She just perfect to me

Aaliyah and Jessica

(Warning: girls on girls)


1. Jessica

Aaliyah Pov.

Today's the day I get out of this hell hole I used to call home as I put my last box in the movers truck and walk over to were my moms car is and sit down in the back set waiting and wanting to just get the hell outta here and to are new home in Doncaster I get a fresh start and a chance to not be the quite girl that everyone thinks I am

As mom and dad hop into the front sits and start the car the song what makes you beautiful came on and and I groaned throwing my head back in the sit

That's when mom discded to speak

"I really don't under stand why you hate them so much and your brother so much I mean zayn and the boys have put a lot of work in to there careers so I jus-" I cut my mom off but putting in my ear buds and starting to listen to "way I live" by baby boy da prince and look out the window as I see the sign that says "you are now leave ing Bradford" I was happy and sad

happy cause I fucking hate it here I would get bullied cause zayn being famous or if not being bullied girls would always try get me to give them a zayn something anything ya name it they've asked it and trust me it really pissed me off

And sad cause even though I hate it here it's still the only place I've ever known

But I'm still glad I'm leavening I just stare out the window not even knowing ware I am all I know is ware I'm gonna end up


I must have Fallon asleep cause I woke up to my dad shaking me "aaliyah get up we are here" he says finally stoping and walking over to the moving truck and taking thing In to what I'm guessing is my new home I must say it is quite beautiful it a white two store house with green shutters and a nice size yard it had a small garage on the left side of the house and also a place to park your cars on the right Side of the house was a big Oak tree with two small swings Hanging from the branches and also a small garden with flowers of all kinds in it

After looking round the yard I decided I should head inside the place was nice once you walk in the door there is a open kitchen to the left and on the right was some stares that I'm guessing just lead to the rooms up stares I was past kitchen and into the living room the room was a pretty good size compared to are old house In the room there was a fireplace and in front of it sat a couch and two chairs on top of the fireplace was a x-box 360 and a wii with some games to the side for both of them I was wondering were the actual TV was then I noticed a remote sitting on one of the chairs arms so I grab it's and press the on button and the coolest fucking thing happened the wall above the fireplace slit I half reviling a flat screen TV with a DVD player

As I was admiring the very fucking awesome TV when my mom called me in to the kitchen

"Ya mom" I say as I walk into the kitchen she's already cooking dinner well that was fast

" we have guest coming over for dinner so go get ready all your boxes are up in your room it's the last door an the left" she says not even looking at me as she talks

"Now go and get ready they will be here around 5:30 and it's already 4:50" she says still not looking at me but wavering me towards the stares

I sigh as I walk to the stare case walking up slowly I didn't realize how high it is from the 1st to 2nd floor until I actually got up here as I am walking in the way my mom told me to I pass at lest 5 bed rooms and 3 bathrooms I didn't really think we would need this much space but I guess mom and dad have there reasons right?

As I reached the end of the hall I turn left and open the door to revile a purple room with a queen size bed that has a black comforter with black and purple pillows on each side of the bed was black small tables/dressers (A/N if that Makes since or if you know what I'm talking about) with a little lamp on each one I also had a really big window as I go closer to it I notice it's one of those windows were if you clime out of it you can sit on the ruff I open my Curtains letting the light from outside shine into the room brighting it up a bit I move around my boxes looking for my close

I finally find all the boxes with my close in my closet it's a nice size I wouldn't say it's a walk in up it's bigger then a normal size closet I pull out my blue jean shorts that go about mind thigh and If I do say so my self I think it mad my ass look big ya ya I know what your thinking why are you looking at how your bum looks in the jeans well it's a normally girl thing plus the guest might have a cute son or even better a cute daughter and before you ask yes I like both boys and girls no one knows but mom and dad anyway after putting on my shorts I pulled on a black tank top and a Plaid black white and gray button up and slipped on my black ankle converse and went in to the bath room looking at my hair I'll just curl it so I walked in to my room pulling my curling iron out of one of my bags and take ing it back to my bath room letting it warm up

*30 minutes later*

After I curled the last curl I looked at the time 5:20 10 minutes till the guest arrive I'm not even sure who it is I guess I can ask mom now I walk out of my room after unplugging the curling iron and down the stairs into the kitchen finding my mom finishing off the dinner. Spaghetti yumm my fav. I walk over and start to set the table

"Soo mom who's comeing over?" I ask as I set down the plates and silverware on the table going to grab the cups

"The tomlisons" as soon as I heard that come out of her mouth I stopped and just looked at her I guess she saw the way I was looking at her cause she sighed and continues "they live here and we haven't seen them in a while and there bringing there daughter so be nice" she says as she sets the food on the table

"Whatever" right after I say that the doorbell rings I walk into the living room showing I have no interest in opening the door and she sighs as her footsteps get quieter I assume she is going to answer the door I can hear faint voice as the voices get closer I think they are in the kitchen now but I sit on the couch scrolling through my iPod on Instagram but there's nothing interesting so I sit down and as if on cue I hear my mom yelling for me

"Aaliyah come meet Jessica"

I mumble a "coming" as I get up and slowly walk towards the kitchen as I get into the kitchen I see Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson with a girl standing next to them around my age I I'm assuming she's there daughter as I enter the room my mom begins to speak

"Aaliyah this is Jessica their daughter" she introduces me to Her and then continues but looking Jessica this time "Jessica this is aaliyah" I smile at her "my daughter"

"Hey nice to meat you" she says sticking her hand out as I shake her hand I can't help but notice how beautiful she is she has light/darkish hair and bright beautiful blue eyes and that body damn she has all the curves in the right places and fuck dat ass

I bit my bottom lip as I looked at her top to bottom as I think she saw me checking her out cause when I looked back up to her face it's she is blushing

"You too" I say looking in her eyes and then releasing my hand from her grip and turnings to Samantha and tom (A/N I know that isn't louis parents names but it's for the store)

"Hey haven't seen you guy in a while" i say

"Ya we know it's been what 2 1/2 years?" Said/asked Samantha I just nod then mother speaks

"Ok let's eat but aaliyah Jessica only the adults are going to set at the table so you guys can go eat in Aaliyah's room"

"Oh ok" was all she said in her Angel like voice

As we fix are plates I set mine on the countertop to get something to drink I turn around to see Jess still fixing her plate with her back to me

"Jess what you want to drink" I ask opening the fridge waiting for her to answer as she turned and smiled at me that smile could light up any room

"I'll have what every your haveing" she says as she finishes fixing her plates I pull out to rootBEERs and turn to see those Amazon blue eyes looking at me had she been stareing at me long or did I just looked at her as she looked at me and it just seemed that she had been looking at me long

I walk up to her and hand her a rootBEER grabbing my plate as well as we were walking to the stare case I was walking alittle slow so that she was walking in front of me and I just had to take a look she was just so beautiful I notice as she walks her hips sway back and forth in a rithem that can just drive you crazy I couldn't help but imagine the things she can do in be-

I was snapped out of my thoughts as she stopped walking and when I looked up we were at the stares so I toke the lead as I was walking I felt as if I was being stared at I peck over my shoulder to see her looking at me like I was to here may this move wasn't so bad after all

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