5. Depression.

The next morning when I woke up for school, mom told me that we're going to my grandma's in the afternoon. Grandma lived about two hours from my house, and I absolutely hated going to her house. Not like I didn't have any cousins there. No, I did. But her house was small, with only three rooms, and it was so freakin' hot in the area she lived in. My grandfather had died, even before I was born, so my grandmother lived with my aunt who was also my mom's sister and my dad's brother's wife. My aunt had three sons. Wayne, Harry and Ashton. Ashton was about ten months old and the cutest thing alive. I started whining, to which my mom scolded me ( yeah, I got that a lot).    On reaching my class, the first thing I did was to tell Ashley about Zack's phone.  "It's okay, Kate. He'll get a phone soon."  "I don't know, Ash. I think he wants to get rid of me."  "Shut up. I'm sure that's not it."  "I'm so into him in like a few days. I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't come back."  "He'll come to tuition, won't he?"  "Yeah, I guess."  "So you can talk to him about it, IF God forbid that's the case."  "Yeah I..." I started to say when the bell rang, making me shut up.    I worried the whole day in school. Ashley kept on consoling me, telling me that I'm just over thinking and everything will be fine, to which I just nodded my head and smiled a little, once in a while. Serena tried to console me too, but I only had the break with her, so she couldn't do much.    When I went home, mom was already done with packing our clothes. I quickly took a shower and got ready. Dad came from work after a while, and we set off for our grandma's house.    In the car, I put on headphones, and started listening to sad songs. Every song seemed to fit just right in my situation and just made me cry. Life seemed so unfair. It seemed as if I was not good enough, just like always. Just like I was not good enough for all the people who bullied me, who hated me. I was just thinking about this stuff, when I fell asleep. 
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