1. XFactor

Hi I'm Jade and I am going to tell you about my life starting from the X factor.

I was so nervous before going on stage after my first audition I sang the best song for me it was called I wanna hold your hand by the beatles I was really excited to be going back on that X factor stage to know if I got through or not. When I walked on that stage with the other 30 or so soloists they annouced the last person and that was when I knew it was the end I was about to go home and simon called me and 3 other girls on stage.

"Hello girls. Simon said

"hi". This blonde haired girl said. I haven't got to know the other girls yet but I will.

"I have decided to put you 4 girls in band I want you to practice bard and build a strong relationship with the other girls in the band". Simon said

I was so excited after he had told us the good news I couldn't wait to do the other 6 shows or something like that because I could be best friends with 3 other girls.

"Hi". the girl with blonde hair said to me.

"Hi." I said back to her.

"Hi my name is Perrie Edwards". Perrie said.

"Hi, I'm Jade Thirwall." I said

"Your name is very pretty. I'm looking forward to performing with you and the other 2 girls".

"Thanks. And me too. Where are the other girls".

"Hi. I'm Leigh Anne". Leigh anne said.

"Hi I'm Jade Thirwall and this is Perrie Edwards". I said to leigh-anne.

"Hi I'm Jesy". Jesy said to me.

"So guys I suppose we are going to be performing with each other for another 6 weeks I'm looking forward to it aren'y you? I have hopes and dreams that we will win this thing". Perrie said.

"Yeah I'm looking forward to spending 6 more weeks with you girls and performing". I said.

Then the other 2 girls agreed.

" I wonder what sort of bands have performed on this STAGE!!" Jesy wonderd.

"What about that boy band one direction". I said

"Yeah. I love that zayn Dude. He's from my hometown Bradford". Perrie said.

"So you like him then do you Perrie". I asked

"YES! I just wish I could meet him". Perrie said.

"Meet who". Zayn said when he walked through the door.

"ONE DIRECTION!! What are you doing here?" I said

"We are going to be perfoming." One Direction said

TO BE CONTINUED..............







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