Impossible • Louis Tomlinson

Philophobia (n.) The fear of emotional attachment; fear of being in, or falling in love.
A Louis Tomlinson FanFiction.


2. Chapter 1.

Blake's P.O.V.

"Go to hell!" I yell at my mother.

Ever since her boyfriend walked out on her, she has been nothing but a bitch to me.

It's a Friday night and Perrie, my best friend, wants to drag me to a so called bonfire. It's probably just a bunch of drunk ass people looking to get some.

Perrie said it would be good for me to socialize with people.

She always bothers me about how boring I am. I don't exactly agree with her, I mean I kind of have a social life. I talk to a couple people around school. But I mostly just follow Perrie around. She had always been the popular one.

Some girls liked her, but mostly guys. Perrie is very beautiful. I don't find myself near as attractive as her. I rarely get attention from guys. I have probably had two or three boyfriends in the past, but nothing major. But I'm not complaining. I don't have time for relationships. Or this so called "love".

I believe in love, but I don't believe it will happen for me anytime soon.

I was shaken from my thought by Perrie knocking my balcony door. I let her in.

"Are you ready?" She asks, looking me up and down.

I nod looking at what she is wearing.

She has on a purple v-neck and blue jean shorts with gray vans. Her hair in one beautiful wave.

"That's what your wearing?" I look up at her and she has a disgusted look on her face. Clearly she wasn't pleased with it.

"What's wrong with it?"

I wore a black t shirt, jean capris, and blue keds.

"No. Nuh uh. You're changing."

She shakes her head.

She walked to my closet and layed my yellow cut off shorts and black converse on my bed. Leaving me with only my choosing of my black t shirt.

I didn't argue, and changed. I rarely put a lot of make up on but tonight I let her do mine. Then I just left my hair straight.

"Blake!" My mother yells coming up the stairs.

"Shit.. Umm," I looked at Perrie,"Closet!" I pointed.

She ran in then sat in the dark corner of my closet. I hopped in bed covering my outfit opening my laptop to make it look like I was being my usual lazy self, then my door swung open.

"Hello Mother how may I help you?" I say sarcastically.

"Im going out with the girls tonight. I need a drink."

"Like always." I mumble my breathe. Luckily she didn't hear me.

"What are you doing tonight?"

"Let's see, I was going to a bonfire but someone won't allow that." I smiled.

"I know you want to go, but you snuck out to go to what's her faces house last weekend."

"Perrie, Mom. My best friend. Someone I can actually talk to. I don't see how it's sneaking out when you're never here. You're always out at some club getting drunk. One day, just one day, you're going to get STD's because you show up with a different guy every night. And then you will finally settle down with someone and then, no surprise, he leaves you. Because you're such a -"

She finally cuts me off.

"If I were you I wouldn't finish that sentence. I would appreciate if you don't talk to me like that, I'm your Mother and I deserve respect."

I laugh right in her face.

"Then start acting like one and maybe I will. I swear I act older than you do!"

The walks out and slams the door.

A few seconds of silence, then I hear her car drive away. I looked at the closet.

"The coast is clear."

It takes a moment for Perrie to crawl out of my closet. It's a mess but I refuse to clean it.

Perrie crawls out and jumps to her feet.

"Ready? Let's go!" She grabbed my arm before I could answer.

"I'm driving!" She screamed.

I just laugh at her over excitement.

I sometimes get quite tired of driving since my high school is 30 minutes away from where my flat is. Perrie loves to drive, since she doesn't have a car. She pushed the key in to start the engine and her eyes lit up. "Take it easy." I laugh. She drives down the road blaring the radio.

I turn it down, "So who's bonfire?"

I ask changing the station.

"That's for me to know and you find out." She sticks out her tongue out at me. I laugh nervously.

It felt like forever until we finally came to a stop in a field. I look out the window seeing a little light from the fire and five dark figures making there way to my car.

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