Malfoy love

Draco malfoy and a ravenclaw are forcfully pushed together. What will they do in the end will they fall for each other or destroy each other?

(Let me know in the comment's what you like.)
I have also made some changes to make it closer to the books series details so don't forget to read it again.


4. Hot Cocoa Secrets

Later that night Penelope got some warm butterbeer she got from Hogsmeade the last time we had a visit, Luna had brought some cookies she had gotten from her father earlier that day not sure what kind but they were good.

"Oh my gosh Luna, these cookies are amazing. What are they made out of?" Penelope asks with the cookies over flowing from her mouth. I look at Luna for the answer while she slowly finishes her cookie.

"Well, we have a secret ingredient that makes them taste differently to different people, I'm not sure what it is but it is good." She says giving us a shy smile, and putting her hands in her lap while looking around. Me and Penelope start giggling, which makes Luna giggle also. These cookies were really good. I need to get the recipe from Luna before I leave for Christmas break this year.

"Penelope and Luna do you have any crush on someone?" Asking and waiting eagerly for an answer. Looking from the both of them. Luna is the first one to talk, "Well I think Neville Longbottom is interesting after last year." Casually finishing without saying more.

"Well, I think you guys would look cute together." Penelope says matter of fact like and grabbing a blanket to put over all of us sitting on the couch. I nod in agreement with her while drinking some of my hot cocoa. Luna is smiling fondly.

"I kinda have a question for the both of you. But it stays between the three of us. Promise?" I say. Leaning closer to the both of them. The fire was warming us up along with the hot cocoa.

"Well I kinda want to know what you both think of Draco Malfoy?" Leaning back after i asked the question. Luna look a little confused and Penelope interested.

"Well he isn't bad looking Kels, why are you asking?" Penelope says getting closer so no one can definitely hear us.

"Well I think he's a very odd person. He kind of reminds me of a house elf." Luna say's looking dreamily at the fire which was getting low the more we talked.

"Well I was just asking. I mean he did come into class the today and it got me thinking..."

"No, no Kels don't think about him. Although I did see you walk out if class together but that was probably because Slughorn made him. But Kels he's Slytherin, you can't imagine thinking of him." She says looking from me to Luna. But she didn't know what I was thinking, I was really curious because the only boy I really thought of was fred weasley. His firey red hair, with his adorable freckles. Always finding ways to make someone laugh or feel better.

"I know it sounds crazy, but I really just wanted to know because I feel bad for him. I mean he seem's so miss understood." I say sadly. She takes a pillow and wacks me in the face laughing afterwards. While I take one off the couch and smack Luna with it and that's how we started the pillow fight at midnight.

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