Nikki is at high school when she gets the worst news of her life. She is Mirrored, and sent off to hide out in a special facility to train and adapt to her new way of life. But while training, she learns being Mirrored would be way better than what she really is, and that everyone wants her dead. Only one person, her mysterious trainer, knows her secret, and he plans to help her. Will Nikki survive the threats that surround her, or will she fall into the wrong hands?


5. Chapter 5 + A/N

None of our trainers talk much, with Tristan on the low end. During the tour he only says the essentials, with Gunnar and Lori filling in small details.

    The room we had first entered was, as I had suspected, the common and dining hall. Straight ahead from the doors that lead outside is the kitchen, with two doorways leading into a conjoined door, for fast serving.

Then, to the left of the main doors, where an office might have once been, was a huge gym. Apparently, I’d be training there for the rest of my life.

To the right of and behind the kitchen there were dorms, private rooms (which we could get after our training), and private offices. We would all be sleeping in one dorm room until our training was over. You can bet I was excited about that. On the other side of the kitchens you could find the test and gathering rooms, including the auditorium, which was behind the commons. The back of the school held wooded and grassy land.

The three trainer lead us to our dorm room and said, “Breakfast at seven, training at eight,” and slammed the door behind him.

“Well,” Ellen commented while choosing a bed next to mine, “he was pleasant.”

“Yeah,” I replied, although I’m somewhat preoccupied by the thought of what was in store for the rest of my life. So far, I wasn't sure what to think.


A/N: I was so excited when I got to 100 views! You guys are amazing! I especially want to thank Percabeth484 and EllaBellaCinderella<3 for the shout-outs! Don't worry, my next chapter will be longer and have a bit more excitement. Also, I have an amazing idea for my next story, but because my life is quite busy right now (my relatives are visiting), and it may take me a while to get it started. 

Thanks for your support!


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