Beauty in the Mirror

Cara was the popular girl. She was the pretty girl. She has the boyfriend everyone wants. Everyone loved her, but one day that all changes. A severe car wreck happens... with her in it. All her beauty fades. And her life is falling apart. Can she make it out alive, or will her scars destroy her inside and out? (One directioners have a part for you guys too.)


3. Scars, Stitches, and School

  I see the big brown building with white sides. The place where I used to fit in. The place where all my old friends are. The place everyone likes to call, school. "Cara, don't worry today will be fine." My mom tells me as I get out of the car. Today she actually wanted to take me because she thought I would have another car accident. Paranoia always gets the best of her. I frown and walk into the front of the building. I decided to wear some hat today because it just seemed that no one would notice me... or that's what I thought anyways.

"Look it's Scar!" Someone yells as I go to my locker. I'm guessing it was Tara, Joey, or Donnie. As much as I hate to say it. I grab my books and rush into my first period classroom. My teacher is in there already, whistling while writing on the board. I do a little Ahem as I walk in and take a seat in the very back corner of the room. Good thing I have decent hearing.

Tara comes after Donnie does, they're holding hands and both smirk at me. I shake my head and pretend to shoot them under the table so no one can see. Soon, class begins and some guy I don't know sits by me. He smiles at me too. Probably laughing at me from the inside. "You're Cara, right?" I nod for a response. "Taylor." He has blonde hair, brown eyes, and is averagely tan. I think he's nice, but I'm still a skeptic of anyone who is going to be nice to me.

"Class, it looks like we have a new student." Miss Child says as she stands up. "Girl, in the back corner please tell us something about you." Everyone starts to stare at whoever this new girl is, and they all stare at me. I close my eyes and start to speak. Until I am suddenly interrupted by Joey. "No, Miss Child, that's just the new Cara. She likes the name... Scar." He smirks at me and I look away sadly. God, I'm so ugly now. I would make fun of me too.

The teacher looks at me in disbelief. "Joey stop playing a prank on me. Cara was doesn't look like that." I raise my head quickly and say, "Miss Child, it's Cara. And I got in a bad car wreck. Oh and you know who did it? Tara and Donnie. They made me get in the car wreck. Because... Donnie cheated on me... with her." I start to cry, and my face is burning once again. This time even worse.

I hate them.

I hate the scars.

I hate the stitches.

I hate Donnie and Tara.

I hate crying all the time.

I put my head on the desk, making it get wetter and wetter. My teacher comes up to me just as the bell rings.




  I get up and start to leave the classroom like everyone else has. When suddenly, someone grabs my hand. I look back to see the blonde hair boy I just met a few minutes ago. He looks nervous, scared like. "Can I show you something?" He asks. Doesn't that mean skipping school, ditching it? 

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I ask as I cross my arms. "I'm trying to get everything back to normal and you're trying to get me to skip school?! Yeah, no." I walk off into my second period. No one I know is in the class, so I don't really care who stares at me unless they are like in "The Group." I sit in the back, yet again. No one notices me, so I'm doing just fine in the class. The monitor beeps. "Cara Jameson to the front office. You are leaving." I grab my bag confused and make my way to the front office. I walk out and look for my mom's car.

*** (15 minutes later) I looked all around the parking lots and still no sign of any car that my mom could have. I looked for my dad's and mine too. I'm just going to walk. Nothing is going to go wrong. There's no reason it would. Mom probably just thinks I need some air. Afterall, I only live a few blocks away. (5 and there are shortcuts.) I walk on the sidewalk, counting all the cracks I see. Sidewalks have scars and stitches too. I'm like a sidewalk.

I make my way to the first alley way. It's away from all people. I always take this route anyways. I kick the rocks as I keep walking further into the alley. It's cold and smells like mold. I don't know why, but it reminds me of my Grandpa's house. His air vents were filled with mold, I think. Well, I'm guessing at least.

I'm soon in the darkest and coldest part of the alley, wearing a hat, black combat boots, a pair of red skinny jeans, and a black shirt with studded diamonds on the ends. I can't put makeup on because my stitches might get infected, according to the doctors.

   Suddenly, all my bags drop and I start to scream. Hands wrap around my waist, pulling on me tighter, knocking the breath out of me. I hear laughing. It's boys. A hand comes over my mouth. I bite down on it, tasting blood. I spit and the hand releases only to make all the boys pull tighter on my legs and arms. A breath escapes my mouth, maybe my last one. I am thrown on the alley walls, my eyes closed. But I peek once I hear a familiar name. I look up. There are at least six or seven boys my age with black masks on. All I can see is their eyes. Did I mention I'm good with eyes?

Donnie is one. I can tell.

Joey is another. You can't miss his eyes color.

Jacob. (Donnie's friend)

Noah. (Another one of Donnie's friends.)

Myles. (Donnie's cousin.)

And the last one I can make out is Taylor. That's why he wanted to show me something.

  All of a sudden, I get punched in the face. I scream and start to kick with all my might. It doesn't work, but I kicked one's ankle. "Oh, you're going to get it now." I hear Joey say. I'm guessing I kicked him. I let out a high pitched scream as they remove my boots. My heart beats faster.




  I see someone throw my combat boots back. There's no weapon out of those now. I look at my finger nails. They are long and kind of sharp. I put all of my strength in my hands and stab someone with my red nail polished finger nails. They let out a tiny yelp, and then start to pull down my pants. I kick harder and harder. But nothing is working. I am going to get... raped. I close my eyes, praying to God to let this stop. Someone slips there hands under my shirt, removing it. I scream again.

"Cara, no one can hear you." Joey says. "Or should I say Scar?" I can hear his smirking. His joy in me being weak.

I let out another yelp. "Please, stop." I say. I get punched in the stomach, getting the wind knocked out of me.

  I close my eyes and pray once again as someone slowly takes off my hat and kisses my forehead. "Good luck." I hear Donnie say.

"Ah!" Someone yells. Then, I hearing grunts and new voices slowly appear. I can't open my eyes. This is a trick. There are more grunts and pleads. "Please, stop." I hear Joey plead. I open my eyes as someone puts on my hat for me.

I open my eyes in shock. "Don't worry, everything will be okay." I look at the blonde hair. The Irish accent is unbearable. My heart beats even faster than it ever has. I stare into my savior's eyes. He tells me to lift my arms up. I do. My shirt is slipped on, and soon so are my pants. I close my eyes and thank God for the gift he just gave me. For the gift of being saved.

And the best thing about being saved is that I was saved by Niall Horan.

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