I'm Broken

Life hurts. More for some people than others. Carter's life is a mess... Then she meets one direction. Will her life get better or will I be worse than ever before?


2. Are you freakin kidding me

Chapter 2

Harry's p.o.v

"I'm boooorrrrreeeddd" I whined loudly. " NOBODY CARES" Louis yells at me from the front of the bus. "Fine whatever" I walk away pouting. I sit at the dining table and go on my phone... While scrolling through my Instagram I see a comment from Carter_sings: I love you Harry but I could beat you in karaoke<3.

I decide to check out here account and see that she is beautiful! I look and see that she gets bullied a lot... Who could anyone ever bully her?! Most of the bad comments are written by Briannabeauty

What is her problem? I follow Carter and DM her to tell her that she is beautiful and that we should get in touch.

Carter's p.o.v

I keep thinking about the bad things people were saying to me... I look at my Instagram and see that Harry styles followed me.

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