Kiss Me Kiss Me

"Kiss me, Livi," I say to her her.

"I can't, Ash," she says.

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Cover by: Michael's Kitten


2. Chapter Two

Olivia's POV-


*Beep Beep*


Stupid alarm clock. As I turn it on snooze for five more minutes, I hear my door creek open. Footsteps trail closer and closer to my bed. I sigh know exactly who it is. He climbs into bed next to me and I pretend I'm asleep. He loves to freak me out when I wake up. Typical brother.

I have three brothers total. Ben, Jack and Luke. Ben is the oldest. He is twenty two and is away at Uni in London. Jack is twenty and still lives at home. I think he is going to live here forever, but who knows, maybe he'll surprise us one day with an acceptance letter to University. Luke is seventeen. He's in a band and they have a few followers, but they're not too big yet. (This is before She Looks So Perfect and before One Direction asked them on their tour so bear with me.) Lastly, I'm sixteen and the youngest. It's not too bad growing up with three older siblings. It's great if you love pranks and wrestling matches. Note the sarcasm.

Even though they annoy me to death, I still love them and they love me so it's cool. I would have to say out of all of them, I get along with Luke the most. I think it's because we're the closest in age and we relate to each other better.

"Morning Jack," I say making him jump. I laugh.

"How did you know I was in here?" he asks and pouts.

"Because my alarm clock woke me up," I say.

"Gosh I can never beat it!" he says and gets out of the bed and leaves me be.

"Sorry my alarm clock ruins your day," I say.

"It's not your fault," he says and I laugh, as does he.

"You're such a goofball," I say.

"But seriously, get ready. Mom made breakfast," he says and leaves my room.

"Food!" I yell as I run into the kitchen to get my food.


When I get in the kitchen, I see most of the food gone. I also see two of my brothers devouring massive plates of food. My mom is also sitting down, she's eating too, but she has a smaller portion.

"Mom, you're letting them eat all of my food!" I whine.

"Oh calm down, Liv, you have a plate here," Luke says. I raise my eyebrow and walk closer to the dining room table. Like he said, there is a plate of food at the table where I sit. I feel embarrassed now.

"Umm, so I found one of Dad's shirts in my ," Jack says.

"Jack! Why do you think that is appropriate breakfast conversation?" Mom scolds him and everything grows tense and quiet.

Our dad is a very touchy subject. He left my mom when I was eight. I don't remember him really at all. I was too young. But the boys do. They grew up with him. Little did we know what problems were happening with our parents. They didn't get along. He was an alcoholic. Now that I look back on the few memories I have of him, I remember that I never saw him. I woke up and he wasn't home, I came home from school and he wasn't home, I went to bed and he wasn't home. So I didn't loose much. Ben, Luke and Jack did though.


After breakfast, I excuse myself and get ready for school. I take a shower, do my hair and makeup and get dressed. I decide on light makeup and a simple braid in my hair. For my outfit, I'm wearing a ruffled floral cami dress. It goes right above my knees and it's really pretty. It's black with pink flowers all over it. I add it with simple nude colored lace heels. They're adorable.

I know what you're thinking. A little dressed up for school, right? Well first off, no. It's really not that dressy looking. Second, that's how I am. On Monday I could be wearing jeans, Tuesday could be a dress, Wednesday could be a skirt, Thursday could be sweats and Friday could be shorts. I mean you have no idea with me, but that's what I like. I'm open to many ideas for my clothes and style. So I like to experiment.


I walk downstairs with my bag over my shoulder. As I'm carefully holding onto the railing, Luke and Jack run past me, pushing me against the wall.

"Wait!" I yell to them. They whine and turn around.

"What, Liv?" Jack asks.

"I'm wearing heels today. No more roughness around me," I say.

"Gosh you're such a girl," Luke says.

"Yeah well you'll be sorry if I break my ankle and you both will be waiting on me hand and foot," I sass back.

"Point taken," Jack says and they both apologize then leave me be.

I finish the scary flight of stairs and then wait outside for Luke and Ashton to come out. I know how to drive and I have my own car, but we decided we'll all carpool in Luke's car. So he drives Ash and I to and from school everyday.

Oh Ashton. He annoys me. I'm not oblivious that he likes me, but I don't him like that. I mean he's nice and all but he comes on too strong. I try and be nice, but he bothers me.

"Hello beautiful," Ashton greets me.

"Hi Ashton," I return the favor.

"So how are you?" he asks.

"I'm okay. How are you?" I ask.

"I'm good. I'm better now that you're here," he smiles at me. I blush. Wait, why did I blush? Normally I just ignore his flirting.

"Back off Ash, she's not interested," Luke says as he comes out of the house and closes the door behind him. 


When we get to school, I find my best friend, Michael. He's awesome. He's also a part of Luke and Ashton's band.

"Hello Michael," I greet him as we walk to our first class. He's in twelfth grade and I'm in eleventh. But I'm in advanced math, so that means I'm in Michael's class. Luke also has it. But Luke went off to go talk to Calum, his other bandmate, and Ashton.

"Hello Olivia. You decided to go with a more girly, fancy look today," he says.

"Yeah. I felt girly," I say.

"Well there is no problem in that," he smiles.

"Ready for math?" I ask him.

"Nope. I got the Advil," he says.

"For what?" I ask.

"For when we get out and have major mind blown headaches."



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