My brother's best friend

My twin brother, Zayn Malik likes to be really protective over me no matter what. He is one of the most popular people in our school, along with his best friends Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam, which makes me quite popular too but only because of him, which I hate. I just want to be different and break free from the hold that stupid popularity brings because of my brother, and his protective ways.

What if things aren't what they seem as one of the boys might just be a little bit psychotic, and might just be a little obsessed with Isla.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up feeling refreshed for once as I glanced over at the clock on my bedside table. It read 12:14 in glowing green numbers, bouncing off my face. Holy crap, I slept on long, well I mean I would do this every weekend if I could but I would usually be awoken by Zayn asking me a stupid question or jumping on me or something, it doesn't matter what, he will find something to annoy me with.

I started to stretch in my messy bed and sat up quickly glancing around my room looking at my three light blue walls and one wall with a deeper shade of blue with a green tinge through it, which was my favourite colour, turquoise. All the walls had different quotes and song lyrics that I absolutely loved and connected with scattered all over them in gold, silver and white paint, all in a different style of handwriting. My wooden bedroom floor had clothes scattered all over it, thrown everywhere, meaning to be picked up but always forgotten about. That actually reminds me, I really have to tidy my room. Then there was my bed which had a deep blue cover with turquoise blue swirls and Indian patterns all over it which was now all crumpled up at my feet. Beside my bed was a bedside table with fake little blue and pink flowers poking out of a clear glass vase that had a cute pink ribbon wrapped around its neck. Then to the right of. That, against a wall was my wardrobe. It was big enough, with three sliding doors, one being a tall mirror.

I put my feet on the cold ground, instantly wanting to climb back under the covers and just sleep, but I really had to get up. I walked out of my room and straight down the stairs as they were right outside my room. I walked down them to be met with the mouthwatering smell of bacon and toast. I ran into the kitchen to be met with my brother and Harry sitting at the middle aisle eating some bacon and toast, too preoccupied with their own conversation about god knows what to even notice I was in the room.

I went over to the plate beside the hot pan that was now cooking some more delicious bacon and grabbed a few pieces along with two pieces of toast. I walked over to a spare seat beside my brother with my plate and ate silently until I thought it was time to probably let them know that I was even in the room.

"Sorry to interrupt your probably not very interesting discussion but I just wanted to let you know I was here, hey" I said with a smirk looking at my brother and his... Ahem.... Handsome friend. Okay I know how bad that sounds because he's my brothers friend yeah yeah yeah, but I mean I couldn't mistake how hot he looked in tight black skinny jeans, a white v-neck top that showed nearly all his tattoos and an American flag bandana that pulled back his curls in an undeniably sexy way, I mean I couldn't help but notice.

"Oh hey, sleepy head finally decided to wake up now did she?" Zayn laughed as he said this while I narrowed my eyes at him, but still had a wide smirk on my lips.

"So what are you doing today Ice-lolly?" Both Harry and Zayn laughed at one of Harry's many nicknames for me.

"Hahhahahaha no, don't call me that Harold" I smirked even wider as I saw him narrow his own eyes and bite his lip, looking me up and down.

"Well played little Icey, well played" he said in a sneaky tone while rubbing his chin.

Me and Zayn both burst out laughing at his silly gesture while I rolled my eyes.

"Any way nope I'm doing nothing today" I replied to Harry's earlier question.

"Well me and the boys were going to go to the beach today and we were wondering if you'd want to go?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah sure when are we leaving?" I questioned

"As soon as the rest of the boys arrive at two"

"Okay I just need to get a shower then I shouldn't be too long. "

I ran up to my room and grabbed my towel, setting it at my door so I wouldn't forget it before going into the bathroom which was just two doors down, beside Zayns room.

I went over to my wardrobe and pulled out a white bikini with floral lace over the bra. The bottom part had two strings at the sides tied Into bows as if they were holding the whole thing together.

I brought that with me to the bathroom along with the towel and my makeup bag, even though I was really only putting on minimal makeup because I was most likely going to get wet.

When I finished washing myself and my hair I hopped out of the shower and towel dried my hair before adding some salt spray and scrunching it up before I started to blow dry my hair. After i was done blow drying, my dark blonde hair with a blue dip dye was left in beach waves down my back. My blue dip dye was now only at the ends as I had this hair style for so long, but I really loved it. I put on some waterproof concealer along with powder, waterproof mascara and red lipstick that suited my plump lips perfectly.

