Lily Lang and Luke Hemmings have been dating for about three years, and just as Luke is ready to propose, lily gets into a terrible accident, forgetting half of her life.
This awful accident is all over the news, making 5 Seconds Of Summer part of a new unbearably sad love story. As lily has no idea who Luke is, or who the band 5 Seconds Of Summer is, will she be able to recover her memory? And will Luke be able to make her fall in love with him over again?


2. Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell

Three months; that's how long we have been on tour. It feels like it's been a lifetime, yet it feels like it's only been a few days at the same time.

We had settled things with management, having them agree to myself coming along on tour, as long as we let our relationship out to the public. They had said it would gain lots of publicity, and the band would be known as not just players who can't keep a relationship. The rest of the band members were also perfectly fine with me coming along, as Ashton has said 'it's alright, just make sure I can get a good nights sleep.' I laughed at this, as Ashton knew neither of us were ready for that kind of thing.

Everything was working out perfectly, and as a bonus. Luke had let me buy a whole new wardrobe, replacing the cloths I didn't have time to pack up.

I shifted in the space I was laying at the moment, moving the covers to bunch up around my chest. I was currently on the 5 seconds of summer tour bus, and resting in the one and only, Luke Hemmings, bunk bed. The life of touring isn't as glamorous as it sounds though, except for the rare times The guys and I sneak out to do something fun, but that never ends well with management.

Sometimes even the One Direction boys tag along, they are a fun bunch of lads after all. And I must confess, though I am in a relationship with Luke, they are all very attractive.

I heard the door blocking off the bunking area screech open, and squeezed my eyes shut in an attempt to not be bothered. The curtain hiding Luke and I's bunk bed was very thin, and I could practically see through it if I tried, though I was too lazy to lift my eye lids and do so.

I prevented myself from shifting again, not wanting to be noticed, but that all ended too soon, as the curtain I was hiding behind was ripped open, revealing my sleepy figure. I muttered something inaudible, and turned my body to face the wall, feeling much more tired than I should be.

"I let you sleep through our band rehearsals, and it's 1:30, you really should get up" Luke spoke softly, nudging my shoulder with the back of his hand.

"Nah" I replied matter of factly. I felt the covers shift behind me, and soon after, felt Luke's muscly arm snake around my waist, pulling me close to him.

I grunted, showing him that sleep was my number one priority at the moment, and I heard him release a throaty chuckle. But I also did know, that yesterday, Luke had went over his schedule with me, showing me all the interviews I would be involved in, since I was the girlfriend of the one and only Luke Hemmings. We had to get out of bed eventually, and at least Luke was already dressed and ready, whereas I hadn't even woken up for a first time yet.

I rolled over, across Luke's body, and fell onto the floor, hitting it with a thud. I looked up at Luke, who was staring down at me, with his head hanging over the side of the bunk bed. At least his bed was on the bottom, closer to the ground. Ashton was right above us, Michael right across, and Calum above Michael.

Though now I probably had a black and blue mark on my ass, which hit the ground first.

"Are you alright?" Luke asked, propping himself up on his elbows and continuing to look down at me.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for the help" I said sarcastically, mocking Luke as he hadn't even gotten up to help me.

He chuckled again, and I stood up in front of him, brushing myself off, as I removed the fake filth I pretended to be patting off.

"I'm hungry" I flatly stated.

"Then go eat" Luke laughed.

"But we have like, no good food" I raised a single eyebrow, questioning him.

Without waiting for an answer, I walked out through the small hallway, and into the kitchen where the rest of the boys were all doing something different.

Ashton was on his phone, probably texting, Michael was eating out of a bag of chips, Calum was sitting on a small velvet sofa bench, his eyes glued to a television screen, and all while Luke was still lazily laying on his bunk. Though I guess he should be tired after he was out at rehearsals this morning.

"Morning" I said smiling to no one in particular. Ashton didn't look up, too engrossed in his phone, while Micael and Calum snapped their necks in my direction. I waved, sitting down at the small kitchen table next to Michael.

"Good morning lily" Michael smiled, as Calum only turned his attention back to the television. I think Michael was the best in the morning, out of everyone.

