Anna's Guide To Social Suicide

"My momma told me not to talk to Freaks. I heard it's contagious"

Anna was your average girl. Boys in her mind and skinny in her genes. But what Anna didn't know was the one thing that killed her... Socially that is. Anna was headed for Captain of the Volleyball team, just earned fill in for the Varsity Cheer Squad, and voted most eligible sweet heart of the Sophomore class. Her Junior year was supposed to be the most completely obnoxiously perfect year of her life. Conquering her first perfect snog fest, working on being invited to prom by a senior, and maybe... Just maybe getting the perfect guy. But all of that washed down the drain as her perfect friends drifted into perfect Enemies. And where did that leave Anna ? The Freak's Girlfriend. Being connected with the schools shut in that is said to carry around a knife with him is not exactly the best way to attract decent boys; But, maybe... Just maybe Anna will meet just who she was looking for.


7. All The Fun In Chemical Equations And Mastering Relations.

Over the years I'd learned multiple things: (1) being I memorized 47 numbers after the decimal in pi. (2) People lie no matter how irrelevant it is, and (3) over the years I'd become really good at smiling without a reason to do so. Smiling because it makes other people happy. Smiling because there's no other way to make my side of a lie sound real.

Grade Eleven Chemistry was about my favorite class outside of Art. Not because of the teacher, Dr. Adrian Finland PHD. Everyone called him Litmus for litmus paper. One of his favorite topics, Ph value etc. I liked this class because I was grouped with people that understood. People that if I raised my hand I wouldn't be judged for being too smart to hang around Nicole. If you were too smart to the point people considered you a nerd you were out. In this class there was an answer for everything.

Mr. Litmus started on the roll call. He didn't do it the way all the other teachers did; Calling the name and you said here. We were supposed to say our own name in the order in which it went down the list. Number twenty-one, that was me. The weird thing was today I wasn't even interested in the things I usually was. Usually I like to observe those who aren't here and make up my own story about why the weren't. But, that wasn't the case today. Someone had to nudge me just to say my own name because I was too busy wondering why one specific person wasn't.

"Has anyone seen Mr. Fowler today?" Mr. Litmus said. His eye brows furred together and his hand thumping against the desk. This was his first year at this school and instantly everyone fell in love with him, in more than one way. "Anybody?"

"Anna has." Justin said scratching the back of his head looking downward just in time to miss my complete and utter embarrassment.

"Anna?" Mr. Litmus questioned. This is the moment where my lie turns into another lie, a story perhaps. One of those domino effects where I decide rather to back out now and tell the truth and skip away with only one lie over my head or I could lie again and not be called a liar. I choose the last one. The last one was going to earn back Nicole's trust. That's all I wanted.

"Urm...uh I think he--" I paused looking to the left then back to mr. Litmus. " I think he went to the nurse.." My voice was cracking and my hands started to shake before I could even get it completely out.

"You sure Anna?" Mr. Litmus said. I knew he was trying to give me a way out of my lie. Anyone could tell I was lying. I spent most of my teenage life with the new Nicole... And I can't even lie about something so simple.

"Of course." My head dropped and my body sunk down in the desk. Why? Why couldn't he just show up to class and it wouldn't have been so obvious that I was lying? Why was Nicole so up for the idea of me and Aeroc dating? Was it the fact that she knew we never would? Did she know this entire thing would just blow up in my face anyway? Was she setting me up the same way she did at the Halloween party last year? And who put up all those fliers?

"I saw Aeroc walk out the school right after Art." Harper's voice whispered just as Litmus went on about the day. "I'm guessing it was about you and Drew In class." She injected which was obviously unsustainable information. There was no way Aeroc left school because of me.

"Me and Drew?" I said as I almost swung myself completely around. "Are Aeroc and Drew not friends?" I don't understand why he would be mad. Drew must've stolen something or said something rude. I just don't see what that has to do with me.

