Why Me? (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

"Why me?" I looked into his hazel eyes. He wiped away a tear that was on my cheek.
"Because your beautiful, funny, nice and smart. If you didn't have something wrong you'd be perfect. And nobody's perfect."

Hi my name is Skye. I'm seventeen and I've just got my first job. I've been hired to be one of 5 seconds of summers bodyguards...
This fanfic is about 5sos life's on the road with Skye. Will Skye fall for one of the guys? Can Skye keep her love life away from her job? Will the boys take her seriously as a bodyguard and will she be able to keep her secret of her past a secret?

The story line of the bodyguard thing is a bit mad but I just didn't want her to be seen as this scary bodyguard. I know what your thinking. Then why did you make her a bodyguard? I just wanted it to be interesting and there will be like this scene near the end that I've kinda planed.
Please give me ideas and tell me what you think! Thanks.


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3


The 1d boys are in this a little bit but they are not the main characters. This is a 5sos fanfic.

Please tell me what you think! It means the world to me when I see comments :)

"So you guys like sing?" Ashton and I sat down at a bench beside the malls fountain. I took a sip of my coffee.

"Yeah we sing but not like 1D we play instruments and sing so it makes a good tour," they way he said tour was so hot. Out of what I have seen of the boys he is my fave.

"So what do you play?" I pictured him playing the guitar.

"I play loads of instruments but in the band I play the drums," no wonder why I think he's hot I have a thing for drummers. Nathan has a band in his garage and he plays the drums but I don't really see them going far. "So what age are you?" Why did he want to know what age I was?

"I'm seventeen..what about you?" I took the last sip of my coffee.

"Wait... Did you drop out of school or something?"

"No... I took my leaving cert a while ago just to finish school... I got all A's"

"Wow you must be really smart!"

"I have to if I want to be a bodyguard...you never answered my question..what age are you"

"I'm 19," wow he really did not look it. We chatted for a little while about random stuff. I learnt that he loves spaghetti, his favourite colour is blue and that he's Australian and American. We were talking for what felt like hours.

"Skye!" I turned around and Brooke was standing there with bags full of clothes and she looked really angry. Ashton turned around and gave a smile. "Sorry didn't know you had company, call me when your finished," Brooke waved and walked away.

"So your going to be like our body guard?" Ashton asked.

"Kinda... I'm not allowed be all like step away and stuff like that to the fans...my boss said that I have to like one of your friends or something he doesn't want the fans reacting that you have a bodyguard.... Brooke's lucky she's aloud be a proper bodyguard because one directions so big."

"So what do you do then," he looked up at me.

"I just have to be with you guys all the time just in case anything really bad happens like...someone trying to shoot you....oh yeah my boss told me to tell you guys that if anyone asks who I am I'm just a childhood friend..tell the rest of the boys," I looked up when I heard someone screaming

"OMG ITS ASHTON IRWIN!!" Some girl screamed.

"Irwin?" I asked not knowing what was going on.

"Irwin is my surname," about ten girls came over asking for autographs. Ashton didn't refuse and was happy meeting his fans.

"Who's she?" Some girl asked Ashton.

"She's a childhood friend" he looked over at me and gave me smile. I think we're going to get along.

* * *

"Sorry," Brooke was tapping her phone when I walked up to her.

"You should be ....so ..how's Ashton," she said that in that tone when she thinks I was on a date with someone.

"Don't start that," I warned.

"Start what?" She said like she was all innocent.

"Never mind," we got on the bus back to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel we went up to our room to look at all the stuff we bought. Brooke lined up all her dresses she got.

"Where's the aqua one?" I asked. When she tried it on she looked beautiful because the colour in the dress matched her eyes.

"You said that one made my hips look big," she sat down on the bed beside her dresses.

"No...I said that one made your hips look big," I pointed to the blue one. Not light blue not dark blue not any other nice blue just plain blue.

"What!! Now I have to go back," she got up and picked up her coat.

"You're kidding me right?" Why would she want to go back to the mall when we were just there for about six hours.

"No I'm not I need to get that dress...see ya in an hour the latest," she walked out the door. I don't know how she does it. It was seven o'clock and I didn't feel like going down to get dinner so I decided to have a shower.

Ashton's p.o.v

"Last one there smells like rotten eggs," Calum screamed and ran into the elevator. The boys ran and managed to get into the elevator i was the unlucky one and had to take the stairs. When I got to the top of the stairs I could hear a noise coming from room 123. I put my ear to the door and listened. I could hear a girls voice singing and she was beautiful. I say she sounds even better without the noise of the shower.

"Ash...what are you doing?" Calum asked from behind me.

"Come here listen" I moved over so the rest of the boys could hear.

"Wow she's really good!" Michael said.

"Hey! Isn't One Direction still looking for another opening act," Luke asked.

"Yeah...I'll text them." I took out my phone.

Me: hey Niall..come to room 123 now with the rest of the boys.

Niall: k ...we'll be there in a minute.

I put my phone back into my pocket and waited for the boys to come.

"Hey!" The 1D boys were standing at the stairs.

"Come here listen," I moved over again so that the boys could hear. I continued to talk. "So are you guys still looking for another opening act."

"Yeah and she'd be perfect..who is she?" Harry asked. All of us had our ears pressed against the door.

"We don't know," Michael answered.

"I do," we heard a voice behind us.

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