Anna's Guide To Social Suicide

"My momma told me not to talk to Freaks. I heard it's contagious"

Anna was your average girl. Boys in her mind and skinny in her genes. But what Anna didn't know was the one thing that killed her... Socially that is. Anna was headed for Captain of the Volleyball team, just earned fill in for the Varsity Cheer Squad, and voted most eligible sweet heart of the Sophomore class. Her Junior year was supposed to be the most completely obnoxiously perfect year of her life. Conquering her first perfect snog fest, working on being invited to prom by a senior, and maybe... Just maybe getting the perfect guy. But all of that washed down the drain as her perfect friends drifted into perfect Enemies. And where did that leave Anna ? The Freak's Girlfriend. Being connected with the schools shut in that is said to carry around a knife with him is not exactly the best way to attract decent boys; But, maybe... Just maybe Anna will meet just who she was looking for.


6. Romantic Gestures In The Art Department.

Her heels were like cups banging on a wooden table as we walked toward our table. On a day like this it seemed as if someone was shoving the tables further and further away from me. Nicole's chin was up and her nose was so far up in the clouds it was no wonder she couldn't smell the roses. She wasn't the type to care about anyone's well beings but her own and that was why I was shaking.

"Anna. Nice going... Skipping class now? He's really rubbing off on you. Or should I say rubbing up against you." Mark said as his fork rose then jabbed deep inside of the pizza.

"Now now Mark. I speak first guys listen." Nicole's head turned with her hair swaying from them and then focusing back on me. "Anna why haven't you told me about you and Aeroc? Do you not trust me anymore?" Her voice sounded so soft, so gentle and so trustworthy. Like she'd never done anything wrong in her life... I should believe her... But I knew better.

"We.. Me and Aeroc.. We aren't together!" I said blushing so deep and so red. And that was enough to gain Nicole's along with everyone else at the table's full attention along with their own accusations.

"She's blushing." Chloe said snorting. Her eyes rolled and her body slumped.

"I knew it!" Said another

"Chloe dont slouch." She said before she was looking eye to eye with me again. "Don't lie to me Anna Olivia." Nicole was getting mad now. The way her lip snarled a little and her eyebrows furred together said it all. That was the stunt she pulled when her father left. "You two are dating so stop denying it."

"I can't believe you two were making out in a supply closet." Katelyn said with a slight giggle.

"Supply closet?" Chloe bombarded before I could even reject the statement. If I said we weren't making out I have to tell them what we were really doing in that supply closet. Stealing. I'd never be able to live that down. I don't know how my mom would react. She'd think I was becoming Nicole. Shoplifting lying. I wasn't a liar but if I let them believe I made out with Aeroc it would blow over faster than me stealing stuff with him. One lie would be it. So I ducked my head and brought myself to smile a little. Being rumored to had made out with Aeroc couldn't be that bad.

"Urm.." I started just to have Nicole finish my sentence;The way she always did. Like whenever she would copy my homework and a teacher would accuse us. My hands would get all sweaty and my mouth would dry out so fast I felt like the saliva I was trying to gulp was a log. Then It was completely impossible for me to look anyone in the eye when I lied.

"Come on guys. We all knew Anna must of had a thing for that guy. It's gross but whatever." Nicole laid her hand against my shoulder "You're coming to practice right?" I nodded and she made this sound of approval. "We're leaving guys."

"Um, I have to... Like go to the office and pick up something." Chloe slid in before standing up her eyes looked to the right and back at us again. "I'll meet up with you guys right after."

"Whatever." Nicole said eyes deep in her phone and her hand wafting her away. "C'mon Mark. I do not have all day."

"Actually I have to take a leak babe. See you free period." Mark blubbered leaving right after Chloe. They were strange ones... But not smart enough to do what they were doing. Although, as long as I was on Nicole's good side I didn't care.

