Imagines 1D

Write a bit about yourself and the boy of ur choice plus an event and I will make u one ( NO DIRTY )


6. Meeting Niall for(naigehoran)

"Paige!" Your brothers yell from the kitchen. "Yeah? I'm doing my fucking homework so this better be really fucking important!"You call back. "Just fucking Come to the kitchen we have someone who wants to meet you !!" The oldest of your brothers "okaaayyyy???"you yell questionably. You come to the kitchen to NIALL HORAN !!!! You're jaw just drops , " hi." He said shyly . " h- hi !" You manage to finally stutter out. Your youngest brother comes over to you and whispers " next time you won't be a bitch about coming to the kitchen , right?!" " no promises .." You and Niall later get to know each other and soon became best friends maybe even more ......


Sorry it was soooo short I've been quite busy, hope you like it anyways...



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