Anna's Guide To Social Suicide

"My momma told me not to talk to Freaks. I heard it's contagious"

Anna was your average girl. Boys in her mind and skinny in her genes. But what Anna didn't know was the one thing that killed her... Socially that is. Anna was headed for Captain of the Volleyball team, just earned fill in for the Varsity Cheer Squad, and voted most eligible sweet heart of the Sophomore class. Her Junior year was supposed to be the most completely obnoxiously perfect year of her life. Conquering her first perfect snog fest, working on being invited to prom by a senior, and maybe... Just maybe getting the perfect guy. But all of that washed down the drain as her perfect friends drifted into perfect Enemies. And where did that leave Anna ? The Freak's Girlfriend. Being connected with the schools shut in that is said to carry around a knife with him is not exactly the best way to attract decent boys; But, maybe... Just maybe Anna will meet just who she was looking for.


1. Prologue: School And Society

High school memories were just like the corn stalks in a corn feild. Some more noticale and desirable than others. Some thicker some smaller but each mattering in the general population. And then... And then there's the parasites. The little bugs that come out and try to chew up and spit out those memories. Wash them away in their little bowl of bitterness and blow them out with lip stick covered lips.

That's how things went at my school. People judged you on the clothes you wore, What year your car was, who your parents were and even who liked you. They watched the way you walked, how your teeth were shaped, and those you choose the surround you with. They come over and devour your childhood like old mold over bread until they have you in the palms of their hands. Until they have you screaming for escape. Screaming for forgiveness and acceptation. That's how high school was. And to think I didn't even get started on the girls.

The guys? One day they made you their life line. They lay as Antony and hail you their Cleopatra. The next you're yesterday's paper. Left wet in a puddle looked down on by everyone else including their new Cleopatra.

I, Anna Olivia, Had it all one day. The friends, the boys, even the bitter hatred of those under me. But what happened? I lost every last sip of that happiness in one gulp

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