The Second Generation

When the boys meet again after 17 years, going on a final tour. They all leave their wives home and bring their teenagers on tour with them. Will love blossom between the teenagers? Or will there be hatred towards each other? Read to find out!


30. Reunited

Zack's POV

Lily and I ran to our bus to get some clothes. We only grabbed a couple of outfits before we ran out of the bus into the cab with Niall. Lily burst out crying for no reason.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked her while rubbing her back.

"What is shes hurt?" Lily sobbed. I pulled Lily into a hug, I seemed to be doing this a lot lately.

"She will be okay." I whispered. It was silent the rest of the ride. With a blink of an eye, we already on the plane. Time goes by so fast.

-Time Skip-

I ran into the police station with Lily and Niall.

"We are here for Emma Horan." Niall said to the front desk person.

"Please sit, an officer will be out to get you as soon as she is done answering questions." she said. We all took a seat and waited in silence. Ten minutes later an officer came out in his uniform.

"Follow me." he said before he started walking down a hall. It wasn't that long of a walk because we got there in a minute.

"One person at a time. One of you goes in and after a while another one of you can join them." the officer said before walking away. We decided we would let Lily go in first.



Emma's POV

I admit I was scared. I didn't know who was about to walk through that door. I heard the door open and close but I kept my head down. They didn't sit down though so I decided to look up.


"Lily" I yelled running to hug her.

"I missed you so much." I whispered as we both started crying. We sat down so we could talk before the next person could come in.

"How have you been?" I asked. She looked down for a second before looking at me again.

"Honestly, Zack and I took it the worst. We would have nightmares everynight. He tried not to cry while he hugged me because that would make me cry more but I told him to let it out." she said quietly. I started to cry again.

"I am so so so sorry." I said still crying which made her cry.

"It wasn't your fault, Emma. Don't blame yourself." she said. Lily stood up and brought another chair to the table so the next person could come in. I don't know if they have a camera in here or something but the next person obviously knew when to walk in.

"Dad!" I yelled and hugged him. He was holding back tears, he wanted to act strong.

"I missed you." he said.

"I missed you too." I said letting go of the hug to sit down.

"I don't really have anything to say except there is food on the bus." he said making me giggle. That meant the last person could come in.

"Who is the third person?" I asked dad.

"I cant tell you that." he sighed before the door opened, letting the third person come in.

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