Camp Accidental

Hi. My names Allysa. And I need help. Mental help. You see im different from other people. And for once in my life I was excited for summer. I wasn't excited to go to camp though. Not excited at all.


4. NightMares


"Who's your new friend?" Rider asked coming up behind us. I shrugged my shoulder, "No one really"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin Roll his eyes. Rider sat beside me, and I examined the two sticks in his hands. They had somewhat burnt marshmallows on the end. In his other hand he had a Hershey's bar and a Graham Cracker's bar.

He handed me a stick and I took it still confused, "What's this for?"

He took a piece of chocolate off the Hershey's bar and handed it too me. I took it still waiting for his answer, "Smores" He answered simply.

I rolled my eyes as he took two pieces of Graham crackers and gave them to me. "Follow my Example" I watched intently as Rider Took The Marshmallow off the stick and put it on the Graham cracker, and placed the chocolate on the Marshmallow. He then put another graham cracker on, Smashing the contents slightly.   

He looked at me and I quickly did Exactly What he did. "Now Eat it" He said excitedly. I looked at it unsure. How many calories was this?

A small bite. Just a Tiny One

I looked at Rider once more before taking a small bite. I had to admit it was actually good. I gave Rider a thumbs up and he smiled.


After the camp stories, Everyone cleared out, heading in the direction of their cabin.

"Justin come on" A camp counselor said directly above us. Justin waved goodbye before leaving. I stared after him confused. Why would he need a camp counselor?

I sighed and put my elbows on my knees waiting for rider to come back. Minutes in to waiting i was pulled by my jacket hood. I fell off the log scratching my face on a nearby stick. I scowled and quickly turned over, now laying on my back.

I looked up to see a group of girls, circling me. I groaned as I realized, they were the group of girls from earlier. I tried to get up, only to be pushed back down by one of them putting their, might I say pointy, shoe on my stomach.

"What do you want" I asked in a cold voice, with panic hiding beneath.

"It's so Sad that you don't know" The girl above me said.

"Yeah you could be like us" Another girl said from my right.

Before I could respond another girl spoke, "Really were trying to help you"

Someone Rushed through the Crowd and pushed the girls away from me. They scattered slowly. I looked up in relief to see Rider. He helped me up, "What was that about"

I shrugged my shoulders, scared that if I spoke I would cry. He frowned at me, "Aw come on Don't shut me out"

I didn't want to but I had to because when He helped me out I saw the look of worry, he tried to desperately hide from me in his eye. It wasn't worry for me. It was worry for what I would find out.


"Ok... I'm leaving now" Rider said, With his hand on the door knob. He was still expecting me to ask him to stay, Which I desperately wanted him too, because I have never gone a day in my fourteen years and eleven months, sleeping in a room alone.

I turned around on my bed childishly. I heard him sigh , and go out the door.  I was thankful for the moon radiating light in to the cabin.

I sighed and reached my hand under my bed, for my bag. I scrunched my brows in confusion, as my hand touched something fury and wet. I pulled my hand back quickly, and watched a rat scurry across the cabin.

My scream echoed across the cabin as I ran to the bathroom. I cut the hot water on and scrubbed my hand until it was wet and raw. That's when I noticed the banging on the door. I took off my shoe and slowly creeped to the door. I hid behind the door, and opened the door with the tip of my finger tips.

"Ally?" Someone Called out.

"Justin?" I asked in surprise, coming from behind the door.

He sighed in relief, "I was walking by and I heard you scream. Why- What's wrong are you hurt? Where's Your Counselor?"

I gently placed, my pointer finger, on his chin forcing him to look at me, "I'm fine"

He looked back at me, his eyes filled with care. I smiled for the first time that night, and went back on my bed, "Can you please get my bag"

He looked at me and shook his head, obviously coming out of some type of trance. He reached under my bed and pulled out my bag.

"Thanks" I mumbled before grabbing the bag and heading to the bathroom. I closed the door but quickly opened it back. I poked my head out the door, "Stay Please"

I closed the door back and changed in to black pajama pants and a white tank top. I left my hair down, and quickly brushed my teeth. I put my bag on the counter and left the room. I walked over to my bed and climbed over Justin, Who was laying down.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked in a quiet voice.

"My doctor says I have Anxiety meaning I react the wrong way in situations. Also meaning I think too much. I'm neurotic. Which I honestly don't believe . Any it's a fundamental personality trait characterized by anxiety, moodiness, worry, envy and jealousy." I sighed recalling Riders words.

"Schizophrenia which is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what is real and not real; Think clearly; Have normal emotional responses and Act normally in social situations. Insomnia which means I don't sleep good" I stopped and laughed slightly.

That's what everyone thought. They don't know I'm scared too go to sleep. Sleep brings on bad things, such as nightmares. I'm not scared of the nightmares though. I'm scared that it's a fact they come true.


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