My brother's best friend

My twin brother, Zayn Malik likes to be really protective over me no matter what. He is one of the most popular people in our school, along with his best friends Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam, which makes me quite popular too but only because of him, which I hate. I just want to be different and break free from the hold that stupid popularity brings because of my brother, and his protective ways.

What if things aren't what they seem as one of the boys might just be a little bit psychotic, and might just be a little obsessed with Isla.


5. Chapter 5

Isla's POV

I was suddenly shaken awake by the dreaded alarm on my phone blaring out "Happy Little Pill" by Troye Sivan, making me jump at the sudden loud noise in the once very silent room. I checked my phone for the time, which said 7:00. 

I made a whiny noise as I realized it was the first day back to school after the break, which meant I had to go interact with stupid barbie girls that only talked to me to get to my brother and flirty assholes trying to either get in my pants, or actually get to my brother so they can get a bit of the popularity that seems to just orbit around him and his friends, which meant it unfortunately orbited around me as well like a virus that I was unable to shake.

After about ten minutes of lying in my bed contemplating whether to just hide under the covers and hope life just flies by around me or to actually get up and face life, my brother came in and made the decision for me as he shouted "Come on Isla! Get the hell up you lazy ass!"

I hopped out of bed reluctantly and went over to my closet and picked out a pair of white floral denim shorts and a white crop top that had the tumblr logo on it, which was why this was my favorite top.

After I got a shower and put the clothes on I picked out I went over to my make-up drawer and started to apply my foundation. I don't wear a lot of make-up but I do wear some, like an actual shade of foundation that matched my face instead of me looking as if I dipped myself in a bowl of Cheetos dust. After I applied my mascara, filled in my eyebrows a bit, some upper lid winged eyeliner and a nude shade of lip gloss, I straightened my hair quickly, grabbed my phone and made my way downstairs to be met with my brother munching on a bowl of cereal. When he saw me walk in, he gave me a huge grin making some of the milk to come out of his mouth and roll down his chin. I laughed at my goofy brother while grabbing an apple and filling a cup with coffee and milk, and adding lots of sugar of course so it didn't taste like ass.

After I was done Zayn grabbed his keys to our car and asked if I was ready to go, to which I replied with a simple nod as my mouth was filled with hot, sugary coffee.

When we got to school and found a parking space, me and Zayn made our way through the glass doors of the main building to our school and was instantly met with what I call Zayn's fangirls, who first came over to me squealing as if we never saw each other at all, which in all honesty I saw them last week when we all went out to the cinema, although to their dismay my brother wasn't there. Then when they got the "being-nice-to-the-hot-guy's-sister-so-he-will-like-us" part over and done with they just stood there and listened to my brother say literally anything and laugh at it while twiddling their hair.

I sighed and made my way over to Esmee, who was by our lockers. She gave me a hug and took one look at me and just said "The barbies again?", to which I gave her a silent nod and turned to my locker to get my books out of my locker for the next few classes. As I was doing this, I couldn't help but feel a pair of eyes on me, watching, waiting and I got the same uneasy feeling I got last night before I saw him. 

I looked around, only to see the same egotistical jocks, lyrical goths and slutty cheerleaders, but no one or nothing out of place or strange. Even though I turned back to Esmee and started talking about our next classes, I couldn't help but get the awful uneasy feeling that I was being watched, and even through the whole day, through all my classes, until me and Esmee went home, I could feel something or someone watching, but found no one to take the blame for my gut wrenching feelings.

After school when me and Esmee got to my house, we went straight to my room, but not before grabbing some oreos along the way. We went into my room and left the door open, as there was no need because my brother and his friends were out somewhere getting something to eat so no one was going to hear us anyway.

I sat the packet of oreos down on my unmade bed as Esmee lay down on it, taking out her phone. 

"Hey I'm just away to the toilet, be back in two secs" I said before exiting my room and going into the bathroom across from my bedroom.

I was about to exit the bathroom when I heard a small shriek coming from my room, so I bolted toward Esmee, who was sitting rigid on the edge of my bed, staring blankly out the window of my room. My dreaded suspicions were confirmed as I saw a glistening pair of green orbs glare at me before closing themselves and disappearing into the night once again.

My heart race picked up rapidly as I watched Esmee point at the window and whisper "who was that?" while not taking her eyes off the window.

It then hit me, he is not going away and quite frankly is it doing anything but damage telling people or letting people know? I mean look at how shocked and scared Esmee is and not to mention how angry Zayn got. It just wasn't worth it, so i'm just going to lie, just lie my fucking ass off.

"Esmee babe it's just this cat that keeps coming around and sometimes I feed it and Zayn doesn't like it or know that i'm still feeding it so don't mention it to anyone or he'll make it go away and i'm starting to actually like it" My breath wavered slightly at the end as I waited for the realization to hit her.

Her features turned from utter shock to slight embarrassment and sheer relief as she bought my lie.

"Oh thank God, I thought someone was out there!" she said in a joking tone while hitting her forehead with the palm of her hand and giggling with relief.

I smiled and giggled with her as I picked up the nearly empty packet of oreos and popped one in my mouth while sitting down beside her as she looked back at her phone screen, scrolling through twitter.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and turned my attention back to my phone screen trying to concentrate on it, when in all honesty my mind was taken up by one thing.


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