"One, Aeroc has no friends... By choice. Two, I wouldn't be friends with a girl either if she was trying to make a move on my boyfriend." Harper said. Harper was a very decent looking girl. Decent like me. Too plain and smart for Nicole Popular but too good looking to be a nobody. After Mark led her on and Nicole completely drowned her reputation she had no other option. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Nicole didn't tell any of us why she was going to ruin Harper until she ruined her. She talked Harper into cutting her long luscious blond locks. People could only dream of having hair like Harper. It went nearly down her back and had this kind of natural sheen to it. She said her hair looked matted and got most of us to agree. Nicole sent me out To get drinks when it happened.

Nicole cut Harper's hair herself. Blind folded her and hid all the mirrors until she left. Her hair was so short and serape rated in bunches that it wouldn't even touch her ears. And considering the shade of her beach blond hair it looked white towards the roots. Two years later and lots of hair vitamins it finally grew to get somewhat past her ears. She dyed it a dark brown and never was the same. Nicole got everyone to refer to her as "Whoreper" for a month. A teacher even accidentally said it once. She got humiliated for most if that year then she went so dark it was a wonder if it was the same Harper from before.

"But I'm not his girl--" my teeth clamped down hard on my lip. I was Aeroc's girlfriend. Well at least that was what I was supposed to be leading everyone on as. I didn't want to be in Harper's position with Nicole. I wanted to be her best friend again. I wanted to be Wood Haven's sweetheart again. I wanted to be accepted. "I mean... I thought Drew had a girlfriend? There's no way he's into me, Harper."

"You really are that oblivious... wow." Harper said pressing her back against her seat just as Mr. Finland turned and looked towards our side of the classroom closest to the window.

"Considering all of you guys passed the pop quiz yesterday and we don't have to spend the day reviewing I thought we'd have open discussion about stuff teenagers these days find interesting."

"Like Condoms?" Harper blurted out bluntly with out hesitation. Another example of how much people can change. Especially if an emotional event is at play.

"Uh, Right direction but more deep than that... But condoms are important also Harper." He said as everyone including him laughed. "Like that thing all young people claim to be in but never are."

"If you're talking about absolute zero I think your speaking on the wrong age group." Harper said and a smile spread across my lips, a real one. Science jokes were funnier than temper tantrums on Toddlers In Tiaras. They were on the same level as Spencer attempting at jokes on Criminal Minds.

"Funny, again, but I was thinking more on the lines of Love?"

"And chemistry as in the second definition" I added. I didn't even think about it before I said it. I liked that. Not being afraid of how people would react to my words when I said them.That's why I liked science.

"Exactly Anna. See Harper there is more to Love and Chemistry than adolescents and their aesthetic attractions."

"I'll be down for your attractions any day Harps." One of the guys added erupting the class in another wave of laughter but not impressing Mr. Finland this time. Maybe I wasn't the only one that noticed that kid was down for anything. 

"What organ is the center of Love?" He said looking my way in this encouraging manor, accept he wasn't looking at me he was looking at Harper and so did everyone else.

"The brain... obviously." She said and he nodded looking around the room as he walked down the rows.

"And why is it that most you teenagers believe it is the heart, Justin?" 

"Because of symbolism." He answered like none of this was appealing to him. But I liked it. Anything that didn't solely rely on my looks and my placement on the school social listing was interesting.

"When two people are attracted to one another a burst of adrenaline like nuerochemicals, vocabulary word btw as you guys like to say, flood forth." Mr. Finland said and you could hear some of the girls sighing and some blushing. "In all of this, Dopamine is a chemical that makes us feel good. Like a scientific bodily euphemism. And we all know... Or at least we should know, Haper--"

"Here we go again." She laughed and so did Mr. Litmus. Everyone was looking at them but I wasn't. My eyes were on the window and the guy with the tasseled black hair and strong forearms. Aeroc. And then my heart began to race.

"That norepinephrine stimulates the production of adrenaline." He said causing a spur of hoots from the guys."Which makes our heart race. Therefore when you guys feel like you are in love and your symbolized but not official love organ is racing on some occasions it isn't because its in love. It's more and likely because of aesthetic attraction that gets your little hormones racing. We'll know in due time if you began to not feel that same heart racing feeling after the nuerochemicals where off." And just as it left his mouth the bell rang and I was racing out of the room.

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