Malfoy love

Draco malfoy and a ravenclaw are forcfully pushed together. What will they do in the end will they fall for each other or destroy each other?

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I have also made some changes to make it closer to the books series details so don't forget to read it again.


7. Begining of tutoring

What is going to happen now? He made me feel like just someone he could do that too. But I won't let him have that  power over me. He will get what's coming to him after that whole facade he just did. I woke up the next morning feeling foolish and done with Draco Malfoy, how could he do something like that to me? I decided to put on some of my longest and loose uniform under my school robe. Today me and Draco were having the tutor secession, and today I was going to show him he can't mess with me like that. I was headed towards the room, near the Slytherin house near the dungoen. I had put the box there late last night so I wouldn't have to take it with me this morning. I had told Slughorn to tell Draco to be there early so that way it wouldn't be suspicion if we leave our friends during the day. I had just made it when I heard Draco on the other side practicing his magic and potion names. I stood at the door listening, and leaned inwards slightly to listen more. He sounded frustrated, just as I was yesterday with him afterwards. I pushed the door in and saw him sitting on the couch. 

"Hey, are you ready?" I asked him, while he tried look like he was just sitting there and relaxing. He laid back and just looked at the wall in front of him, playing with his wand. 

"Let me just get comfortable first, could you get the stuff out of the box while I'm at it?" I looked at him and smile. He was trying to act like nothing yesterday happened. I would have liked to act like yesterday happened but I can't when I had to see him. Acting like he can just kiss me drunk and not think that I will be mad? 

"Sure." He said curiously. But he did what I asked him to do, which would make this go a little quicker. He looked down at the box and began taking everything out gently and quickly as possible. While he wasn't looking I began to take off my robe to get comfortable. He had already taken his off and laid it against the back of the couch. And went and sat down next to him. Very closely in fact. I started to help him take the last bit of stuff out of the box. He then looked up at me and saw what I was wearing. 

"What are you wearing?I thought this was a tutoring secession, isn't that a little big for you?" He said adjusting himself a little and moving away from me. I slowly moved closer till he was at the end of the couch and I put my hand on his thigh. Smiling I moved very quickly and sat on his lap with my legs on either side of him. Pushing down with all my weight and pushing my chest to his and my face inches from his. I put my hands on his chest and ran the up and around his neck and into his hair. He tried to resist from touching me at first but I know Slytherin's they like to achieve difficult tasks. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him chest to chest. He moved his face closer to mine and I could smell his breathe. It was sweet unlike him, every time he moved his face closer to mine I would lean away. Finally, I let him kiss me, this time it was full, he moved his lips to fit mine and pushed the kiss deeper. Now I have him, I kissed him back letting him think I wanted it. Then when we split for air I went towards his ear.

"Is this what you wanted us to do yesterday? Being this close? You think you could actually get me like this without me wanting it?" I moved my lips back to his and moved his face to look at me. I looked into his eyes, and saw that he remembered yesterday even though he didn't want too. I moved my hand to my back and grabbed my wand from my bra and pushed it to his neck ready to make him understand. His eye's widened, his hands tensed around my waist, and the rest of his body did the same. 

"Linch, I said I was sorry about yesterday, I swear. " He said trying to have me understand, I wasn't letting him get away with it that easy.

"I don't care. You will understand one thing, and one thing only. I am a ravenclaw, but that doesn't mean that I can't stand up for myself. I will not have someone like you pretend to like me, just to get into my pants. You here me? This tutoring were doing is just professional, not in anyway relationship or emotionally attaching." I jabbed my wand into his chest with my hand on his shoulder pushing him into the couch. We were looking eye level to each other. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them to my chest. My wand fell from my hand and onto the couch, making me feel a little scared. 

"I understand you, but listen here Linch if I ever was really interested into getting in your pants I would have already gotten in them." While he was saying this he pulled me close to him and put my hands over his shoulders. Putting his hand in the center of my back and pulling me closer to him. He moved under me to lay me on the couch. I grabbed his shirt collar which was a white button up and making me get closer to his face. He had me laying under him and I was very under prepared and inexperienced for what was happening. He  pushed his face close to mine, and leaned in to me kissing me slowly and softly. I felt his free hand that wasn't under me, moving up my chest. I wanted to stop him but all I could do was keep my hands on his collar pulling him closer into the kiss. He kept his one hand on my chest and moved the other from under me and started moving it down my leg rubbing it slowly. I couldn't help myself, I moved my hands towards his hair and tangled my hands into his hair. He started pulling away slowly out of the kiss, which I only let him get away a few inch's. I don't know why but I like doing this with him. 

"You see this Linch? I can get you anyway I want, I just don't want you like this. Professional only remember that, babe. Slytherin's don't mix with any other houses, don't forget it." He grabbed my arms and unwrapped them from around him. Pushing himself off me and and sitting on the other side of the couch. I felt just as bad yesterday as I do today. I can't believe I let it happen again, I was ashamed angry than I was yesterday. I pushed myself up from laying down and sat on the opposite side of the couch upset and foolish. I had to adjust my shirt back down because of how far Draco had made it go up. I got up and took my robe off the couch and put it back on. Readjusting my hair and looking at him to see how he was reacting. His hair was a mess and his shirt was half way unbuttoned from where I was pulling his collar. He was staring at me and I guess wondering the same. So I wanted to play it cool for both our sakes. I moved to him and sat down next to him. He began to button up his shirt again and fixed his hair. So I just ignored him and decided to start the tutoring.

"Well then, now can we get busy with the lesson? Were starting on the different things that go into potions and what they do." I pulled the potion ingredient paper I had out of the box, and handed it towards Draco. 

"Good, and is this all the ingredients?" He looked dumbfound. In a way he looked cute. What? No he doesn't. I will not think like that towards him. I hate him.Now with more passion than I already did. Like he said Slytherins and other houses don't mix.

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