Malfoy love

Draco malfoy and a ravenclaw are forcfully pushed together. What will they do in the end will they fall for each other or destroy each other?

(Let me know in the comment's what you like.)
I have also made some changes to make it closer to the books series details so don't forget to read it again.


3. Dinner

After tutoring Draco, i went to my dormitory to read my book on the couch in front of the fire. I didn't have any other  classes after potions class and there wasn't anything else to do on the grounds since the next quiditch match was two days from now and you couldn't do anything else with the tight security now. I read about 4 chapters before my friends came in when i started to finish my book.

"Hey, lazy!" Penelope said while jumping over the couch and jumping on me.

"Ouufff, did you have to do that? It does hurt you know Penelope, plus i'm not lazy I was actually doing something. I just about to finish my book." Smiling at her and seeing my other friends walking around the couch and ploping in the other chair.

"Yes if you didn't notice we missed you yesterday at Hogsmeade. I thought you were going to meet us there to finish our project for Transfiguration?" Michael my best guy friend said about our project that is due next week.

"Michael that project is due next week, we don't have to finish this quick." I snicker at him while he slides into the chair next to the couch.

"Well, we were in the court yard when we saw your favorite person, Fred Weasley, in the newspaper. Talking about the store they have." she says winking at me and tickling me. I've had crush on him since my first year at hogwarts because he was funny when he went to Hogwarts. Last year they ran out of school and leaving Professor Umbridge looking dumb struck.

"He actually isn't cute to me." Michael said crossing his arms. Looking into the fire and sulking.

"I think he's just jealous you don't like him as more as a friend." Penelope says wrinkling her nose at him and pointing  with her finger.

"Well, I think we should go to the great hall for dinner now, you know since we have to eat to live." Michael says while he gets out of the chair and walks towards the eagle. Me and Penelope are walking behind Michael chatting about all the other guys in ravenclaw besides him, but come up short with cute guys. I could secretly tell that he was getting jealous of me talking about Fred, because i liked him and not Michael. When we were down the hall from the great dining hall I saw Draco, he was with his friends. I was surprised to see him and felt liking saying hey but remembered he's in Slytherin. He wouldn't like me saying hi in public like that.

"Who are you looking at Kelsey?" Penelope said putting her head infront of me to see who was in my line of sight. Thankfully Draco was gone and someone else was now there.

"Why were you staring at Gregory Goyle for?" Looking at me funny. Although she doesn't know who I was really looking at and won't know till Michael isn't around because he'll get jealous and he hates Draco.

"Luce do you wanna have a girls night? We can invite Luna and have hot chocolate next to the fire place tonight in the common room." i say skipping beside her to our table.

We sit down and dinner pop's on the table, I grab a roll and look across the table to see Draco staring at me and we make eye contact, I get nervous and look away. I just continue to look only at Michael and Penelope who are just across from me.

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