Camp Accidental

Hi. My names Allysa. And I need help. Mental help. You see im different from other people. And for once in my life I was excited for summer. I wasn't excited to go to camp though. Not excited at all.


7. When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes

It was hours, before Justin came back, soaking wet from head to toe. I quickly hopped up and ran towards him, "Where have you been? What's wrong? Have you been Crying? Do you-"

"Before we play a game, of twenty questions, I'd like to change" He said pointing to his outfit. I scowled, sensing a hint of an attitude in his voice. I walked way and sat beside Chaz, once again. He patted me on the shoulder and we both watched Justin pick his clothes out and go to the bathroom. I gave Chaz a questioning look, and he returned it by shrugging his shoulders.

I waited, impatiently, for Justin to come out. When he finally did, I had to clamp my lips together, so I wouldn't bombarded him with Questions. He sat on the bed across from us and studied Chaz's, arm which was now, around my waist. Chaz removed his hand and I scowled.

"To answer your questions, I went to see my counselor, Nothings wrong, and no I haven't been crying" It was obvious he was lying about the last part. I didn't question why he went to see his counselor, that was a personal matter.

I sighed and looked at the clock, 3'oclock am.

"We should probably go to sleep, we have to get up early." They mumbled their agreements and I stood up awkwardly, watching them get in their beds. I would've happily climbed and laid on the top bunk, but, sigh, I was scared of going any where over three feet.

I sighed and climbed over Justin, laying beside him. He wrapped his arm around me, and drifted off to sleep.

Soon enough I could hear Chaz's light snores. I scowled this was going to be a long night.


"Justin, wake up!" I said pushing him. He groaned and turned over. Aggravated I grabbed my pillow and hit him as hard as I could.

He shot straight up frowning, "Are you on your pe-"

I blushed crimson, "No you idiot we have to get to my cabin before Rider comes"

He groaned rubbing his eyes, "Why do I have to come?"

"Because you made it more than a little obvious that you were coming over, Rider's smarter than you think, he is going to expect you to be there" I crawled over him rushing to the bathroom to get my gym bag.

I came out of the bathroom and Justin was only getting up. I stormed over and grabbed the nearest pillow, which happened to be under Chaz's head, and smacked him dead in the face.

"Come on!" I screeched.

Justin put up surrounding hands before grabbing his shoes. I turned around and couldn't help but laugh at Chaz. His expression was priceless.

"Bye Chaz" I said heading for the door. He mumbled his goodbye and I yanked on Justin's hand. We rushed out the cabin and ran behind the cabins, so no one could see us. We had at least three minutes to get in place before rider came.

I don't know how we did it but we made it to the cabin in thirty seconds. I slipped my shoes of and crawled in bed staring at the bed overhead. Justin copied me. Just when we got our breathing and heart beats back to normal, Rider walked in the door.

"Good morning" Rider seemed taken aback by my sudden cheerfulness.

"Morning, Justin you should be heading back now" Justin groaned and I could hear his thoughts loudly. I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my lips.

Once Justin left Rider spoke up, "Are you two like a thing?"

I scrunched my nose up and shook my head. He sighed in what I think relief, "Well the schedule for today would be, breakfast, arts and crafts, techniques, practice and dinner"

"Practice for What?" I questioned.

"The annual talent show of course, " He said brightly. I frowned, Why would I want to be in a talent show. After all I have no talent. I sighed, "Well i'll meet you at breakfast, I'll head to the showers"

He nodded before leaving the cabin. I headed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before grabbing my bag and heading out of the cabin. I groaned, Truly I hated public showers but I really did stink.

I sat down beside the building for at least ten minutes, before going inside. I sighed in relief once I realized no one was there. I quickly grabbed my soap/shampoo from my bag and a wash cloth. I bathed quickly, once done I wrapped a towel on me heading towards the back for the dressing rooms. 

I changed in to, ripped black mini shorts and a neon yellow tank top. I applied deodorant and I put on a black see through crop top and to top it off my black toms. I brushed through my damp hair putting it in a messy bun.

I put on a hint of cherry lip gloss and quickly ran back to my cabin throwing my duffel bag inside before heading to breakfast. I arrived there looking for Justin. I spotted him at the back with Chaz and made my way over. Just as I was about to sit down a girl slid in my place.

I scowled before walking around the table ready to sit by Chaz, and Just as I was about to sit down another girl slid in my place.

I sighed biting my lip. I looked down now aggravated. I looked back up to see the table was infested with-

I gasped, "What are you doing?" I spat out angrily. They all looked at me innocently.

"What are you talking about, babe?" The girl with blonde hair and green eyes asked running her fingers through Justin's hair.

Anger boiled inside me, "First you throw me on the ground, Then you threw me in the lake, now your stealing my seats at breakfast, What do you want from me?"

The girl beside Chaz giggled before placing her head on Chaz's shoulder. I closed my eyes and counted to ten begging my self not to slap her in to next week.. I looked at the two girls beside Justin then the two girls beside Chaz.

"Maybe you girls should leave" Chaz suggested quietly.

"Or maybe not" A girl beside him said poking him gently. I clenched my fist, mad that People could take over Chaz so easily.

"I'll just go" I said throwing my hands up. I stormed off to an empty table and sat there on the verge of tears. I then realized what I wanted. I needed a girl friend. I wanted to stay up all night giggling. I wanted to talk about boys.

I hated to say it but I wanted one of those girls to be my friend.


The paintbrush moved across the canvas gracefully, painting the red ocean. I dipped the paintbrush in the water before replacing the paint with black. I froze as an old poem came to mind,

~~She paint's a pretty picture
 But the story has a twist
 Her paintbrush is her razor
 And her canvass is her wrist

 She paints a pretty picture
 In a colour thats blood red
 While using her sharp paintbrush
 She ends up finally dead

 Her pretty pictures fading
 Quite slowly on her arm
 The blood is not racing through her
 She no longer do harm

 She painted a pretty picture
 But this picure has a twist
 You see her mind is her razor
 And her heart was her wrist


I always loved that poem, Because I understood it so well. But the very last part always got me.. That's the one part I didn't understand. I sighed before painting the sky midnight black. Once again I dipped the brush in to the water replacing the paint with gray.

I drew a cliff, and a wolf howling at the yellow moon on top of it. I smiled at my art work.

"Ms. Hemmings Such lovely art work" I flinched as the art teacher came up behind me. Surely she was lying.

"Do you mind if I keep that" She asked examining every detail of my master piece. I looked at her deep in the eyes, looking for any sign of a lie, but all I found was astonishment.


Seriously though I honestly don't know what the last piece of the poem means. I mean I know what it means, I just don't know what it means. Did that make sense?

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