Damaged {Psychotic Luke}

Something about him drew me in. He was different . Sadly i'm in too deep, and now I have to pay the price…


1. One.

I made my way through the echoing halls of Carrington High. The normal chatter of girls gossiping and boys sport talk filled the large space. I didn't take any notice of the stares people were giving me I just kept my head held high and walked to my locker. 

"Dani. Dani!" I heard my best friend Jaimee yell.

I turned around slowly and faced her.

"The new guy is here. He's in hand cuffs and everything." She said happily.

"You're happy because?"

"Because this school needs some excitement. OMG what if he kills someone?" Jamiee said clapping her hands.

"What makes you think he'll kill someone?" I asked grabbing my books from my locker.

"Dani you are so stupid!" She sighed.

"No i'm not. I would know everything if people told me." I defended myself.

"Well anyways he has just been released from a mental institution. Seriously I thought that when you're mental you stay mental but anyways he's coming to this school for his senior year. Isn't that exciting?" She screamed clapping her hands.

"No. That is not exciting. Are you crazy? There is a mental person at this school!" I screamed.

As those words left my mouth I caught gazes with a blonde figure walking down the hallway with a guard holding his right arm.

"Fuck." I muttered.

Jamiee just started laughing at me. 

"I think he heard you." She sang.

I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker door shut. 

"Guys did you just see -" My other best friend Calum said before I interrupted him.

"Yes we did just see him I think everyone did now can we please top talking about this guy and just get on with our lives okay thanks." I yelled before storming away. 

I walked through crowds of people to really caring who I bumped into. As I was making my way to my form class I overheard people talking.

"He's mental. Messed up in the head." One girl said.

"Why is he at this school? One of us could be his next victim." Another said.

"He's super creepy. But he's actually a very beautiful person."

I wanted to scream. I have no idea what has gotten into me but all this talk about the new guy is driving me insane. As I reached my class the bell rang and people filed into the class.  I took my normal seat then Calum and Jaimee took their normal seats behind and in front of me.

"Sorry for snapping earlier." I said.

"Thats okay. But you have to accept the fact that Luke will be the talk for a while." Calum said.

"Luke?" I asked.

"Thats his name." Jaimee butted in.

"How do you guys find out this stuff?" I asked shocked.

"We have our ways." Calum smirked.

Suddenly the room fell silent and all eyes darted to the front, including mine.

"Uh class this is our new student. Luke Hemmings." Ms. Jackson stated.

People said a few rude remarks while Luke was motioned to take a seat. I didn't look nor care where Luke sat so I turned around and faced Calum.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" I asked.

Calum motioned over to the seat next to me. I let out a long breath before looking. Luke sat there eyes staring at the front before his head turned to face me.

"What are you staring at?" He spat.

"Someone that obviously needs a lot of help." 

I covered my mouth with my hands. That did not mean to come out.

"I didn't me-" I started.

"Danielle Richards. Principals office now." Ms. Jackson said.

I sighed and picked my bag off the ground. I started to talk before I tripped over something and fell on the ground face first. I turned around right away to see Luke smirking at me.

"Oops." He mouthed.

I gave him the finger before ignoring the laughter heard from the class and walked out. 

"Asshole." I muttered.

As I reached Mr. Dallas' office (the principal) I heard yelling.

"You know what he's capable of. Why is he here?" I heard a lady shout. 

"He is just like every normal kid." Mr. Dallas said trying to calm down. 

"Are you delusional? Luke can be fine one minute but when he breaks hell goes down and you'll be sorry you ever let him in this school." The lady screamed before exiting the office.

She stopped right in front of me. Her face bright red.

"How much did you hear?" She spat.

"I just got here. I heard nothing." I lied.

She shook her head and walked away.

"Ah Ms. Richards what have you done now?" Mr. Dallas asked.

"What makes you think I did something?"

"Well you are here during class time and you only come here when you have done something wrong so what is it?"

I sighed and sat on the chair in front of his desk.

"I accidentally said something I shouldn't to the new guy."

Mr. Dallas' face suddenly turned angry and he ran to the door and shut it.

"What did you say?"

"I was just looking at him for like a second and he asked me what I was staring at. But he said it harshly and I kind of said he needed a lot of help." I said. "To be honest that wasn't even mean. I could have said worse."

"Do you see what you're doing?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Luke. He's not normal."

"I know that. Everyone does. Isn't he from like a mental institution or something?" I asked shrugging.

"That's not the point. I don't know if you heard the conversation before but Luke is dangerous. I recommend you to stay away from him."

"That won't be trouble."

"Good. Now go back to class and stay away from Luke."

I nodded and got out of the chair. I can tell already that things between me and Luke will not be pretty.


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