Camp Accidental

Hi. My names Allysa. And I need help. Mental help. You see im different from other people. And for once in my life I was excited for summer. I wasn't excited to go to camp though. Not excited at all.


1. One Big Mistake

One Big Mistake

                       I scowled looking out the bus window, not bothering to wave at my smiling mom and worried dad. I resumed my position until there were just tiny dots. I then turned and scowled at the seat in front of me.

Why couldn't I just complete the deal? All I had to do was 'Get Better' by the end of the school year. I of course didn't. My scowl deepened as the bus sang some stupid camp song. I clenched my fist before bringing my knees to my chest and covering my ears with my hands.

My moment of peace was interrupted by someone sliding in to the seat beside me. Don't Look. Don't Look I begged myself. If I looked they would be stuck in my mind forever. I remember a lot of things, Such as my Mom carrying me home from the hospital. Her eyes filled with joy. The hint of worry she tried, desperately to hide from my dad.

Out of the corner my eye I saw them reach towards me. I scooted away hitting the window slightly. Their fingers brushed past my shoulder lightly causing a tingle to go down my spine. I scowled once more, "Don't touch me"

The person scooted away, perhaps from the icy tone of my voice. I opened my mouth to apologize but quickly closed it and turned towards the window. I couldn't help but let a small smile out as I saw a pretty orange butterfly stuck to the window. I tapped the window, and instantly the butterfly fluttered away.

"Would you like to know my name" A boy's voice from beside me said.

"No" I answered honestly. It was true I didn't want to know his name, because then it would bother me. I would think about that name forever. If anything would have happened to that person it could've been because of me. Somehow I would've hurt that person. I couldn't deal with that kind of pain. I was mentally unstable.

"Justin" Someone beside me said.

I whipped around sharply blurring my vision for a split second. "Why would you tell me that!?" Panick seeping in to every word. I ran my hands through my hair mad at myself.

Great! Know you know what he looks like. If he dies it's all because of you. How could you Allysa?

Tears streamed down my face and I started having trouble breathing.

Breathe Allysa. Breathe. My mom's reassuring voice filled my head.

"Every thing ok back there?" The bus driver yelled looking in to the rear view mirror his gaze straight at me. I nodded quickly looking around me. I had attracted quite a crowd.

"What?" I yelled angrily. Everyone instantly turned around and light chatter filled the bus, the topic was sure to be about me. They had no reason to invade my privacy. Who invited them? Who- I flinched as someone put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "I said don't-"

"Don't touch you, I know" Justin put up two surrendering hands, causing a slight smile to escape from my lips. I scowled quickly to hide the smile. "What's your name?" He asked casually.

"Why?" I answered quickly. Why could he possibly want to know my name?

"Your so superstitious" He said lightly. Once again a small smile escaped my lips. "Why won't you leave me alone?" My voice was slightly confused but anger hid the confusion well.

"Your fascinating" He said quick and easy, while leaning against his char.

It bothered me because he was the fascinating one. He was the one I was itching to know more about. It bothered me because he was one by one tearing down the bricks to my wall.


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