I reached across the small space separating Michael and I, and grabbed a chip, shoving it into my mouth before Michael had a chance to grab it away. He pouted fakely, placing a hand to his chest.

"I might starve now!" He shouted, grabbing Calum's attention again.

I responded just as Calum clicked the TV off and walked over to the table, sitting across from us.

"Good luck with that" I laughed, pointing at the still half full bag of chips. Michael chuckled, not taking the bickering any farther. If I had to chose, I'd say he's also the most mature, even with his crazy hair color that changes every month.

"Hey guys" Calum yawned, waving with no presentable effort. We waved back, and I stole another chip from Michael, jumping up and running away before he could grab it.

"Hey!" Micael yelled after me.

I continued to run until I reached the bunks again, finding Luke fast asleep. I kissed his forehead lightly, and grabbed my clothing for the day, heading back towards the bathroom.

After taking a quick shower, I blow dried my hair, only having Calum complain about the noise once, but hey, my hair needed drying!

I curled the bottom of my long brown hair, and moved on to my makeup, doing this all in a towel. I applied eye liner to my bottom lash line, and followed with a thin layer of mascara, then foundation, which I always did last.

I then slipped on my outfit for the day, simple and casual, but perfect for a televised interview. I was going to wear a pair of skinny jeans, with a nice blue top, that was tightened down to the belly bottom, then flared out. Luke always told me how he liked the look of this top, so I thought why not wear it today?

I walked out of the bathroom, Calum rushing in right after me, as I would have guessed I was taking up the only bathroom while he was waiting desperately to use it.

As I reached the bunk beds once more, Luke was still sleeping, so I poked him on the cheek, hearing a muffled grunt.

"We have to leave soon" I told him, shaking his shoulder.

"I'll get up in a minute" he said muffled still, as his head was buried in a pillow.

I sighed, and sat down next to him, rubbing his back gently, as I waited for him to finally wake up completely. It was only at that point that jake, the tour manager boarded the bus, yelling that we only had a few minutes before we had to leave for the interview at 1:30.


"On in ten!" Jake yelled throughout the backstage of the television studio.

"When am I going on?" I asked Luke, playing with strands of his hair.

"When I introduce you" he stated, matter of factly.

"Really?" I questioned sarcastically. Luke chuckled lightly, placing his hands over my wrists, and lowering them to my sides.

"What will they ask about?" I continued to throw questions at him, as curiosity was my specialty.

"They might ask about our relationship, and background, maybe what you think bout the guys, stuff like that" He smiled and kissed my cheek. Before letting me answer, he slipped away, and onto the stage, sitting on the purple velvet couch.

"Hello boys, my name is Melinda" The woman on the stage, who I assumed to be Melinda smiled and shook each of the boys hands. They all spoke their names, and smiled along, waiting for the first question.

"So how long have you boys been a band?" Melinda asked, motioning her hands along in question.

"About four years, but we were only discovered by management about a year ago, and we have been touring with One Direction for almost all the time of the last year" Michael answered easily, adding a smile as he finished.

"It was a rough beginning" Ashton joked.

"Actually, I think you've don't the least, mister FIFA hater" Calum spoke up, laughing along with the rest.

I could hear the crowd chuckling along with the boys, and I couldn't help but laugh myself as Ashton only responded with a quiet "no comment."

"And how did you boys meet each other?" Melinda asked.

"Well, Luke and I kinda started it all" Calum started, pausing for Luke to pick up where he left off.

"...oh, we were originally never friends with Michael, I didn't like him, but we grew fond of each other, and he came up with the idea of starting a band. That's actually about when I started dating my lovely girlfriend," Luke looked back stage at me, and I couldn't help but blush and wave back.

"And she introduced me to Ashton, at a club meeting I believe, I thought Ash was cool, so we became friends and Calum suggested making him the drummer of our 'band,' as we would constantly see him drumming with pencils and misilanious things" Luke finished, looking back and forth form the guys for assurance.

"And you said it was your girlfriend who introduced Ashton to you?" Melinda questioned, looking back stage to me quickly, probably telling me it was time to come on. But so quickly?

