that was comforting

there is no comfort for the Weasley twins besides each other


1. happy birthday (part 1)

Battle of Hogwarts memorial 333 - by Hermione Weasley, guest Daily Prophet writer

1st April 1999

Fredrick Gideon Weasley


April 1st 1978- May 2nd 1998

happy 21st birthday Fred Weasley.

Fred Weasley died during the battle of Hogwarts on the 2nd of May last year, his family are wished well as he is remembered to day and extra special wishes are sent to his beloved twin George Weasley. we all loved you dearly Fred, lots of love, the wizarding world.

George Weasley put his copy of the morning's profit down, and looked up at his wife who was watching him expectantly,

"that was beautiful 'Mione" he gave her a watery smile.

Fred and George had decided to try and find girls, Fred had succeeded, and just before he died had gotten engaged to Hermione Granger, but his death left both his twin and fiance broken, only finding comfort in each other they them selves eventually got married. George well knew that she still wore Fred's ring on a cord around her neck, but he didn't care, 

"I'm going to visit the shop" he whispered to Hermione, promptly he got up from the kitchen table picked up an bright orange box and headed for the door.


when he arrived at the door of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes he pushed the door open and flicked his wand, turning the lights on and closing the blinds on the shop front windows.

"oh Freddie" he whispered, looking around the dusty shop. he sat down on the floor laying the box down in front of him lifting the lifting to reveal two slices of chocolate cake and two bottles of butter-beer, "happy birthday, brother o'mine" George whispered to the empty room, 

"happy birthday Georgie-boy" Fred's voice brushed across the hole in the right side of George's head, where is ear used-to be. George lifted one of the bottles to his lips and drank deeply. 


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