Dani and Lou are seemingly normal teens... That is for the year 3073.... But they work for a secret agency that hunts demons and other ominous beings. One tragic night many years ago the gates of hell opened up releasing swarms of demons into the human realm causing masses of destruction. Dani and Lou must team up and conquer the demons and take their world back.

The two have grown up together perfecting their combat skills and their ability to kill demons. They were trained by the best of the agency. As the youngest capable exorcists they must go under cover, find, and kill the shape shifting demon, Wrathling. This demon has been on the prowl for far to long, killing dozens of innocent people. Can Dani and Lou defeat this demon and many others?

Their lives as spys, exorcists, and hunters has never been easy but will this challenge be too great for the young heroes?


1. Preface

Dani and Lou were six years old when they first met. Ever since they weren't only best friends, they saved each other. Lou's family was killed by rampaging demons in the first wave of evil from the gates of hell. When she arrived she wouldn't speak a word for five whole months. The first word she said was Dani's name. He was the only other child who paid attention to her the entire five month period. No one knows how the realm of hell opened into the realm of humans, but demons have terrorized humans diminishing the population by half of their original amount. Lou was sent to father Zander. Like Lou, Dani was taken in by the clergyman. Along with others they have trained to become Exorcist ridding the world of demons.

Every now and again a demon leaks into the protective barrier surrounding Florida. This state is one of twelve areas around the world safe guarded by a holy barrier. Father Zander and the other clergymen of Florida maintain the border with holy spells and magical relics.

When a demon manages to cross the border in to the safe zone an elite group of talented magic users will be sent to eliminate the demon. These people are demon hunters. Also known as Exorcists.

Dani and Lou are finally eighteen, the youngest ever to become full fledged demon hunters. Father Zander was once a demon hunter and personally trained Dani and Lou along with three others to become demon hunters.

Dani and Lou were the only ones of the group to qualify into the ranks of demon hunters. The three others are still training but will be very important on their mission.

Father Zander's body was discovered near the border. On the dirt beside his corpse was a message. WRATHLING. His body was covered with blood and his sword laid on the ground five feet away. He wanted to warn the others of the demon that had entered with the last once of his strength. That demon is the shape shifting demon, Wrathling.


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