One Direction Imagines

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9. For Carrie

It was late at night, nearly midnight. Liam wouldn't pick up his phone or answer any texts. Soon enough, he walked in the front door. "Li!" You yelled. "Where have you been!?" All he did was shrug and walk passed you. "Why wouldn't you answer your phone?" He ran his fingers through his hair and gave another shrug. "It died." You bit your lip. He walked around the kitchen, as a beep came from his phone. He lied to you. "LIAM!" You ran to the kitchen and took his phone. What you saw horrified you. Tears were forcing their way down. It was Danielle, thanking him for tonight. You threw his phone down on the counter, and took off to your room and locked the door. Sobbing, you dialed Louis's number. "What's wrong, love?" He asked. "L-Liam cheated," you chocked out. "I'm on my way over." You got up and packed a few outfits and your toothbrush. "CARRIE!" Liam yelled, pounding on the door. You ignored him.

Soon enough, Louis rescued you and brought you to his flat with Eleanor. You woke the next morning in the guest room to the sound of Louis screaming at Liam. Eleanor noticed you were awake and walked over to you, brushing the hair from your face. "It's going to get better, okay?" She said.

After about half an hour Liam walked in, obviously having been crying. He walked over to you and kissed your nose. "I'm so sorry please forgive me oh my god please forgive me I'm so stupid-" You smiled lightly and kissed him.

Two years later, you got married and had a beautiful daughter named Alice.

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