Imagines 1D

Write a bit about yourself and the boy of ur choice plus an event and I will make u one ( NO DIRTY )


3. Tour ( for Paige&Niall)

You were at an interview with your boyfriend Niall he was playing with you're long blonde hair.

Interviewer : How long have you been with Paige and Niall how long do think you will stay together as a couple?

Niall: we've been together for 2 years and I hope we will last FOREVER

He winks at you with his crystal blue eyes looking into your large hazel eyes.

You: of course we will !!

Interviewer : and Paige what are you going to do while Niall is on tour ?

You : Niall!! Why didn't you fucking tell me your going on tour??!! Im fucking going home !!

Niall: Paige wait...!!

You: Niall I can't fucking put up with this shit!!

You went home and went to your room this was your favourite place in the whole house .. ** ring Ring *its Megan your bestie

You: hey

Megan : you ok

You: yeah

Megan : I was calling just to make sure your ok.. Ok ??!

You : yeah I gotta go bye !!

Call over .......

Niall comes in to your room

Niall : Paige I kept it a secret because I was going to suprise you by bringing you with me .

You: Niall I'm I'm so sorry I didn't know ...

Niall: it ok

Just then he kisses you passionately.. Later you were in tour with Niall happily !!


I tried to fit as much detail as I could .... Here it is though and I hope you like it



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