Beauty in the Mirror

Cara was the popular girl. She was the pretty girl. She has the boyfriend everyone wants. Everyone loved her, but one day that all changes. A severe car wreck happens... with her in it. All her beauty fades. And her life is falling apart. Can she make it out alive, or will her scars destroy her inside and out? (One directioners have a part for you guys too.)


1. Before the Scars

Today, is my first day being a Junior. There's nothing that can ruin this day. I had the summer of my dreams, I got the boy every girl wants, I have the best friends you could ever ask for, and I'm popular. Plus, I only have two years of high school left. How could this day possibly be ruined?

  My mom calls me to come down stairs. "Cara, come down. Donnie is here." I smile. Donnie is that guy I said every girl wants to date. But he's all mine. I joyfully grab my bag and walk down the stairs to see Donnie and my mom waiting for me at the door. Donnie is smiling ear to ear, and so is my mom. "Well don't you look pretty." Donnie winks at me. My mom stares at me in disapproval. She's never really liked Donnie for some reason. He's a "bad boy" just because he has a tattoo and rides a motorcycle. I roll my eyes at her and make my way to the end of the stairs. I hug Donnie happily and whisper, "Get me out of here as fast as you can." He nods.

"Mrs. Jameson, Cara and I need to head out as soon as possible." Donnie lies. If we leave now, we would probably be thirty minutes early at least.

My mom crosses her arms. "Oh, and why is that, Donnie?" My mom says his name in disgust. I don't need her approval. I bet my dad was the same too. It's hard to think about it, because my dad is an official business man.

"Because the new principal wants to have an assembly for all the Juniors." He lies, yet again.

I'm fun with it though. My mom nods and signals for us to leave. "Have a good day, Cara. I love y-" and then the door is slammed. We get in my car and head out. On the way we talk about what we will do when we walk in. We agree to just walk hand in hand. It's a big deal for the first day according to the school's students.


  We walk in to the school hand in hand like we planned. We get stares, smiles, and dirty looks from people. We smile at each other and Donnie plants a kiss on my cheek. I blush and grip his hand even tighter.

Soon, we split up and go to our friends. I see Tara first. She greets me with a warm hug, and her golden blonde hair almost goes in my mouth. Yeah, her hair is really long and really thick. But It's pretty. She can work it too. "Oh my God, Cara!" She screeches as she pushes my outward so I can actually she something besides her hair. I smile to tell her that she can continue. "Me and Justin broke up!" She is smiling still. What the fuck...? "Oh you look confused! Well, I didn't like him anymore. So the breakup was pretty mutual. Now I can party with anyone I want to! The single life!" She starts to dance on her locker like she's at a club. Oh my God, how much can I love this girl? "Oh! I'm having a party tonight. You need to come." I nod and tell her I will come. She hugs me and starts to chant, "Party all night! Party all night!"

*** (After school; getting ready for the party)

  I put blush on my caramel skin and apply some dark red lipstick that brings out my eyes. I've always been good at complimenting my skin. I apply some Cover Girl mascara. That should be all the makeup I need. On my bed, there is a red skin tight dress that goes down to my mid-thigh. I slip that on with some black high heels. I lightly curl my hair at the ends. My black hair looks good. So I head down stairs, grab my purse, and leave. Mom and dad already said I could go. Thankfully they didn't ask whose party it was. They don't really like Tara. She has a bad reputation. Cheating on boys, getting drunk every few weekends, having to already sleep with someone... yeah, not the best person to hang out with. But I don't care, I kind of have to hang out with her. We are in the same "crowd".

I get to Tara's house and surprisingly find a place to park. She has big parties. Last time I came to one, she had cars parked on the block and around the block. But there is a spot no one has parked yet, that isn't that far away. So I get it.

  Inside, there is a DJ spinning some One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, that's the cool thing to listen to. Well, that's what my group listens to anyway. I like it, I guess. "BAE!" Tara yells as I walk through the door. I smile and walk up the stairs. "Hey." I say. Beside her is Donnie and Kathy. She's one of my friends. So she's in the group.

"I'm going to go dance!" I yell over the music. They nod.

"We are going to stay here." Donnie says. I smile and move my way to the dance floor. I dance with Donnie's friend, Joey. He has jet black hair, a good smile, and really blue eyes. I've known him for a while now I guess. Like two months.

  Soon, I decide to go get a drink. (Punch not beer or vodka) I move my way over there when I see Tara go down stairs. Of course, curiosity gets the best of me. (Like always) I make my way down the stairs slowly. I wonder if this is the right thing?

Of course it is. You're just making sure she's okay.

  I make my way fully down the stairs and see Tara go into the extra living room. Yes, she is very rich. She closes the door slowly before she looks around. I jump back behind the wall so she can't see me. Then, I hear it close fully. I peek just to make sure I'm right. And I am. I make my way to the extra living room. I hear kissing noises and voices. I know one is Tara, but I can't quite make out whose the other is. "This isn't right." I hear someone say. It's a girl, so Tara.

"But yet it is." That's the boy's voice. I crack the door. No one will notice.



Stupid cat. The cat walks into the room, which opens the door completely. I jump back to the wall on the left.

  I still hear the noises and decide to take a peek. Just out of curiosity of course. My eyes make it to the corner. My heart beats faster.

My heart goes into my throat.

Tears come into my eyes.

And I open the door fully.

"Tara?" She stares at me with disbelief. "Donnie?" I choke out.

Tara's eyes go wide as I run out of the house. Hot tears run down my cheeks and onto my lips. I start to shake. I try to find my car and grab my keys out of my pocket.

Donnie and Tara

Donnie and Tara

My boyfriend

My best friend.

Keeps going over and over in my head.

"Cara!" Tara yells. I turn around. My mascara is running. My hands are shaking like crazy. My head is spinning, crazily.

"FUCK YOU!" I yell back to her. I've never imagined that the pain of being cheated on would hurt this much. I'm angry, mad, confused, and heartbroken. I feel like I've just died and haven't gone to Heaven. I feel empty. I feel... lost.

  I finally find my car and start driving. It's a 15 minute drive to get back to my house. I look behind me and see Tara. She isn't crying. She is emotionless. God, why me? I press on the gas as hard and as fast as I can. I have never sped before but this was big. So I was speeding. I wipe off my mascara with one of my fingers and grab my phone out of my purse. There's 15 texts from Tara. None an apology but all saying 'Come back, I have to explain.' I shake my head.

God this girl has a lot of nerve. I go to her contact and block her number, still driving. I hear honking.




The air bag hits my face, full force. I hear something crack. All of a sudden, everything goes blurry. I can't see much besides the light of my phone. I look at my arm slowly. There's pieces of glass in it from my win-shield. Pain rushes into my body. And all of a sudden, a vision goes black.


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