The weekend, in grandma's house, started off VERY boring. I had absolutely nothing to do. All I did was sit with mom and aunt and listened to their gossips (I didn't even know half of the people they talked about).    At night, we had the same problem which we had every single time we went there: the where-to-sleep problem. After a million arguments, everything was settled and me, my dad, my mom, my younger brother, Finn, and my younger sister, Isabelle (we called her Bell) ended up sleeping in the same room. Mom, dad and Finn slept on the bed while I slept on a sofa-come-bed and Bell slept on a couch.    Sleeping in the same room as my dad was awkward. And why was that, is another long story. Almost a month before me and Zack got in a relationship, I had my Term 2 finals going on in school. The finals took place in school during a period of eight to nine days. We had one exam every day, except for two days when we had two exams on one day, with a break of two hours in between. Me, Serena and Sam planned to go out of school between the two hour break. As soon as our first exam finished, Sam called home and told his mom that he was going out to have breakfast with his friends. Sam went out of school first as we had decided to go out separately. Next, me and Serena tried to go out but the guard wouldn't let us. Serena's driver was there but mine wasn't. The guard annoyed the crap out me. Anyway, me and Serena went to the administration to ask for permission, but the teacher wouldn't let us. She told me to call home and let her talk to my mom so she could ask her if I was allowed to go with Serena or not. So I called mom and asked her but when she asked my dad, he said no (like always). He never let me go anywhere which, honestly, annoyed me so much sometimes. I went out of the office and called my mom again and told her to send my guard so I could get out and go with Serena. My mom sent my guard and I got out of school, sent my guard back, and me and Serena went to the restaurant which was just in front of our school.  Sam was waiting there for us. We were just planning where to go, when our friend, Alex, called Sam and told him that his mom came to school and Mr. Andrew (the head supervisor) was asking for all three of us as someone had told him that we went out together. We freaked out immediately, but then after a lot of thinking, we came to the conclusion that they probably didn't know about the going together part. His mom coming to school was true, though. As I had seen some woman talking to the teacher in the administration about her son going out with friends for breakfast. We decided to go to Malee's to eat brownies. I know, the stupidest thing ever, considering what Alex had told us, but brownies sounded way too, what can you say, uhh attractive at that time. We went to Malee's in Serena's car, got brownies, ate it in the car, and came back. Sam got out of the car a little away from school so that no one saw us together. Me and Serena went to school and gave the next exam. After the exam, Alex and Ashley told us what had happened. Sam's mom was already there, so Sam blurted out everything to his mom, which led to Mr. Andrew and Mr. Anderson calling mine and Serena's mom to school and telling them that we were caught with "boys". That wasn't even true. There was just one frikkin' boy. My scolded me so much and took away my phone and ipod from me and said that she'll tell my dad. Being a scaredy cat, as I was back then, I ate pills at tuition. When I told my tuition friends about what I had done, they scolded me and told me to go home and tell my mom immediately. I started freaking out on my way home. No matter how shitty my life was, I didn't want to die so soon. I still had to meet my Prince Charming, yet. On reaching home, I told my mom what I had done and she did what all moms would've done in her situation. She cried. Which made me feel like a big bitch. Now here's the part which caused the awkwardness. She told my dad. My dad became so angry that he told my mom to let me die, but then he called our doctor and told my mom to take me to him. I survived, because apparently, what I ate was nothing big. I had hurt my dad so much, that he doesn't talk to me anymore. It's like I don't even exist to him anymore. It hurts, but I'm sure not more than what i did, hurts him. And thus, this awkwardness.    I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't go to sleep for like a good fifty minutes. I missed my room and mostly my comfy bed. I still didn't get any text from Zack and I was bored so I decided to text Matt.  "Hey." I texted him.  "Hi." He texted back, immediately.  "How are you?"  "I'm good, wbu?"  "I'm good too. Sup?"  "Watching a movie. You?"  "Bored. At grandma's."  "Where's Zack?"  "His phone got stolen. Don't you know?" I asked, worriedly. Maybe Zack was lying. Maybe Matt had seen him with a phone. I'm sure he'd tell me.  "Oh yeah. I thought he might've gotten a phone by now." He replied, and I sighed in relief. Maybe I was just over thinking.  "Noh. His dad's out of town, so yeah." "Ohh, I see. Don't worry, he'll get one soon."  "Yeah, hopefully. Anyway, gtg. Will catch you later."  "Okay :)" And with that I went to sleep.    Saturday sucked too. I ate, got bored, listened to mom's and aunt's gossips, slept and yeah that was pretty much it.    I woke up early on Sunday as we had to come back to my heaven (yeah, my house really did sound like heaven, right now). I was still in bed, when I got a text. Thinking it was from Matt, as we had been talking last night, I checked it. My heart almost came out of my chest at what I saw. The text made me smile and all the doubts I had about Zack wanting to get rid of me, vanished immediately. It was a text from Zack that said:                                                                         "Hi, my love." 
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