Why Me? (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

"Why me?" I looked into his hazel eyes. He wiped away a tear that was on my cheek.
"Because your beautiful, funny, nice and smart. If you didn't have something wrong you'd be perfect. And nobody's perfect."

Hi my name is Skye. I'm seventeen and I've just got my first job. I've been hired to be one of 5 seconds of summers bodyguards...
This fanfic is about 5sos life's on the road with Skye. Will Skye fall for one of the guys? Can Skye keep her love life away from her job? Will the boys take her seriously as a bodyguard and will she be able to keep her secret of her past a secret?

The story line of the bodyguard thing is a bit mad but I just didn't want her to be seen as this scary bodyguard. I know what your thinking. Then why did you make her a bodyguard? I just wanted it to be interesting and there will be like this scene near the end that I've kinda planed.
Please give me ideas and tell me what you think! Thanks.


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

I got up at nine and had a shower. I got into skinny dark denim jeans and a Hollister jumper. Brooke and I walked down into the lobby. We went into the hotel restaurant to get breakfast.

"So what will we do today?" Brooke asked. Tomorrow we're going on tour so today we planed on doing something.

"I really wanna see muppets most wanted!!" I said getting excited about the new muppets movie that's in cinema.

"Ok let's go see that and then maybe we could go shopping?" Brooke loves shopping I don't think she has ever gone to town without buying a new outfit.

"Sounds like a plan." I looked up from my cereal to see Calum and Ashton who I met yesterday with two other boys one of them had blonde hair and the other blackish hair with a hint of purple or something. They sat down at a table and started to talk. A few minutes later I looked up to see Calum pointing at us. I waved at him and gave him a smirk. His hand went flying down and he turned away.

"You haven't even met him properly and your all ready scaring him," Brooke said with a little laugh.

"I have to scare them at the start so they knows who's boss then when they learn that there will be plenty of time to make friends." I got up and put my empty bowel in the dirty dishes tray. I walked over to the table the boys were on and turned to Calum.

"It's rude to point." I said and then walked out of the restaurant and up to my room to get ready for the movies and shopping.

Ashton's POV

"It's rude to point." The table fell silent as she walked out of the room. I looked over at Calum who had his mouth wide open.

"Calum you'll catch flies," Michael said. Calum shut his mouth and turned back to us.

"So what will we do today?" Luke asked.

"I have to get new clothes for the tour," I said. All the boys nodded.

"So we'll leave in about an hour then?" Calum said. We nodded and finished our breakfast before going to our room to get ready.

Skye's POV

The muppets was really good not as good as the first one though. Animal was my favourite as usual...hmm wonder why maybe because he's a drummer and drummers are hot example Josh Devine and my boyfriend Nathan plays the drums sometimes.....I don't know any other drummers.

"So how about this one?" Brooke asked for about the hundred time.

"I said that the dress before that and the dress before that and so on were nice." I said tired of her trying on every dress in every shop even though she has bought about about ten by now.

"Skye your no fun... How about I buy this dress and you go get us some coffee?" She asked knowing that I love coffee. I smiled and walked over to Starbucks. I ordered two plain coffees. I know boring. It was crazy busy so I was waiting for about twenty minutes. I finally got our coffees and left Starbucks. I turned the corner and bashed into someone.

"I am so sorry," I said. The coffee had spilt all over us.

"No it's my fault I should have been looking where I was going.. It's Skye right?" He put his hand out and I took it and he helped me up. I looked up to see that guy that was with Calum the other day.

"Yeah... Em ...Ash...eh..," I can't believe I forgot his name. I have a brain the size of a goldfish.

"Ashton," he smiled and I could see that he had dimples."let me buy you some new coffee."

"No... It's ok...," I threw the empty coffee cups into the bin.

"I was on my way to Starbucks anyway," he gestured to Starbucks. I agreed to come with him. We got into the line that was even bigger now. My phone started to ring in my pocket. I looked down at the caller ID and it was Nathan. Maybe he was calling to apologise about not saying good bye the other day.

Me: hey

Nathan: where did you leave the spare key to your apartment.

Me: why?

Nathan: the match is on your televisions better then mine.

Me: it's in the flower pot... How was work yesterday why did they need you there?

Nathan: fine gotta go match is on.

Nathan hung up on me just like that. No apology no "how's England" no "I miss you".

"Who was that?" Ashton asked. I looked up a let out a big breath.

"It's nobody," and it felt good to say it.

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