The Second Generation

When the boys meet again after 17 years, going on a final tour. They all leave their wives home and bring their teenagers on tour with them. Will love blossom between the teenagers? Or will there be hatred towards each other? Read to find out!


27. Confusing

Emma's POV


Me and the girls looked at each other and all the thought the same thing about earlier. All of us girls burst out laughing. Me and Darcy fell on the floor clutching our sides while Lacey and Lily were using the wall to help balance themselves. We kept on laughing and laughing while everyone else just stared at us confused. We finally calmed down after a little bit and sat down on the couch like everyone else. I sat on the couch between my dad and Zack. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Zack staring at me. I just thought nothing of it. I had my bags from the mall on the table. Everyone was sitting in an awkward silence and I had to break that.

"Lets paly truth or dare!" I yelled causing everyone to jump but they agreed. I know we play this game a lot. Lily started.

"Zack truth or dare?" she asked.

"Dare." He said it with no hesitation, just like me.

"I dare you to lock Emma in the bathroom for 20 minutes." I could handle that so I stood up with Zack and he brought me to the bathroom. I went and sat down. When I heard them start playing again, I took a bobby pin out of my hair and unlocked the door. I walked back out the circle and sat down. They looked at me with surprise.

"How did you get out!?" Zack asked.

"Oh its called, use a bobby pin and unlock the door." I said holding up the bobby pin. The boys groaned while the girls hi-fived me.

Flashback Over.


That was weird. Why were we laughing so much? Jeez I need more flashbacks. Maybe Zack has always liked me. I turned to look at Zack again and saw he was now awake. Now I have to talk to him.

"Hey can you help me?" I asked him. HE gave me a confused look.

"With my feelings." I added. He nodded and turned so his body was facing me.

"My feelings are confusing and I just don't know anymore. I am starting to remember things that make them even more confusing." I said.

"What did you remember?" he asked.

"Well I remember having my fight with Will because of him wanting to date me. I remember you having to lock me in the bathroom because of a dare, I got out using a bobby pin. But what confuses me is if I had feelings for Will, how did I fall in love with you?" I asked.

"Um I have no idea. You might not have actually like me at the time because we started dating not to long after the fight you had with Will about your feelings." he said. I started breathing heavily again.


"We got you guys a separate table, over there." dad said pointing to the farthest corner. I knew what they were doing and gave me dad a glare, which he only returned with a smile. Seeing him smile, made me smile as we walked to the other table. Zack, being the gentleman he was, pulled my chair out for me.

"So this kind of awkward." he said.

"It doesn't have to be." being the confident person I am.

"Do you know why they put us over here?" he asked. I nodded.

"They want us to be become a couple." He smiled making me smile too.

"So then would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked. I was so happy, I nodded getting out of my seat to hug him. He just laughed at me.

"Its good you're laughing because if you're with me, you will have to laugh with me because I am a very bubbly and happy person." I said.

"Well if I have to deal with your bubbly personality, then you have to not get jealous when I look at my mirror a lot." he said making me smirk.

"Well if you make me jealous with your mirror, then I have to make you jealous with something." I said in a mischievous way.

"And what would that be?"

"We both have two different things. You have your mirror and I have my food. If you a lot of time looking at yourself, that just means that I will ignore you and eat everything so that I am fat. You wouldn't want to be with me then would you?" I asked with a smirk.

"Actually Emma, I like you for your personality not your looks. But you should be healthy and if that means less time with the mirror, then I wont spend so much time with the mirror." Aw.

"So you would rather give up your mirror and have me be healthy, then letting me get fat and you keep the mirror?" I asked making sure. He nodded, he is such a sweet guy. Soon our food came. I ate all of my food and was still hungry, his food looked sooo good. He got a piece on his fork, but before he could eat it I grabbed his hand, took the food off the fork and popped it into my mouth.

"Sorry I just couldn't help myself." I said giggling.

"Its alright, you are a food lover." he laughed after quoting my necklace.

There was one last bite on his plate. I looked away from the table or else I wouldn't be able to control myself, again.

"Emma." Zack said. I turned to look at him. "What's wrong?" he asked, his voice and eyes full of concern.

"Nothing, I just never got a good look at this place." I said. I started looking around again, my eyes soon found their selfs looking into Zack's chocolate brown eyes. He smiled and picked up his last piece and held it in front of me.

"Want it?"

"No I'm fine." I lied. I really did want it but that's selfish, and I don't want to be a selfish girlfriend.

"Take it." he said.

"No I am fine."

"If you don't take it, I will hide all the of the food on the bus so you cant have it."

Flashback Over.


"Were you seriously going to hide all of the food on the bus?" I asked with my eyes closed. When I opened them I saw everyone looking at me confused. I turned towards Zack.

"Yeah I was." he said. I just giggled. Wow, I cant believe he would hide food on me.

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