The Second Generation

When the boys meet again after 17 years, going on a final tour. They all leave their wives home and bring their teenagers on tour with them. Will love blossom between the teenagers? Or will there be hatred towards each other? Read to find out!


7. Emma

Emma's POV

I am so sick of crying over Will! We were still in our parent's bus but Will went back to our bus. I calmed down while my dad was hugging me.

"Hey dad, how long will we be at this stop?" I asked.

"The whole day."

"Can I bring the girls shopping?" He nodded so I asked the girls. They all agreed to go and walked out of the bus. Since we don't have a car, we had to walk. We found this huge mall and walked inside.

"Lets go to Forever 21!" Lily shouted. We all ran over to the store. As I looked around I couldn't find anything else so I went to go pay. I got a couple crop tops and a couple pairs of jeans. After I paid I went to find the girls. They were already waiting outside the store. I smiled as I walked up to them.

"We should totally go in that shoe store!" I yelled running with the girls. I could tell they were happy to see me smiling. I bought TOMS wedges, peach sandals, and a pair of running shoes. This time I was the first one out of the store. We went into another clothing store but I don't know the name of it. There, I bought 5 pairs of shorts all different colors, a couple more crop tops, and a casual dress.

"Hey girls, before we head home can we stop to that jewelry store?" I asked pointing to it. They nodded and we walked inside. I decided to get a couple of personalized necklaces. I got four best friend ones. The first one said 'We're', the second 'More', third 'Like', and finally 'Sisters'. I also got another one that says 'Daddy's Girl' and one that says 'Food Lover'. Once I paid for those I met the girls outside.

"What did you get?" Lacey asked.

"Close your eyes and when I say your name, you can open them." I said. They did as they were told. I put the 'We're' necklace on Lacey, 'More' on Lily, 'Like' on Darcy, and then I put all of mine on.

"Lacey." She opened her eyes and looked at the necklace. She smiled and hugged me.

"Thank you." she said. I smiled.

"Lily." I said. She also said thank you.

"Darcy." She smiled and formed a group hug.

Then on the count of three we said, "We're More Like Sisters." We all laughed as we walked home. We were still laughing as we walked into the parent's bus. They all looked at us the like we were mental.

"We should show them what Emma got us." Lacey said as we calmed down. We all nodded and lined up in order.

"We're." Lacey said and stepped away.

"More." Lily said doing the same.

"Like." Darcy said.

"Sisters." I finished. Everyone awed.

"What do the other ones say?" Zayn asked me.

"Oh 'Daddy's Girl' and 'Food Lover'" I said giggling make everyone else giggle too. Then everyone calmed down. Me and the girls looked at each other and all the thought the same thing about earlier. All of us girls burst out laughing. Me and Darcy fell on the floor clutching our sides while Lacey and Lily were using the wall to help balance themselves. We kept on laughing and laughing while everyone else just stared at us confused. We finally calmed down after a little bit and sat down on the couch like everyone else. I sat on the couch between my dad and Zack. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Zack staring at me. I just thought nothing of it. I had my bags from the mall on the table. Everyone was sitting in an awkward silence and I had to break that.

"Lets paly truth or dare!" I yelled causing everyone to jump but they agreed. I know we play this game a lot. Lily started.

"Zack truth or dare?" she asked.

"Dare." He said it with no hesitation, just like me.

"I dare you to lock Emma in the bathroom for 20 minutes." I could handle that so I stood up with Zack and he brought me to the bathroom. I went and sat down. When I heard them start playing again, I took a bobby pin out of my hair and unlocked the door. I walked back out the circle and sat down. They looked at me with surprise.

"How did you get out!?" Zack asked.

"Oh its called, use a bobby pin and unlock the door." I said holding up the bobby pin. The boys groaned while the girls hi-fived me.


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