I didn't move just yet, Luke said to come on when he introduced me.

"Yeah, she introduced us at a club meeting" Ashton cut in.

"What club was it for?" Melinda asked.

Ashton looked down embarrassedly before answering, "it was an animal shelter volunteer club."

I felt like it was just yesterday that it happened. Aston loved playing with all the puppies, and one day when he came in to visit, I went over to him. I was volunteering at that time, so He said he was just looking. I tried to start up a conversation, and we talked for awhile, about random things, when the topic of my volunteering came up.

I asked if he would ever be interested in volunteering, and he said he might, but not anytime soon. Ashton came in every Monday after that, for a couple months, and after a while, he agreed, and we became volunteering buddies.

About a month after Ashton started volunteering, Luke came to the shelter one day with me, and I introduced the two.

I smiled as Ashton looked back at me, and he smiled along.

"So it's about time we meet that lovely girlfriend of yours isn't it?" Melinda inquired, looking only at Luke. The crowd surrounding the stage of the interview, starting chanting misilanious things, some involving how I should come on stage, some involving how they shipped 'Likey.'

"I'd say it is" Luke laughed, placing both hands on his knees, and standing up. He motioned off the stage towards me, and I swept my hair behind my shoulders before walking out. I strode over slowly, making sure not to falter in my step, resulting in me tripping and making a fool of myself. I also kept strict eye contact with Luke, as though he held an invisible rope around my waist, and was helping me along.

"Hello, and you must be lily" Melinda spoke brightly, smiling widely and sticking her hand out for a hand shake. I gladly accepted, shaking firmly.

After introducing herself again, Melinda sat down, followed by Luke and I. Mikey on my other side, as Calum and Ash sat On a different couch.

"So how long have you two been together?" Melinda asked.

"About three years" Luke answered, kissing my cheek after he smiled into the camera.

"That's wonderful, and how do you get along with the guys, being on tour with them?" Melinda questioned, crossing her arms in her lap as she waited for an answer.

"We get along great, sometimes the guys can be a bit much, but I love them."

"Hey!" Mikey protested.

"I sense a little tension?" Melinda raised her eyebrows in question.

"No, no, Mikey's just mad because I stole his chips this morning" I laughed, shooing away the 'tension' idea. The crowd laughed along, shouting random answers to us.

"Do you see much more in your relationship?" Melinda continued.

"Definetly" Luke answered instantly and confidently, making me smile, blush, and nod to agree with his answer.

"And do you see marriage in your future?" Melinda asked, pushing it a bit. I had never really thought about what I would say if Luke proposed, if he even would. I don't think we are ready for that sort of thing.

"Only time will tell," Luke chuckled, intertwining out fingers - which he only did when he was nervous, and biting his lip. He certainly knew how to play off an awkward moment, at least he was a good actor to the crowd, but I knew him better than that, and he Definetly meant more than he said. This is one of the times I choose to pursue the issue, or let it slide, and it's probably not that big of a deal, so I'll ignore it for now.


After the interview, and getting back to the tour bus to unwind, I couldn't wait to take a long needed nap, even though it was only four or possibly five in the evening. I undressed beside the bunk, not coherently caring if someone walked in on me or not. I put on some of Luke's sweat pants with the strings, and tightened them to the perfection of having them tight enough stay around my waist, but loose enough to be comfortable. I removed my bra, and quickly replaced it with a white tank top, soon after letting out a breath I didn't know I had been holding in. I really was exhausted.

Thankfully this was the only 'organized activity' planned for today, tomorrow I believe was a radio interview for the boys, discluding me, and for the next week just practices and sound checks. A week more until their first day off, and we still haven't planned anything else, at that time, we will be in the Washington area, and I've always wanted to visit the Lincoln memorial, and I've heard there's some nice museums around, maybe the boys would like to do that? Doubtful.

*authors note*

Hey guys!

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I'm going on a road trip to South Carolina soon, so I will have lots of time to write a chapter or two! I'll try my hardest, so please be patient!

Comment what you thought about the chapter, maybe what you want to happen next, or what you think will happen?

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