Kiss Me Kiss Me

"Kiss me, Livi," I say to her her.

"I can't, Ash," she says.

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Cover by: Michael's Kitten


3. Chapter Three

Ashton's POV-

The cafeteria. The dreadful area no one wants to go into. There's the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the loners and us. They normal kids. Luke, Michael, Calum, Olivia, Claire, Eli and I sit at that table together.

Claire is Olivia's best friend since first grade. Michael is her best friend too, but Claire is like her best girl friend. Eli is a good friend of Olivia and Claire's and the guys and I like him so he sits with us too.

I make my way over to our table with my brown paper bag lunch in my hands. I sit down at my usual spot at our table. The table is a rounded which is nice. This is the order of our seats; Me, Luke, Eli, Olivia, Claire, Michael and Calum.

I'm the first one here, so I pull out my lunch which consists of a sandwich, chips, Gatorade and a cookie. Yum. Olivia and Claire come next. Followed by the others eventually.


*Skip Lunch*


On the way home, Olivia is normally chatting up a storm about her day to Luke and I, but today she's very quiet.

"Hey Liv?" I ask from up in the front seat. She's in the back seat.

"Huh?" she mumbles.

"What's wrong?" I question her.

"Nothing. It's nothing," she says and puts her earbuds in.

When we get back to our houses, she immediately gets out and slams the door shut. We watch her run into the house, almost tripping on her heels.

"I'm gonna go talk to her," Luke says and we get out of the car. I walk over to my house and let them be.


Luke's POV-

I walk up to Olivia's room and politely knock on her door. She opens the door and has tears falling down her face.

"Livi, what's wrong?" I say and pull her into my arms. That's when she starts bawling. I move us inside and shut the door behind us. We sit down on her bed, but she stays in my arms.

"You know you can tell me," I say quietly.

"Cole asked me out fifth period," she says. I tense up at this. Olivia has liked Cole for as long as I could remember. The thing is though, he's bad news. He doesn't care too much for school, is mean to almost everyone and has friends that are like him. He doesn't play by the rules much. Though every girl likes him. Including my sister. I don't want her to get hurt, which I know she will.

"Why are you crying? Isn't that good news?" I ask. It's not good news for me, but I know she really likes him so I figured she would take it as good news.

"Yeah, it is. But everyone has been mean to me the whole day because I accepted his offer. No one likes me," she says and cries again.

"That can't be true. What do Eli and Claire think?" I ask.

"They're the only ones who stick up for me. Luke, it's bad. They call me the worst names and throw mean notes at me and do terrible things all because I started dating Cole," she says and cries even harder. I didn't think it was possible for her to cry harder, but I guess it was because it happened.

"Livi, the boys and I will protect you. We'll figure out something. Someone can walk you to each of your classes just to make sure that you're safe," I say trying to plan everything in my head.

"I don't want to go back," she whispers.

"What did Cole do to try and help you?" I ask.

"He yelled at them, but that's about it. I told him I didn't want him to get involved too much. I don't want this happening to him," she says.

"Well don't worry. We're going to keep you safe, I promise," I say and hold her even closer to me.

She may be my sister and we may fight a lot, but she's not only my sister. She's my best friend. She means a lot to me. I'm very protective over her and I might annoy her with that, but I would be a lost boy if something ever happened to her. (A/N- See what I did there? xD)

"Pinky promise?" She looks in my eyes and holds out her pinky.

"Pinky promise," I confirm and link my pinky with hers'. I gently sing How To Save A Life in her ear as I rock her slowly back and forth, to calm her down.



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