I'm Broken

Life hurts. More for some people than others. Carter's life is a mess... Then she meets one direction. Will her life get better or will I be worse than ever before?


10. The Park

Chapter 8

Harry's p.o.v

I'm so excited for my date with Carter, she is beautiful and kind. I've stopped cutting and she has also because we can comfort each other. I really like her and I'm hoping sometime we can start dating. Btw if you are wondering why I cut it's because I can't take all the hate and I'm having problems with my family. I don't want to tell the boys because they will worry and might get mad... But I'm trying to stop for Carter.

Carter's p.o.v

I stopped cutting and realized I have 10 minutes till Harry is supposed to get here! I run and put a different shirt on that covers my new cuts. I hear a knock. I run down the stairs and open the door. Dammmmnn. he gets hotter everyday." Hello love." He says smiling. " oh hi... Sorry... Did I keep you waiting?" I say. I'm really hopeing he doesn't realize anything is wrong. " is something wrong, you seem a bit off..?" Shit. "Umm... No I just... I'm nervous f-for our date." Phew. Good coverup. "Don't be!" He says. "Well we should be going right?" "Of course." I reply hoping that he doesn't hear my voice shaking slightly. We get there and I see a blanket lying on the ground with a picnic basket. I giggle and look at him. "This is adorable! I love it." I tell him and he sighs in relief. "Thank god! I was worried you would think it was dumb...". " I think it's perfect." And I smile. We talk for a long time and finally I think of what happened this morning. I should tell him. "Harry... I. Icutmywristspleasedontgetmad." I say quickly. He looks at me kind of concerned. "Love, you have to slow down." I look down. "I cut myself this morning." I look up to see his face. He looks disappointed. "Can I see..." (Picture included in next authors note.) I nod and show him the cuts on my wrists all the way up my arms. He shakes his head and asks. "Why?" "Ithoughtyoudi-" "babe. You have to slow down. I'm not mad." "Ok. I thought that you didn't like me and I thought of how ugly I am and how you deserve so much better... I couldn't take it and-" he hugs me and whispers in my ear. "You are beautiful." And kisses me on the forehead. "Don't let anyone tell you anything else." And with that he drives me home.

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