I'm Broken

Life hurts. More for some people than others. Carter's life is a mess... Then she meets one direction. Will her life get better or will I be worse than ever before?


7. Work

Chapter 6

1 week later...

Carter's p.o.v

It's been a week since Harry first talked to me and we have been talking everyday since... I'm really hoping to meet him soon but we have both been kind of busy. I have work and he is making a new album. By the way I work at a shop in London called Shine for You. It's really popular and I've met celebrity's that come in sometimes. It's a great job... One of the only good things going for me. Anyways, I was in work me and Jess, my coworker and best friend, saw a mob of girls coming our way and a couple of boys running in. "WE NEED THE KEYS" a boy yells and I realize it is Harry. OMG. I throw the keys their way and he locks the door. Of all places he comes here... I'm so lucky lately. They all turn around and I see the boys of One Direction. But Harry looks at me smiles and grabs me and lofts me up hugging me. "Finally!" I tell him. He chuckles and puts me down. The boys and Jess just stare at us. "Umm who is this girl Harry" Louis says. "Umm why is Harry fucking styles hugging you" Jess asks with no emotion. "We met on Instagram..." "Why didn't you tell me!" "I don't know... I just didn't want you to freak out...". Louis looks at me and asks Harry "why didn't you tell me you met a hot girl on Instagram?!" I blushed so hard! I'm not hot at all, ugly, fat, nobody wants me in their life... "Do you want to go to the park around one tomorrow?" Harry asks me I a hopeful tone. "Of course!" "Ok we need to go now but I'll see you then." I smile and hug him and say goodbye.

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