Imagines 1D

Write a bit about yourself and the boy of ur choice plus an event and I will make u one ( NO DIRTY )


4. First Date ( for 1Derful_horses<3)

You were getting ready for your first date with Niall . You put on a blue pair of skinny jeans , a black tee with a Purple Heart on it , a pair of wedges ( high heel shoes) , and a black beanie . You left your hair down * knock knock knock***

You: NIALL!!

Opens door

Niall : Hey Blare, you excited??!!

You: of course!

Niall: have any place in mind to go ?


Niall: YAYY!!

** after you eat at nandos****

Niall: that was great , I can never get tired of nandos.

You: I know you can't my little leprechaun !!

Niall :Blare ..I have another place we can go !!

You :okay

He drives to a park and guys sit on the grass gazing at the stars. He looks over at you .

Niall: those stars couldn't out shine you any day .

You blush ,then you kiss , then some crazy fangirls start screaming !

Niall : let's go!

You turn around to the fangirls

You : I hope you feel good . Upsetting the person you love!!!this is what he doesn't need fangirls who probably don't even care like you!! SHAME!!

You and Niall leave he drops you off at home

Niall: thanks ..

You: it was nothing ,really

Niall kiss you then he leaves , what a date !!


Thanx for the request !!!

I tried my best soo I hope you like it !!



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