After I put on my bikini I pulled my hair around my face and let the loose waves cascade down my shoulders and rest at my hips. I then ran into my room to grab a plain white t-shirt and high waisted shorts, which was basically all I owned as we live in LA. When I was finished it looked at the clock realising I had like half an hour to spare so I ran went downstairs and into the living room.

I lay on the couch watching a re-run of FRIENDS that I've seen sooooooo many times before but still laugh at.

I watched that until I heard our door bell so I turned off the TV and walked over to the door. I knew it was going to be the boys anyway so I just shouted for them to come on in as I walked into the kitchen.

They all came barging in and all came running up to me and gave me one big giant bear hug.

"Ugh get off me you weirdos" I said with a smile.

Even though theses boys pissed me off at times they were still like brothers to me, even though I was only one year younger than all of them, at 18 they still acted as if I was 12 or something.

"Alright guys let's go!" My brother shouted as we all tried to squeeze through the door at once causing us all to fall flat on our asses and laughing our heads off.

When we all got to into the two cars that we decided to take, I went with Zayn and Harry while Louis, Liam and Niall went in the other.

I sat in the back while Harry drove with Zayn by his side telling him which way the beach was that we used to go to with our mum when we were younger.

You're probably wondering were my mum and dad was at this point and why me and Zayn live on our own, well it's really just because Zayn has always wanted to be a singer but my stuck up her own ass mother didn't think that was a suitable job or he couldn't make a living out of it. I mean I understood where she came from because I knew it was going to be hard for him, but he was determined enough and I thought he was going to make it so I stuck with him, and we both moved out to LA from California were we originally came from, which is were my mother still lives. I was always closer to my brother than my mum, and quite frankly I never actually met my dad as he walked out on us when Zayn was just born, but my mum isn't alone now as she met a new man just when me and Zayn moved out last year.

When we arrived at the beach we all got out of the car and grabbed picnic baskets and blankets and towels and beachy things that we might need.

When we picked a spot, I put down a big blanket to fit all of us onto with some extra towels around us incase we get wet or something.

I was about to take my clothes off when I heard a squeal of my name behind me. I gave the boys a questioning look while getting back only shrugs in return before turning around and being met with one of my closest friends from school, Summer.

We ran into each other and giving each other a huge hug before separating with huge smiles on our faces.

Summer left for two months to Hollywood with her mum, dad and brother for a film that her mum was to be casted in, and I missed her like crazy.

"Oh my god, so how have you been?" She asked me.

"Great! But me and Matt aren't together anymore" I said nodding my head slowly and adverting my eyes to anywhere but her as Matt was one of our closest friends when she was here, and she told me that he liked me and I guess I sorta liked him so we went out for a bit but I wasn't looking for anything serious so fast.

"Oh no I thought you were great together!" She said with a sympathetic yet sad tone to her voice.

"Ah well what are you going to do.." I trailed off before asking her of she wanted to sit with us before I noticed her, may I add hot brother, Ashton.

Me and Ashton always used to flirt back and forth but nothing really became of it.

"Hey ash how are you doing?" I asked making him turn around and notice me as he hadn't until now, too busy taking something out of the trunk of their car.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw me and said with a higher than normal pitched voice "oh my god Isla I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Yeah I know it's been a while, why don't you two join us we just got here as well and we have Oreos".

We all sat down except me so I could take off my clothing because I was getting way too hot.

Once I took it off I looked around at everyone's stunned faces, especially Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry's as I saw them mumbling a few incoherent swear words under their breath as I slowly took off my top over my head. I looked over to were a gasping sound was let out of Summer's mouth and gave her a questioning look.

"Oh my god Isla you have a figure of a goddess!" She complimented.

I blushed and lay down beside Ash seeing an expression on Harry's face that almost looked like, anger? Or jealousy? I really didn't know and didn't care as I let the blissful sun rays hit my already slightly tan body. I felt a body lay beside mine and breath tickling my neck before a whisper caressed my ear saying "you look so beautiful". Knowing it was Ash made me blush before he made my cheeks go even redder if possible as he snakes his arm around my waist and pulled me nearly onto his lap.

I all of a sudden felt his weight being lifted away from me, I thought he just decided to get up and maybe go for a swim, but no it was much worse.

Harry stood standing with his fists clenched and had a stance that made him look like he was ready for anything in front of Ash who now took the same stance as him, with his fists clenched together tightly, ready for anything that was about to come.

I stood up confused before I heard Harry speak in a rushed, angry tone that made me slightly scared of him, so I took a few steps back "don't you fucking dare touch her, she's mine".

Those words he just said kept swirling in my head over and over again.

I didn't know what to do as I watched Harry lift his fist and throw a punch that would change everything.

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