Imagines 1D

Write a bit about yourself and the boy of ur choice plus an event and I will make u one ( NO DIRTY )


2. The fight ( for harrysprettykitty)

You and Zayn were supposed to have a special anniversary dinner. You made dinner an waited for him , he was going to be home in 5 minutes so you waited there playing with your straightened brown hair . Nearly an hour passed and you were getting worried , when Zayn stumbled in drunk.

Zayn: India , where's dinner ??

India: It's not where's dinner it's where were you on our 2 year anniversary!!

Zayn: Crap!! I'm sorry babe..

India : sorry my butt ! this is the 3rd you've gotten drunk and forgot about something important !!

Zayn turned around and grabbed you by the waist. That's when you kicked him in the front of leg. As you went to go upstairs and packed your stuff Zayn grabbed you by the arm and slapped you ! Tears from your beautiful hazel eyes ,streaming down your face. You grabbed your stuff, threw his dinner on the floor and left with Zayn calling after you !!


Hope this is good I tried to match most of your description 😃😉 from NIALLERxxBOOBEAR

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