Malfoy love

Draco malfoy and a ravenclaw are forcfully pushed together. What will they do in the end will they fall for each other or destroy each other?

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I have also made some changes to make it closer to the books series details so don't forget to read it again.


12. Slytherin morning

I woke up with a start because I didn't really recognize where I was. But then my eye's adjusted to my surroundings and I realized where I was, the little tutoring room with Kelsey. I felt someone stir in front of me and I finally remembered where I was laying. She was there wrapped up in my arms with nothing on, she looked so beautiful. But it was the wrong thing to do last night. It was selfish but of course I told her that. I can't believe we actually did it, after she had undone my belt I knew it was to late to turn back. She turned around and laid facing toward me with her hands under her head. A piece of her hair fell into her face, I couldn't help it I had to move it out of the way and tucked it behind her ear. When I was pulling my hand away from her face eyes flew wide open and startled. Her face finally relaxed realizing what happened last night and snuggled closer to me. I can't help but feel this way about her, but then I thought about that guy she was talking about last night from Ravenclaw who has that small crush on her and also saw us talking last night. It made me angry how he could just kiss her like that and have no one help with something like that. I put my one arm under her head and the other on her waist and pulled her closer and just cradled her in my arms. She felt so fragile, and yet she was so strong. I hope for what's to come next she is the strongest she can be because I don't want to lose her now that this has happened. But I just won't be able to be there to help her because I don't want anyone knowing about her. Keeping us apart will keep her safe. I still can't believe I let it happen, I have no self control. But my dad has always said that our family falls in love with the smartest girls at Hogwarts. 

"I feel like you're trying to smother me Draco." I heard her talk against my chest and realized I was squeezing her really hard against me. I loosened up my grip but didn't let her go completely feeling as if she might get lost from me forever.

"Sorry, I didn't realized that I was holding you that hard....... How did you sleep?" I looked down at her face which was inches from mine, I could see how blue her eyes were and how small her lips were. It felt right being with her, just like she said last night. Which took me off guard and I actually told her I was being selfish, which was a huge mistake because I didn't want her to know how I felt. Now she know's just how I feel, which is even worse because now I will have to hurt her to keep her safe. Which I hope won't be to soon.

" I slept wonderful, especially since last night was very tire some." I felt her hand go up me and rest against my neck, I could feel herself wiggle up towards my face. She was so small, I thought I was going to break her.

"You look beautiful this morning." I leaned my head against her's and laced my hands together behind her and pulled her body closer than before. She pushed her head up and kissed me, it was sweet. I deepened the kiss more not wanting to let her go. I could feel her naked body against mine, it was unnerving to feel it that early in the morning. I couldn't help but think that this morning was amazing. I couldn't stop kissing her, positioned my body so that way she could move her self up under mine with her legs on either side of me. I pushed between them lightly laying there, not breaking the kiss. I wondered if she would let us do it again since we already did last night anyways. But I felt her hands moving up from my waist and up my back and she was putting pressure to push closer to her body. I broke from the kiss to look at her face, it was so small and sweet. She just looked like she was looking at someone amazing who could save her life if it came down to it, and hopefully I could do that for her. I pushed gently still looking at her face, and her hands moved to my neck, laced behind it. She started to shut her eyes and slowly I pushed her fast and hard. I moved down to kiss her neck, which she just pulled my neck and moved my face to hers. Her hands towards the end moved to my hair pulling a little and making it a mess. We finished at the same time, and I just layed on top of her in the same position. 

"We should just skip classes today, and just stay in this room all day." She put one hand behind her head and the other playing with my hair. 

"What do I hear? Is that a Ravenclaw saying she doesn't want to go to class? That can't be they love school and class." I was a little shocked but I just grinned, moved my hands towards her sides to tickle her while saying it. She began laughing so hard, and pushing my hands away. Her laugh was amazing I couldn't help but think it. I finally just stopped and she put her hand back behind her head and the other still playing with my hair. I was laying just above her breast's with my hands underneath my chin. She gave me a little peck on the nose. 

"Why didn't you tell me that you felt this way about me before?" She asked making me stiffen on top of her, it was weird of her to ask me that in a way, but not at the time. I grabbed my pants and got off of her and put them on.  I went and walked to the the table I had in the room and sat down at in the chair. I don't know how to answer her question, because everything was complicated. So I decided to just tell her the hard way. 

"It's complicated. And I don't think this should happen again. Please don't make this a messy thing." I rubbed to back of my neck with my hand looking away from her. I couldn't take seeing her hurt.

"What the hell do you mean 'It's complicated'?" She leaned up off the couch over the back of it to look towards me. She got off the couch and put my shirt on but didn't button it at all. I finally looked at her walk towards me, she was so distracting. I just leaned back and watched her walk towards me. 

"Why would you say such a thing Draco? I thought you were different?" She was right in front of me now, she decided to just sit on my lap and take my hand put it to her mouth. She began kissing it and working her way up my arm and to my neck, I couldn't help but kiss her. She was so pure and good, I wanted to be just like her but I knew I couldn't.  I stopped kissing her but not because I didn't want but because I have to. 

"Why do you do this? You feel something, but you push it away. Why don't you want his to happen again?" She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned back, it made me have to hold her waist to keep her on my lap. 

"I never said I wanted this. This can't happen again because of so many reason's." I looked away from her and thought about the reasons that wouldn't give her enough information so I could keep her safe. 

"Okay, what are some of the reason's?" She stared right into my face, I couldn't help but look at her. 

"Well for one thing were from two different houses, another is our age, and last it just won't last because of how my family is."  

"Well I think we can, and none of that stuff matter's." She touched my face softly with her hand and I leaned into it. I didn't want to let her go but I have to. 

"We can stay in here for the rest of the day till dinner just for you." I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss.

"So were good." She asked me, while I pulled her body closer to me on my lap. She was right on top of me, and our chests were pushed together. He face was above mine because I had put my hands under her but to pull her even closer. 

"Lets do it again." She whispered in my ear. I kissed her neck and worked my way to her chest. I mouthed the word yes against her, picking her up and putting her butt on the table still kissing her chest. I kept one hand under her butt, and moved one hand between her legs. She put her hands in my hair and pulled my head closer to her chest, and pulling our bodies closer. I could hear her breathe quicken, I leaned back and unbuttoned my pants for her. I moved back infront of her and pulled her closer grabbing her butt, pushing in and I could hear her gasp. We did it all day after that.

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