The Second Generation

When the boys meet again after 17 years, going on a final tour. They all leave their wives home and bring their teenagers on tour with them. Will love blossom between the teenagers? Or will there be hatred towards each other? Read to find out!


15. Zack

Zack's POV

"Would you like to explore the city with me?" I asked Emma.

"Yeah just let me get dressed." she said giving me a quick peck before leaving my room. After I got dressed, I walked down the hall and stood by her door. She walked out seconds later looking beautiful. She was wearing a green shirt that said 'Kiss me I'm Irish' with some denim jeans and black flats. I obeyed and kissed her.

"Get a room! Don't do that in the hallway." Darcy said, with her, Lacey, and Lily laughing. We smiled and headed towards the lobby. We walked out the door and got surrounded by paps. I led Emma through them, since she was scared. Emma and small spaces don't go together. We finally got away from them and walked into an ice cream parlor. The girl working at the counter looked like she was ready to scream.

"Hey, love." Emma said.

"Hello, what would you like to order?" the girl asked.

"Can I just get a chocolate ice cream and her a strawberry with sprinkles?" I asked. The girl nodded and went to work.

"How did you know what I wanted?" Emma asked me.

"Because I know you." I said poking her nose making her giggle. Once we paid and everything, we started walking around the city. I don't exactly know where we are. After walking for a couple of hours, Emma's phone started ringing.

"My dad said we have another dinner tonight and its fancy again So we have to head back." I nodded and we hailed a cab back to the hotel.

"What took you so long? We leave in 20 minutes!" Niall yelled once we walked into the hotel.

"Give me ten minutes." Emma said before running off.



Emma's POV

Why didn't I say 15 minutes? I ran into my room. I grabbed the first dress I saw. It went to my mid thigh, navy blue with some ruffles. I put on some nude lip gloss, with some eye liner. I put my curly hair from this morning into a bun on the top of my head. I put my navy heels on and ran out the door. Yeah, I can run in heels, very fast. I sprinted into the lobby out of breath.

"How can you run in heels?" Darcy asked.

"Practice." I breathed out.

"Well since your here 15 minutes early, lets go early." Liam said.

"I got all of this on in 5 minutes?" I asked in shock gesturing to my outfit and stuff.

"Very good job." Lacey said.

"But none of us girls could do that." Lily said pointing to herself, Darcy, and Lacey. I just chuckled.

"Practice." I said.

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