I'm Broken

Life hurts. More for some people than others. Carter's life is a mess... Then she meets one direction. Will her life get better or will I be worse than ever before?


3. hurting

Chapter 3

Carter's p.o.v

Harry styles just followed me. I replay the sentence over and over again in my head. Why me though? I'm just a worthless, fat, ugly, nobody...I look at my notifications again... 20 people followed me... Refresh.... 20 more people... I kept refreshing, more and more people! But then I started getting bad. Very bad. I started getting comments saying things like " you're a ugly whore why does Harry want you and not me??:(" or " bitch you should kill yourself" I couldn't take it. I was sobbing. I decided that I should just post something saying to stop it. I did this but they wouldn't stop, I ran to the bathroom and started cutting. On my wrist, my arms, my thighs... I didn't care if anyone saw the cuts right now, I just wanted to feel something other than the overwhelming stress and pain and sadness. This was my freakish release from the pain. Cutting my wrist was like cutting free from chains holding me in this pit of sadness and despair. It was the best distraction. I looked at the phone and saw that Harry had started DMing me saying we should skype or something like that... And I said yes ,I really needed it because I was hurting right now.

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