My brother's best friend

My twin brother, Zayn Malik likes to be really protective over me no matter what. He is one of the most popular people in our school, along with his best friends Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam, which makes me quite popular too but only because of him, which I hate. I just want to be different and break free from the hold that stupid popularity brings because of my brother, and his protective ways.

What if things aren't what they seem as one of the boys might just be a little bit psychotic, and might just be a little obsessed with Isla.


4. Chapter 4

I lay on my messy bed hoping that I would fall into a dreamless slumber soon enough, but for now my mind buzzed with the anger that I had towards my brother, but also a slight tang of guilt was worming its way into my brain, taking over my subconscious.

I took a long drag of air into my lungs and releasing it in a drawn out sigh as the emptiness of the room took over me. I always felt so alone when I had a fight with my brother, he was one of my best friends and it always hurt me to be angry or mad at him, but this time he really pissed me off and he wasn't going to get away with his possessiveness this time. I was sick of it.

Suddenly I heard a small tapping noise to the right side of me and looked over to find nothing out of the ordinary. Thinking it was just my imagination I looked away again and took out my laptop. getting ready to start it up. in front of me. I had just pressed the button making the once a dull, black screen light up in front of me when another, now louder, knock came from the same place that  thought it was before. The window seemed open a bit, probably just letting the sounds of the street in from outside allowing me to think that the sound was coming from inside my room, so I got up and went over to close it. I was just about to close the very slightly open window when I noticed something shadow shaped in the bushy tree just right outside my window. 

Even though my nerves nearly caused me to shout at the top of my lungs for Zayn, or really anyone for that matter, my curiousness got the better of me and I opened the window a slight bit more hoping to catch a noise as to if anything was there. I studied harder, looking so closely my strained eyes couldn't focus anymore and started to go blurry and look astray. I closed them tight and rubbed them and opened them once again focusing again on the tree. This time there was a more definite outline of a person, no a man. My heart began to race and my breathing picked up speed as I realized the figure was moving. My terrified state caused me to not only remain completely still, but also not be able to scream or even process thoughts as I saw the dark figure come towards my window until it was no longer a dark mass of nothing. I could make out one feature of this shadowy trespasser and that was his eyes, green sparkling orbs that glistened in the moonlight making them bounce of mine and made his once dark, scary posture become almost light in a way. I gulped, my eyes fixated on this one beautiful feature that could be perceived once as an ordinary part of anybody's face. The figure was still too dark to make out but I could see an outline of his hand reach up to his mouth and put one index finger to his lips in a plea for me to remain silent in an almost demanding way.

At that point my body once again regained control of itself as the shadowy mass drifted away into the dark green leaves and thin brown bark of the branches. His eyes faded into the night as I opened my mouth and let out a shrill shout of "Zayn!"

Zayn came running into my room with wide eyes and only a pair of black boxers on, but by this time I was a crying mess on the floor. All the shock and fear came out in large gulps for air and floods of tears as I sobbed my heart out, hugging my knees into my chest on the cold, hard floor.

"What the hell happened Isla?" Zayn's frantic movements of trying to shake me to release an answer only urged the crying on more as the anger and guilt from our previous fight also came out in floods of tears.

Finally I think Zayn realized that shaking me and shouting at me for answers wasn't working and only made matters worse, so he just held me in his arms until my crying and shaking subsided and I was able to give a full description of the scene that just unfolded in front of me. After i explained everything I expected Zayn to be slightly confused or even sympathetic, but no. The only emotion present on his face was anger. So much anger. I didn't understand his reason for this and was about to ask him when he picked me up and put me under my messy duvet cover and whispered "Please go to sleep love, it will be okay I'll take care of it and anyway its our first day back at school tomorrow from our summer break so you have to be up bright and early!" I groaned at the thought and covered my eyes while Zayn chuckled above me. Before he left my room he gave me a quick kiss on my forehead and a "Goodnight."

Zayns POV

I can't believe him! I can't believe it! that bastard told me he would stop, stop all of this, stop being obsessed with my sister. He promised he would stop watching her. My mind was fueled with rage as I dialed his number on my phone, hearing it ringing at my ear. He picked up after about two rings and answered with a simple

"Hey what's up man?" which made my anger boil even more in my blood if that was even possible.

 "Don't you 'Hey what's up man' me you bastard! You said you would stop, you said you would leave her alone!" 

A few months ago I found out that he had been slightly obsessed with my sister and thought that he loved her and knew that I would never let him near her in that way so he decided to start watching her and following her around everywhere, making sure she was safe and didn't go for any other guys, I guess because any guy that she would even look at twice would have 'mysteriously' gotten a broken nose or black eye for example. She had no clue as his obsession began to grow, but once I found out he had been doing this, for how long I don't know, I told him that he could never do it again and it was sick and twisted and just plain wrong so we made a deal. I knew about his 'business'  with selling drugs and we came to an agreement that of I helped him sell his 'products' he would leave Isla alone for good. 

"I'm sorry man I just couldn't, I mean I did try to stop but I couldn't, wait does she know it's me? Does she hate me?" his words became rushed and frantic as the sentence went on. 

"No she doesn't and I want to keep it that way so you better stop with all this okay? I'm serious you have one last chance"

I heard him take a drawn breath in and release it in a sigh before answering "I'll try Zayn, I really will"

"Okay i just wanted to make myself clear, have I?" I asked in a threatening tone.

"Yeah, yeah you have, bye Zayn"

"Bye Harry"

And then the line went dead. i lowered my phone into my bad pocket and entered into Isla's room only to find her fast asleep on her back with her mouth wide open. I laughed silently at her and then went back into my room mentally preparing myself  for tomorrow, the first day of school again, but this time it will be different, this time we are seniors but it doesn't change how I feel about Harry. He better watch his back because I will have my eyes on his twenty-four-seven, watching, waiting until he screws up and I know he will, sometime. 

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