After Katelyn joined in with the rest of the group that were going to her next class Nicole got out exactly what she needed. "You are dating Aeroc as far as everyone else knows. Kay?" Her heels kept clicking but her head turned to the side just enough to allow me to see her eye. She was the type of girl that could not function if she wasn't in control of what was happening around her. I like to conclude this came to place after her father and her mother's divorce.

"What?" I stopped mid walk almost tumbling over my own feet. This was ridiculous. She sounded like a snake hissing in a field of corn. Her face was as serious as a heart attack and her stance was even more dominant. "But we don't."

"Oh yes you do. And everyone else better believe so until no one cares anymore. And you aren't to sit with us at lunch. Looks bad on me. But as long as the attention is still on your friendship with what's his face it'll always be on me." She was a devil in makeup. Her voice was so serious and so harsh. Then she just left. Just up and walked away. Leaving me to hear all the snotty comments of the people that passed by.


"You guys need to learn to just let the pencil move you." Ms. Jordan said. She'd been teaching for about 40 minutes but people were stiff handing everything because they were too busy eyeing me and Aeroc. How I sat as far away from him as possible and he looked like none of this phased him at all. So comfortable. Even had that little boyish smirk on his face.

His hair feel down into his pale orbs in swift angelic waves. His body slouched into the chair, one hand in pocket another on the table. I needed to know more about him. I needed to know why Nicole was so hell bent against the idea of anybody dating him but now she wants me to pretend I date him for no reason. He was so discarded from everyone and I needed to know why..

"Staring at your boyfriend eh?" Said a pair of lips too warm for comfort close to my ear. It's minty breath sulking down my neck onto my shoulder. I was not staring at Aeroc. I was just observing him from a far.

Before I knew it I turned my head and came eye to eye with someone that made me feel small. The same way Nicole did. "I wasn't staring" I gushed before looking down from his chocolatey eyes. Those were the first things I saw in a person. And the weird thing about looking into this guy's eyes were that the only thing I could think about was someone's pale blue ones.

"Drew, it's nice to meet you." He inserted and I could still feel his eyes down on me. Guys talked to me every once in a while but usually the ones Nicole messed around with and didn't want anymore or just kicked to the curve. I never engaged with those guys. Which was why this was so awkward.

"Anna Silvers..." I said uneasy starting to blush. Normally I'd be shaking and palms all sweaty but at this moment I was too busy wondering why Aeroc looked so smug over there.

"Oh, I know." He added and that got my Attention. I've only seen this guy around once. About four months ago when My mom was showing his dad around town. I'd known he went here because Nicole knew everything but he was a sophomore. Not relevant. But a sophomore in a Grade eleven art class was.

My head turned back towards Aeroc. His body had went stiff but he still wasn't looking at me. His hand was restrained into a fist and his veins were bulging against his skin. Then those warm lips came close to my ear again.

"It doesn't look like he likes me too much." Drew whispered before leaning back into his chair again. And that was when I finally looked back and saw who Aeroc's eyes were on. They were on me.

"Everyone entering something in the art gallery must have it completed by the end of next week. You must purchase your own--" And just at the moment the bell rung and the first body out was the guy with the silky black hair with the soul capable of making the class feel like the dead had finally rose from the cemetery. Aeroc. His hands were shoved deep into his pocket just as one hand came up and swooped his hair back. If he hadn't had everyone's attention earlier he sure did now.

After his body was completely out of the room everyone's head turned to me. Like how people do if a room is completely silent during a test and your text book tumbles over. Like whenever everyone gets detention because someone did something stupid.

"Supplies... Well I'll see you all tomorrow." Ms. Jordan said and that was everyone's cue to leave. But not everyone. Because I was the one getting their name called right as I was about to walk out of the room. "Anna... I don't know what's up with you and Aeroc but.." She paused to looked down and then smiled handing me a pencil. The pencil that poked all around Aeroc's top lip. "Be careful okay?"

"Yeah.. I gotcha." I said. Today was nothing like what it was supposed to be.

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