Camp Accidental

Hi. My names Allysa. And I need help. Mental help. You see im different from other people. And for once in my life I was excited for summer. I wasn't excited to go to camp though. Not excited at all.


18. Sequel

Camp Counselor

I stared at him in disbelief, frozen in shock and panic. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. He smiled cruelly at me. And I closed my eyes begging him to disappear. I opened my eyes, and my heart stopped when I realized he was only an inch away from me. He tucked a lose strand of hair behind my ear, and kissed me cheeck lightly.

"I'm Back," His words lingered in the air, making me shiver. I shook my head objecting. He couldn't be. He glared at me before placing two fingers on my stomach. I don't know how but it felt as if I had just gotten punched in the stomach. Reality hit me and I screamed. He placed a finger over his mouth telling me to be quiet.


Preview to the sequel which will be up October 1

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