The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

Copeland has a secret. A secret that she has had to deal with since she was eight years old. Going nine years strong with this secret has put her through so much. Her parents passing has put a lot of stress on her shoulders, especially since she was in the car when they died, leaving her the only one to survive.
The schools bad boy, Parker, soon takes an interest into her depression. Putting in obnoxious comments when he can, and being slightly flirty. What happens when this player starts to develop feelings for her, and might just want to know her secret.


1. The Crash

I didn't mean for it to happen.

I didn't mean to freak out about a stupid princess Barbie, like the little immature kid I was.

I didn't mean for my parents to be dead right now.

I didn't mean for anything to happen like this.


 "Honey, were going to be leaving soon. Get your shoes on, and make sure to grab your heavy jacket." My mom yelled up to me from downstairs. Her angelic voice echoing a little throughout my bedroom.

 "I'll be down in a second!" I yelled back, my little voice being nothing compared to my moms. I slipped on my flats, and walked over to my closet. I was debating on choosing between my blue or yellow raincoat. I quickly grabbed my yellow one. Walking out of my room and turning off my light, I run down the stairs, and out the front door. Realizing my parents are already in the car waiting for me. I jump into the backseat.

 "Took you long enough." My daddy says to me. I smile, and buckle myself up.

"Sorry, I couldn't decide between my blue or yellow jacket." I say with a huge smile. My parents then look at each other and roll there eyes. I laugh to myself.

We pull out of the driveway quick and head to wallyworld, also know as Walmart. It's just a silly nickname my mom came up with, about two years ago.

"Mom! Remember that commercial we were watching the other day? The one with the Snow White Barbie! Can we get it when we get there?" I say in a big blurb.

"I don't know honey, we don't really have enough money for it yet. Didn't it say it was like twenty bucks? I don't think we should waste our money on some doll your gonna get to play with, and then just leave in the dirt." My mother says to me. I pout my lip out.

"But I really want it, I would do anything for it. Pleassssssse!?" I whine. Tears starting to form in my eyes. I feel the wetness as one starts to fall down my cheek.

"Honey not today. Please don't cry, just not today." I whine some more, gathering up for the big blow out.

"PLEASSSSSSSE!" I say crying and screaming, yelling at the top of my lungs over and over again,

"Pleasssssse. Pleasssssssssse. Pleasssssssse." I say still screaming, when all of a sudden my dad turns around and slaps me. Hard against the face. A loud, painful, slap.

"You can't always get what you wa-"

"Honey! Watch ou-" I hear the sheer terror in my mothers voice, and that's when everything goes black.


I wake up with the wetness still on my cheeks. Remembering the sheer terror in my mothers voice. The last sound I got to ever hear of her. That was nine years ago today. Nine painful years of sleepless nights, and feeling pain. How much longer can this go on?

Getting out of bed, I feel the coldness of the flooring on my feet. My Aunt never seems to keep the heat on, claiming that it gets to 'hot'. I grab a blanket and head downstairs from the guest bedroom, where I've been staying for about nine years now. The struggle is real.

"Pancakes are ready if you want some, or you can just continue on with not eating, whichever one." My Aunt says to me as I sit at the dining room table, I grab two fluffy pancakes, topple them with butter and syrup and begin to eat.

"I eat, see." I say with my mouth wide open full of food. My Aunt scowls at me,

"Your disgusting. Close your mouth and hurry up with your food, you have about an hour to get to school." I laugh to myself. School? She really thinks I go? I mean I do go, I just don't technically go to the classes. Bathrooms, and staircase closets come in handy.



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