Anna's Guide To Social Suicide

"My momma told me not to talk to Freaks. I heard it's contagious"

Anna was your average girl. Boys in her mind and skinny in her genes. But what Anna didn't know was the one thing that killed her... Socially that is. Anna was headed for Captain of the Volleyball team, just earned fill in for the Varsity Cheer Squad, and voted most eligible sweet heart of the Sophomore class. Her Junior year was supposed to be the most completely obnoxiously perfect year of her life. Conquering her first perfect snog fest, working on being invited to prom by a senior, and maybe... Just maybe getting the perfect guy. But all of that washed down the drain as her perfect friends drifted into perfect Enemies. And where did that leave Anna ? The Freak's Girlfriend. Being connected with the schools shut in that is said to carry around a knife with him is not exactly the best way to attract decent boys; But, maybe... Just maybe Anna will meet just who she was looking for.


3. A Few Unintelligible Moments.

"I guess we're stuck together." I said faking a smile. Well... Faking a small smile. If I let myself smile the way I wanted to he'd think I'd gone mental. Harper had instantly claimed Justin as soon as Ms. Diana Had walked out the room. Better to get someone that was sure to do the other half. Aeroc wasn't that person. It was also better to get someone you could at least tolerate that you didn't think pretended to be sweet all of their life...her words not mine.

Aeroc glances at me then walked away. Just up and walked away. For a minute I actually did think I was going to have to do this all by myself but he had just sat down. These are the types of moments that sparked social anxiety. Feeling like no one wanted to be around you. In my case... feeling like everyone could see directly through you. And hearing Justin whispers about sitting as far away from us as possible put the cake on it all.

"The guy looks like he steals stuff for a living." He whispered before jetting to the table closets to the teachers desk.

"You gonna sit down or not" Aeroc said. His voice low and raspy leaving a part of me to believe he really didn't care if I sat down or not. I smiled again before sitting down beside him just for him to slide over to put a seat in between us.

"So what do you want to do this on? I was thinking maybe jotting down some ideas first?" I said softly. It was the voice I used when I talked to Nicole. The voice I used when I was afraid she would think I was being rude. A voice used when you're trying to encourage something but trying to not make it seem that way.

Aeroc shrugged his shoulders before shoving his left had into his pocket and pulling out a pencil. "Oh. I don't use pencils." I said blushing a deep red. Sure I could've just used it for this moment and this moment alone. Draping my fingers over that pencil would be like me snapping directing into his boundaries. Taring and ripping through his walls of solitude. Taking that giant leap for man kind. I should take the pencil.

His face was still angled downward but then, then that was when something beautiful happened. His olive skin ricochet in a swift motion resembling the most boyish smirk I'd ever seen.

"What kind of freak doesn't use pencils." He said in a way someone did to concluded questions.The type that weren't meant to be actually answered. Buy who was I to hold myself from acting on the burst of excitement that crushed through me as his eyes looked up at me from his slouched position.

"Actually," I started my finger pointed in the air "I just hate the way the led scratches against paper. Because I hate paper. It's kinda just like nails on a chalk board it makes my--"

"Yea I don't care. The pencil wasn't for you anyway ." He grunted thrusting the pencil on to the table. My face flushed and I looked down. I barely even said anything to him. Surely I started blabbering but I can't help that. I was starting conversation. I was being nice. I was being friendly to the schools shut in. What the hell was wrong with me. Where did my marbles go?

We spent 20 minutes just staring at a table. About 15 minutes in he plucked his pencil from the table ad begun tapping it on the surface of the paper. Harper and Justin had left already in time to catch the free period before lunch. At some point Ms. Jordan made her way in and glanced over at us then turned and left to get her lunch.

"Why are you staring at me?" He questioned.

"Not looking at you, my focus is on the paper." I blurted out rather bluntly. It was rude and as soon as it left my lips I wished that there was a way for me to pluck it from the air and shove it right back into my trap.

"And to think they said you had no backbone." He grunted before smiling. Another ricochet that made me regret everything I ever once concluded about him.

"No one says that." At this moment i should've been happy. Happy doesn't even hold a candle to the word I should be able to conceive. I should be ecstatic. But instead I felt like jelly. I felt as if all of the courage I once had was mixed in with a bowl of noodles and paranoia draped in chicken soup. I felt small. I felt like I was in a war alone. I don't understand why anyone would ever think that way of me.

"Suit your self." slipped out of his mouth that was also taken over by the end of that same pencil. It poked his top lip while his eyes continued its journey on the paper.

"That's gro--"

"Shut up, I'm thinking." He grumbled low like a small thunderstorm had enveloped the entire class room. Like the dark rumble of an old air conditioner beginning. We were right back at square one. The point where I thought he was an animal and I just might be his dinner. How bogus could this get?

"We should do a large zentangle." at first when those words were heard I looked towards the desk thinking Ms. Jordan had walked back in. Then I realized... he was looking at me.

"Of what?"

"Zentangles are just lines. Curves and bumps and turns. We'll find out on the way." He said before getting up.

"Where are you going?" I asked unintelligibly, Just to be completely ignored and left staring at the chewed pencil. Then he stopped.

"Are you coming or you staying." he said and continued walking not even looking to see if I was following him.. even though I was.

"So you're the kill ask questions later kind of guy?"  I asked. conversation was never my thing. I just made it stale and awkward. 

"The supply closet has more things than whats in the art room." He answered before opening the door.

"How'd you know it was open?" My mouth was frozen open along with my feet teen feet away from the door. If I got caught in there I was dead. What if my future scholarships were impaired by this? What if it humiliated my mom's reputation... not that she cared. If I wasn't around she'd arrive to work everyday with wrinkled clothes willingly.

"It's always open after lunch. They have to go back in forth to clean up the floors." That was a good point but that gave us no reason to be here. But as soon as I hered whispers from around the corner my body was pressed to his like his shirt against his body. Skin against his limbs. 

"Definitely not as innocent." he mumbled and I blushed, gushing out a bunch of mumbles of how I was sorry and I don't brush against guys on a regular bases. 

By the time I finished my mumbles he had a large canvas multiple pencils, sharpies and an eraser. "She was gonna make us buy our own supplies." 

"And that's such a problem why?" I grunted as we walked back into the halls just as a crowed of people rounded the corner and Aeroc said something non understandable. Just around the time someone whistled and another gasped.

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