Malfoy love

Draco malfoy and a ravenclaw are forcfully pushed together. What will they do in the end will they fall for each other or destroy each other?

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I have also made some changes to make it closer to the books series details so don't forget to read it again.


9. Fred Weasley

Today something terrible happened. Ronald Weasley got poisoned in Professor Slughorns office earlier this morning. Someone said that it was his birthday and told me they wanted to kill him for his birthday, but that is only a rumor. I asked Hermione when I saw her rushing towards the Medical wing, grabbing her arm. I saw how flustered she was to get there. She looked like she was crying, ignoring it I made her stop running so that she can help me understand and hopefully I could help. 

"Hey Hermione, what's going on with ron? Is everything okay?" I placed both my hands on her upper arms so that way she could look at me and not down the hall. 

"I don't know Kelsey, I haven't talked Harry or anyone else yet I was just told that Ron was hurt." Her eye's got all misty and hurt when she said that. I couldn't hold her anymore so I just let my arms fall to my sides and let her walk run to the medical wing. 

"I hope he get's better." I whispered to my self as I started walking after her at a slower pace so that way she could get there before me. 

I finally made it to the medical wing and opened the door slightly just to see how many people were there. His whole family was except the twins I guess they were waiting to hear from the rest of the family. I let the door slowly close while I sat on a bench just right outside the door so I could ask anyone who came out if he was okay. I wasn't particularly friends with them but they were kind to me whenever I talked to them especially Hermione. Sitting down and waiting I heard two people walking up the hall towards me or well the medical room. Looking up from my shoes I saw that it was the twins. I guess they were here for their brother. George and Fred were very good looking I couldn't help but stare at them. Remembering last year with Miss. Unbridge here they helped everyone alot, me especially I still have scars from that stupid ink she made us use. On my hand it wrote "I will not cheat." Although I have never cheated in my life she made most of the Ravenclaws do it anyways. Everyone was pretty brave last year except me with the group they made I went to the first meeting they had in town but I was to nervous to join. Although from the sounds of it they were pretty good at alot of spells now and more popular. The twins have there own shop now, I've been to see it once but I didn't see them or anyone I knew so I left pretty quickly. Now looking at them they were grown up and more good looking. 

"Hey Fred and George." I waved at them as they got to the door. George nodded at me and walked through the door without hesitation I could see the concern on his face he had for his brother. But Fred looked scared to go in so he sat down next to me on the bench. 

"Hey how's it going in there?" His face was white as a sheet. Honestly I didn't even know myself I thought he would know. 

"I'm actually not quit sure I was hoping someone would tell me." Looking at the door, no has come out yet, people have only been walking in.

"I bet he's okay, it seems pretty crowded inside so I guess I can just stay out here with you while we both wait to find out if Ron is okay. Is that okay with you Kelsey?" Shocked I looked up at him and saw a faint smile on his lips. He knew my name, but how I was no body. 

"Don't be shocked that I know your name. I remember helping you last year with the scars." He took my hand and looked at the place where you could faintly see the scars. He had made an ointment for it after it happened. He was very smart although I know he and his brother don't want to act like it. 

"I remember I just thought you wouldn't." Shyly smiling up at him touching my hand he looked pleased that it's going away. 

"I'm glad your healing better, I'm just glad that a pretty girl like you accepted my help with it other than just wanting a laugh. Although if I remember correctly you did laugh at alot of the jokes I made about the pig." He was still holding my hand but now he was just rubbing the scar softly with his hand now, it was giving me goose pimples up my arm. I blushed at him, because I now remember everything from then. He was always making jokes about Umbridge then and always called her a pig because she always wore pink and was big and fat. 

"Thank you for that, and thank you for calling me pretty." I was getting breathless, he leaned his head back on the wall still holding my hand, now he had our hands intertwined together still rubbing small circles on my hand. He closed his eyes just sitting there. Looking at him I can see how much he's aged since last year. 

"Is it okay if I just sit here holding your hand it feels nice and relaxing?" He gave my hand a squeeze while he asked. 

"Of course. I know how stressed you must be. It does feel relaxing." Leaning back with him I squeezed his hand back and just watched our hands together. This was nice I just wish it wasn't me over thinking like I always do, because this means nothing. I didn't want to think to much into it. Then I the door slammed open and Lavender came storming out in tears. I sat straight up still holding Fred's hand. 

"Will you go and get your brother George he should really be in here with us making sure your brother is alright." That sounded like a mom which I guess it was Fred's since she was asking for him. Looking back at him he was sitting up as well looking at me still holding hands. 

"My brother will be here in a moment but I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out outside hogwarts? I know your younger than me but you seem so much older than your age." He looked sweet and all I could do was blush and nod my yes. Smiling he stood up placing my hand in my lap and walked to the door where he was met by his twin who looked like he knew exactly what was going on.

"Soon I promise." He waved at me and went inside. I couldn't help it I smiled, I liked this kind of attention not the attention I was getting Draco. Thinking about him just made me angry. Trying not to think about him and how he made warm and hot inside I stood up not wanting to bother the family and walked to my dorm.

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