floor , when Louis came up to me saying he needed to talk to me in private. " so what did you want to talk about " i said once we was far away for anyone to hear " Diana ..... you know i love you right " he said nervously "ya i know at least i hope you do" i said with a confused expression " i do but i think we should ...... " he said before one of Veronica friends Kayla  came out nowhere and cut him off " he breaking up with you for me so bye bye "  she said with a smile " that not true right Louis "  i said looking at Louis " Am sorry Diana " he said not looking at me but at the floor " i thought you was different but you are just the same as every other guy i dated " i said as tears fall down my face  but i wipe it off and walk away from them. I walk over to the other girls " hey am going home , i don't feel very good " i said to them before turning around about to leave " hey wait we will come with you " Arabella said grabbing my arm " ya we can have a girls night " Shaza said with a smile "  that will be the nice but who am i to .........." i was cut off  when i saw something i should't be seeing . " what wrong "  Husnal  said turning her head around and  i noticed her eyes wide , when she turn back around . she look at Arabella and then back at me " i think it time for us to go now " Sarah said finally catching on what going on. Arabella gave us a confused look and turn her head  around . 
Arabella pov
i notice the girls expression and then turn to see Veronica and niall kissing near the dance floor, i automatically stared walking over to them and when i reach them. i grab veronica by the hair and pull her away from niall " Arabella ....... it not what you think she  "  niall said before i cut him off by slapping him across the face before turning to Veronica " you know what i hate more than cheating , i hate sluts , you wanted him so bad well you can have him and you will probably want this too " i said taking the promise ring from my finger and throwing it at her. i walk away from them and walk out the ballroom with the other girls walking close behind. 
The girls and i hang out at a Diana and i place for a while until the other girls had to go home. About an hour , when the other girls lefted Diana went up to her room and now that i think about it , Diana have been really quiet , she hasn't been as joyful as she always was. it probably nothing, i worry to much . i went up to my room and then took a warm shower and  Changed into something comfortable. i sit on the bed thinking about niall and how much i really believe he was the one. i felt tears fall down my eyes and wipe it off and pick up a picture of niall and i on my nightstand . i stare at it for a while and then throw it on the floor and i hear the glass shatter all over the floor. i put on my shoes and step on the glass without caring and grab the other pictures of us and throw them in the trash can before grabbing my car keys walking out my room. i walk out the house and got into my car and drive  to a nearby park. i got out the car and then walk to the park and sat on one of the swing. i look up at the dark sky and i felt more tears fall down my eyes to the point i stared shaking . i tighten my hands on the swing and then look down at my legs. after a few seconds of crying i felt my phone vibrate and i got it out and saw a miss call from niall , i turn my phone off and got off the swing and walk over to my car. 
when i  got back home it was already 8:00am since i spend the whole time driving to nowhere in particular and just sitting in my car thinking about how my life is just so mess up . Maybe this is just a sign that niall and i should not be together . maybe we are not meant to be. i thought to myself as i walk into the house. instead of going into my room to get some sleep , i walk into the Instrument room and i walk over to the piano. i look at it for a while until i open the lid and then stared singing Nothing like us by Justin bieber

{ i know i know but i actually really do like Justin bieber and his songs and i don't really CARE what people say about him} 
There's nothing like us
There's nothing like you and me
Together through the storm 

There's nothing like us
There's nothing like you and me together
There's nothing like us
There's nothing like you and me together through the storm
There's nothing like us
There's nothing like you and me together
when i was finish singing the last lyrics , the door to the instrument room open and Diana walk in with her phone in her hand  "  where is your phone" she said all of sudden " what it in my pocket " i said getting it out my pocket and turning it on to see about 10 missed call from niall and about three missed called from the hospital " Arabella your parents was in a plane crash  coming here for your birthday party......... and  no one  survive am so sorry Arabella " she said stepping into the room  and handing me envelope "  it can't be " i said feeling like my heart just stopped " am so sorry Arabella"  Diana said walking over to me and wrapping her arm around me " why me....... what did i ever do that was so bad " i said between tears  as flashback of my parents came into my mind and all the time , i have told them i didn't want to live a spoiled rich girl life and how they pretend to understand . in the beginning of the story , i told you my parents don't really talk much but they are still the best parents ever well they are but that doesn't mean i was the best daughter to them . you see i never really wanted to live the life of a rich girl which was something my parents wanted for me, they had a whole plan on how my future will be like but that wasn't what i wanted so i stared traveling the world with Diana and our visited time grew less and less to the point it was only two weeks . for a moment i felt bad that i took away time for Diana to be with her family but back then you can say i was kind of selfish and only thought of myself , i meant not have wanted to live the rich life but sure i acted like i did without even knowing. As i felt more tears falling down my eyes , the grief of niall and i breakup and my parents death mash together and i felt my heart break in half and i know life will not be the same again.


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